Kyle Richards and Kim Richards Celebrate Nicky Hilton’s Baby Shower


This past Saturday Kyle Richards and Kim Richards celebrated their niece Nicky Hilton’s baby shower with their sister Kathy Hilton. Kathy’s daughter, Nicky, and her husband, James Rothschild, are expecting their child, a girl, this summer. Her baby shower was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The family shared gorgeous photos of the event on Instagram.

Baby shower 👶🏼💕🍼

A photo posted by Nicky Rothschild (@nickyhilton) on

Mom’s vintage vase collection is stronggg 💐🌸🌼🌷

A photo posted by Nicky Rothschild (@nickyhilton) on

Showering the mother-to-be 👶🏼🍼

A photo posted by Kathy Hilton (@kathyhilton) on

We’re all so proud and excited for the new baby! 💕👶🏼💕 #ItsAGirl

A photo posted by Paris Hilton (@parishilton) on

Because Nicky is having a baby girl, the theme of the party was pink and her sister Paris noted how proud they are to welcome a new baby into their family.

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74 Replies to “Kyle Richards and Kim Richards Celebrate Nicky Hilton’s Baby Shower”

  1. I’m surprised Kim Richards was allowed to attend the baby shower since she was banned from The Beverly Hills Hotel after her drunken arrest there.

  2. What beautiful photos. Two daughters in the family pregnant together, how lovely. Their kids will be born almost the same time! What a good looking family, every single girl is a beauty. The ones of Nicki* are such pretty pictures. I love her maternity dress. And the one of her and Brooke together, what wonderful memories to capture. Good luck to all of you lovely young ladies. Motherhood is the best.

    1. I agree with you, 3 D’s. Such beautiful pics of really so pretty people. Such an exciting time for the entire family.

  3. Kathy Hiltons money will buy anything even getting Kim back into the Beverly Hills hotel. Is it a Hilton hotel and if not why didn’t they have the shower at one of their hotels????

  4. Okay, all you pregnant people out there, can you stop putting your hands under your belly like you expect it to fall off? We know you’re pregnant. Give it a rest.

    1. I was curious if you have kids? None of my business of course, so obviously you will tell me that if you don’t want to say. I think it’s a habit, for photos in particular, to show how big the belly has gotten at the time of the shower kind of thing. But also for me it was a protective kind of thing. The weight of the baby and the other fluids feels odd, the first time especially.

      1. Yes, I have children. No, I never felt the need to hold on to my belly. This is a new thing in this world of documenting every single thing with a selfie or a post on Instagram. This generation thinks they’re the only ones who’ve ever been pregnant. IMO, it’s attention seeking behavior.

        1. I see want you mean PJ but it personally doesn’t bother me 🙂 . I think being pregnant is defiantly considered ‘sexier’ and more celebrate than my generation. We never documented anything and now part of me wishes I did. So I understand the desire for new moms document every step of their pregnancy . As you said , it’s a generational thing ! And posing , while showcasing your belly is in a way kinda cute ❤️❤️❤️

        2. I’m with PJ on this one…this generation is so busy documenting everything and trying to keep up with people they see on TV or Instagram, they are missing life!!! It’s sad really.
          Although, Rain, most definitely pregnancy is no longer hidden behind big clothes and I think that it is wonderful! I think PJ and I are saying…be more original?

          1. Kt ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m just saying im not hating it lol. These girls have to cater to their Instagram and Twitter followers and provide them with all the pics they crave. I feel that pregnant women have license to act as silly or corny as they want :). Personally, I don’t even have Facebook so I can’t understand any of this , but in the big scheme of things that annoy me about reality folks, this is way down on my list 🙂 at least these girls are in their 20s , unlike some of our esteemed housewives lol. But I do look back and wish I had pics of me pregnant 🙂

            1. Rain I’m with you on this, when I was pregnant (Dubai days) I had a hideous swimming costume that ballooned up with air when I went in the pool, same for all of us bar one who wore a bikini, we were all so jealous as she looked amazing. Now it is common. Maternity clothes were appalling I love how they show their bumps now. Sorry Kt! Xoxoxoxoxxo love you both

              1. Rain and Suze – you both can and should disagree with me all day long if the feeling hits ya. We are cyber friends but just like RL friends doesn’t mean we can’t scrap a little! Real friends will tell you when they feel you’re wrong!!
                I guess I’m on an anti social media kick lately. I asked my hubby if this was considered social media – cause I gave up on FB but didn’t want to leave my friends here.
                That said, I agree everyone seems to be taking pictures with their hands under their belly – it seems like a fad – like popping the knee and hand one the hip. Have we always posed this way, maybe – sometimes, but it seems all poses are the exact same rather than say ‘be yourself’!! Because cameras are everywhere and every move is documented (and not just by ‘stars’) gone are the days of let’s be silly…IMO.
                So having said all of this I think we really kinda meet in the middle, don’t you?

                1. I don’t care if they wear crop tops or skin-tight clothing. I don’t care if they take a million pictures. Show off that you’re pregnant if that’s what blows your skirt up. But stop clutching your belly like you think it’s going to fall off or escape or something. It’s not going anywhere until you start to push.

                2. For sure kt ❤️❤️❤️❤️ This doesn’t even rise to the level of a disagreement :). I do feel things happen in fads! Maybe we have tayra banks and Americans next top model for these poses lol

                1. Not my mom Rain – she always hid her cigs behind her back because until they day she died at age 53 her parents didnt know she smoke.

                  1. Aunt bee, isn’t it funny and odd how things have changed?? I remember back then , no one knew that smoking and drinking was bad for pregnancy! Im glad we know now ! And yes , women definatey hid the fact they smoked, it was cery taboo

                2. You are right they did Rain, now the media goes mad if a celeb is caught smoking while pregnant! I don’t like the Paris pose it’s silly but I don’t mind the belly hold, no big deal to me! Women are proud of being preggers especially the first time! You must have been huge with your twins! Xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          2. I’m with PJ. I don’t have FB, I don’t tweet. In the 50s there were no cell phones, smart or iPhones. No FB no Instagram. We had a Brownie (Brand) camera. It only took black and white pictures. Then it took almost a week to get developed. But I do have pictures of myself pregnant with every child! My gosh! My hair was curled “Greta Garbo” style. I wore house dresses. Thank goodness those days are gone. I don’t understand why anyone would send out selfies. The Kardashians always do that and I don’t know why they are famous. Frankly, those big booties look ridiculous, IMO. They are a beautiful family.

            1. Oh Joanna I remember house dresses — with aprons. My mom finally bought a pair of”pedal pushers” one very hot summer when she was in in her late 40’s. Once pant suits became popular she loved them and seldom wore dresses. Don’t ever remember her wearing jeans.

              1. Aunt Bee, I loved my house dresses back then. Now, not so much. I was happy when peddle pushers came out. I also had pant suits. Then there were leisure husband refused to wear them but his “Sunday go to meeting” shoes were white which he wore with a white belt! You have stirred up pleasant memories here. Thank you! Love you Aunt Bee and your wit. ❤❌⭕

          3. That part about documenting and missing life reminded me of the Marina we have here. We walk it a lot and young people will be there with their babies in strollers, their toddlers sitting on the bench with the Mom, the dog, and the Mom’s are looking at their phone. That really made an impression on me like what you were just saying. Spring being here has brought me back to Marina walks and that phenomena. I have to keep my mouth shut, seriously, especially f the toddler is yanking on Mom’s arm or something.
            We didn’t have i-phones, any kind of phone some of the time and we got around, handled emergencies, went shopping, sent our children to school all without anyone being able to get in touch with us during the whole day! My Daughter did explain how a teen needs a phone now tho, at first I was skeptical, until she reminded me there are no pay phones anywhere, a person can’t really ask a stranger for assistance, cities are bigger and things really are different. So, I agree with her now, but am pleased to have my time to look back on and have wonderful memories of also.

        3. Thanks for sharing about the kids. I have I think one photo of each pregnancy that was coincidental, as a camera was a luxury item in my life and day. Man, everything really is documented for real. Gosh, breakfast to bed time! My first baby I really did feel a lot of weight there, and used to hold my belly like that, and third child too, turns out for a reason that time. Anyway, the photos are nice. We were discussing those the other day that todays citizens have 1000’s of photo’s on FB & in their memory cards etc, but very few actually print them out. I hadn’t thought of that part. I am happy for sure mine were taken to a lab and photograph paper was used, so different than now.

  5. Kyle needs to tell her daughters to stop tilting their head when they get their photos taken…it just makes them look deformed…Oh and Kyle…stop squinting your eyes … makes you just look stupid.
    So over her !

  6. Oh lord. That Paris lives on another planet. The same pose over and over. Honestly, someone needs to keep ALL KIDS away from Kim. And please stop holding your bellies like the kid is going to slide right or something or you expect someone to kick at you. I”m sick of everyone taking pictures of themselves as if they don’t remember what they look like. They all think they are so special…

    1. Yup, they all pop the knee and tilt their heads. And Paris tends to thrust her hips out. If they only knew they are going to look back at these one day and say ‘oh my 80’s was big hair, 2016 was year of the head tilt and knee pop.

    1. Okay, another pet peeve of mine. Why do women buy shoes that are so small their toes are hanging off the end? What’s up with that? Buy a bigger size. I’m looking at Kim’s sandals.

    1. I never think either Rick or Kathy look really good! Her dresses are a little too short and I know she has her own clothes brand but I have never seen her in anything I would want to wear! Rick the same looks scruffy a lot. Both Kyle and Kim wear some lovely clothes at times. Maybe it’s just me with different taste who knows? Xoxoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️
      Are you still running?

        1. I am having email problems and changing my email address, so my comment is in moderation until later. I changed my email twice now. I hope this one will be the one I keep Nicci.

          1. Hi Sue. That email address is not being used now. They said my storage was full and I emptied half the email and then it was at less than 50 percent. I signed on again and it flashed red and said storage full at 100 percent. I did not get mail yesterday. I spent a lot of time sending out another email address to as many contacts as I could think of, and changed bill emails, etc. I won’t use that address again. Thanks for asking, though! 🙂 I just wrote you an email too. I am busy waiting for another contractor for an estimate. It is always something.
            Have a great day. Xoxoxo❤️❌⭕️❤️

              1. Good morning Suze I hope you’re having a great day . All my blood test came back good so chronic fatigue it is

                1. Oh no! I’m really sorry about that! What can they do to help?
                  I’m having an ok day today, yesterday was bad but as long as I have good ones in between I’m ok with that! Xxxxoooo❤️❤️❤️❤️

                  1. Oh Suze I’m sorry yesterday was not good but happy today is better . There really isn’t anything they can do but treat the symptoms . Pills for pain , pills for energy and ect. I really don’t want to take narcotics at this time I don’t feel it’s bad enough at this time for all that so I will do some research to see what else I can do.

                    1. Hopefully you will come up with something but try to take it a bit easier! I know easier said than done!

                    2. The only thing that I’m concerned with is keeping this from my hubby because he has serious health problems and I don’t want him to worry about me

                    3. Oh Daisy I’m so sorry! Life can be sh*t at times! Remember you have lots of friends here. Xoxoxox

          2. Hi again. What a day. I plugged in my newest iPad Air that I got for Xmas from my son when it was at 30 percent charged, this morning. It was charging as usual when I plugged it in. I could tell, since I checked it. I then was busy and went back hours later. The plug was cool, and I figured it was charged. I opened the lid and it was black. I tested the charger in my older iPad that I am using now and it is fine. We had no power failures…doubtful there was a power surge, and I have no idea what happened. It would not be dead now if I did not charge it at all, so something happened to it…and it won’t recognized any charger now, since I have two chargers and tried.
            That was a long one! I hope you are well. Xoxoxo

            1. Well, I got it working. Apparently charge and die is not uncommon to some iPads. I had to press the sleep awake and home buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. So, if it happens to anyone else, that is the solution. It was fully charged too. It crashed after it charged somehow.
              What a day. I hope everyone else has a better one. 🙂

                1. Thankfully my google search helped me out. I also have a working older iPad that I used to search for that.
                  It was scary, but it went on and it was fully charged too. 😉 ❤️Xoxo

              1. Congratulations R Sandy. I knew you would figure it out! So happy for you. Obviously I wasn’t the only one missing you. You are loved here! ❤❌⭕

            2. Hi Real Sandy! Great to see you’re name and comments! We missed you. I’m lost in the field of technology or I would be happy to help you out. I care about our family here. Love you sweet Sandy. Good luck with your new iPad Air. I’m sure you will figure it out. Having children is great! XOXOXO❤

          1. Hi 3 D’s. 😉 I have just been busy with having contractors come for work around the house. It never ends. I also had email issues yesterday…no email, so had to change my email to another one for all my bills, etc., and still not finished with that, but mostly done. I had an iPad die this morning and just got it working again. It crashed when it was charged. Another contractor came today for an estimate. Phone calls when I try to sit down, the dryer, folding clothes and then my dog needs to be walked again…just busy.
            Oh, I finished the second Outlander book and am just starting the 3rd in the “trilogy”, though there are 8 in the series I believe. It is addicting but I barely get to read any of it lately. The books continue in the next one, so you have to read on to find out what happens. 😉
            I hope you are well. I will be back when I can. Xoxoxo

      1. Kathy’s dress is not becoming and using the big scarf to cover her arms? If that’s one of her designs – go back to the drawing board, sister! Kim and Kyle do wear cute items, I do not care for Kyle’s daughter choice for this even – the long black cut out dress, save it for after 5.
        I am still running, although the Captain of our team said ‘maybe I should stick to walking’. I am not a coordinated runner at all – I fell the other day, twisted my ankle and scraped my knee. Oh well, not my first and won’t be my last, gotta keep going forward.

              1. There are some really cool scrubs available these days. I have seen some really cute ones, do you get to choose or is it a uniform? I was never a good runner, I can power walk but even as a kid I couldn’t run a track at full bore. I think maybe I was hungry a lot of the time. Anyway, take care of your ankle as you know best how to do and all!

                1. I do not…I have the standard blue, which is fine – I save so much $ not buying work clothes! But they do have some really cute scrubs. Maybe if I ever switch to a floor?!
                  I ran track 8th grade and said never again! UGH! We have fun when we are running otherwise I probably would have stopped by now! I think power walking is better for your body than running – so keep it up!!!

              2. Congratulations, kt! I loved wearing scrubs. A few years back I saw some in a window and I really didn’t know that they were medical scrubs. I bought 2 sets. They are comfortable, have pockets and I looked cute in them, or so I thought. I wore them once to run errands and was mistaken for a medical practitioner. I didn’t care, they were sooo comfy but I only wore them at home.
                I’m so happy that you keep in shape and you have a wonderful sense of humor! Take it easy, lovely lady. ❌⭕❤❤

                1. Thank you, sweet Joanna! You all may not believe this but this group is holding me accountable to myself – it’d too hard to tell you all I quit. Scrubs are very comfortable, the more you wash them, the more comfortable. Heck, I’ll even but on my worn out pair on when I’m off! I’m positive you looked adorbs (short for adorable)!!!! Just don’t go asking some young hunk at the store if he wants to play doctor! Well, unless you want to and if you want to – be sure to tell us all about your adventure!!!! :0)

                  1. Lol, kt. I am known to be quite the cougar! If that ever happens, I’ll be sure to fill y’all in with all the details. I have to ask permission from my kids. I’m pretty sure they would laugh then have me committed. But it’s worth a shot! Thanks for the laugh, kt. Such a great sense of humor! You’re incredibly wise! ❌⭕❤

                    1. Well…from one cougar to another – you have my permission!!!! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventure!!! XOXO

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