Kyle Richards’ Life Just Inspired Another TV Show

Kyle Richards is set to have her life displayed all over your television. Not only will you be able to see her on the upcoming season of RHOBH and the show she created about her own life, American Woman. Now, there is going to be another show about Kyle’s life titled Glass Houses. The new show will feature real estate drama.

Deadline describes the show as:  “A family drama set in L.A.’s luxury real estate market. The show is focused on Anisa Shattenkirk-Glass, who is described as “emotionally and financially overextended,” as she launches her own company to rival that of her former employer, mother-in-law and L.A. real estate queen bee, Dahli. Kyle will serve as a producer on the project.”

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Will you be tuning in?

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  • Michelle

    It is good that she’s finding her groove apart from being a reality housewife and a real estate mogul’s wife…..good on her.

  • Starr

    So glad for her, she’s spreading her wings elsewhere.

  • Jay

    You gotta be real self centered to pitch not only one but two freaing shows about your own life ^^ Both will probably tank or get zero recognition anyway since the networks are crap

  • Bartlebug

    Like the author stated, “Will you be tuning in?”.
    I tend to watch documentary-type shows about interesting people and if I want to watch a show with the same non-imaginative premises of every other movie about a rivalry, I will watch the Lifetime Channel.

  • Cin

    great…. I love to read about successful women.

    • Me too, Cin. I will definitely tune in. I’ve always been a fan of Kyle. Her and Lisa are 2 of my favorite housewives of all time. I loved the first 3 seasons of BH. Kyle and her husband worked their way into success. I seriously doubt Kyle pitched the show without any input & suggestions from the network. But either way, if one has a good idea for a show, why not. There is not one thing wrong with trying out a show, or 2, about something based on one’s own experiences. If it tanks, oh well. She has a lot of other things in her life. She has been in the business since she was a little child. If anyone has the where with all to produce a couple shows, it is her. She has seen the business from all angles. Good for her. Her and Mauricio raised 4 beautiful, smart children, with one still at home being brought up. I like to see couples like them with family coming first, and honoring one another. It is inspiring IMO.

  • Nathan Hastings


  • Minx

    I don’t think so.
    I will Wait, for Your Reviews!

  • JerseyGirl

    I love Kyle but I wish she would say how she truly feels about LVP. Ignoring her faults is so fake.