Kyle Richards: Kim and Lisa Rinna Need To Stay Clear Of One Another

Kyle Richards is blogging about game night and this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle weighs in on PantyGate and also shares her thoughts about the fight between her sister Kim and Lisa Rinna. Kyle says Rinna absolutely threw a low blow to her sister and that is where the night ended for her, but she believes that her sister handled the situation well.

“First off, I’m sorry for my lack of blogging. I was overwhelmed with the holidays and taking care of Storm, my now 5th dog/puppy. She is like having a newborn baby. Doesn’t sleep through the night yet and is not potty trained. And you cannot take your eyes off her for one second! She is going to be about 150 pounds and is a full-time job. Throwing that in on top of everything else has been a little challenging, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m already totally in love with her.

I would also like to state how much I dislike the word “panties,” and we have already heard it a lot this season. Sorry, had to say that. Now onto my blog.

We pick up at Camille’s where the ladies are having lunch. Dorit defends buying Erika the underwear saying she was just trying to make light of the situation. Knowing what I know now, I believe Dorit feels bad the topic ever came up and didn’t mean to be hurtful in buying Erika the underwear. She assumed Erika would take it like SHE would have presumably and laughed it off. We all react to things differently, and Erika is self-admittedly guarded as it is. Dorit didn’t think of it as seriously as Erika did. I also would have been hurt by that, but we are all still getting to know each other, and at this point Erika and Dorit had just met.

On to Game Night…

Anyone who knows me knows I love any excuse to have a party/entertain. The idea of Game Night sounded fun to me in spite of past ones we have had. One can always be hopeful.

The night was actually so fun, and we could not stop laughing. I love those kind of nights!

Eden came in not really knowing anyone and was sweet, energetic and ready to have fun with all of us. I like that about her. Dorit was making me laugh with all her compliments towards Eden. Dorit is also a lot of fun and always makes me laugh. I laughed watching Dorit and Eden having their conversation by the pool and being constantly interrupted by my dog Bambi wanting them to throw her ball repeatedly. Story of my life.

After the games we all sat outside and things turned heavy. Eileen brought up the situation with Dorit and Erika. At this point I’m confused and not sure why everyone is so upset when it’s really between Erika and Dorit. And like Erika said, the more we talk about it, the bigger it gets. I certainly wasn’t ganging up on Dorit when I said I think Erika was blindsided. I said it to her face without knowing Eileen said the same thing. It was a safe assumption. I feel like the more conversations we have about it and the more people involved, the harder it’s going to be for Erika and Dorit to get past it.

Kim and Lisa Rinna start in again. I was thinking they were going to be okay at the beginning of the evening, but they are like oil and water and should probably just stay clear of one another. Easier said than done though.

They went back and forth regarding their past issues, and then Rinna threw out “let’s talk about your arrest.” That’s where the evening ended for me. It was a low blow. Very low. I felt bad for Kim and knew she must have been humiliated, but she handled it well. Because she is in such a good place, she was able to hold her head high and not let it get the best of her.

I was worried that Kim and Eden were going to get into it once Eden started offering advice without really knowing their history. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. And I know Eden meant well.

The evening ended with a lot of awkwardness and still unresolved feelings between Eileen and Dorit, Kim and Rinna and Erika and Dorit.

At least the actual game part of Game Night was fun. Right?”

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32 Replies to “Kyle Richards: Kim and Lisa Rinna Need To Stay Clear Of One Another”

  1. I agree with Kyle they do need to stay clear of each other! But then I would stay clear of both of them as well! Rinna is disgusting, Kim is just sad and can be quite nasty often.

  2. I Liked her blog, well put dissecting each section the way she did.
    Love her playful new addition to her doggy family, Kyle loves her babies.
    She’s right about Kim & Rinna–oil & water. But, I would’ve told Rinna right then & there to lay off my sister, enough is enough with blows below the belt as Rinna is inclined to do. But that’s me & that’s what I do if anyone dares to pass a wrong comment about one of my siblings.
    Eileen was the one to come & seat herself at that table & re-open the pantygate incident with Dorit. It’s not her buisiness, but her first name is confusion as I’m so aware. Someone with guts, should tell her to butt out. The 2 trouble makers are at it again, just to have a storyline.

      1. Hi Suze, I’m doing so much better, still in therapy & still cant walk on my own, can with the walker. Otherwise, just wonderful.
        How are YOU doing? I pray for you always. Tons of love & blessings from me to you.

    1. I absolutely believe Eileen thinks life is a soap opera. That every little tiny thing must be spoken about until it becomes a hostile problem between people forever. I really do. Why did she even bring it up again? Sometimes people actually let things go and allow them to just become small parts of getting to know someone. It does not have to be hashed out between every person forever. Dorit is the one who used the word unresolved in the car, not Kyle. Kyle was there when Dorit bought the panties. Why would she tell her not to buy them? Or make any comment about it? It wasn’t about her, she certainly didn’t know it would turn into this. Thankfully Erika knows Kyle, is a friend of hers, and gives others the benefit of the doubt without asking or making a big deal. She has a life, a career, a marriage, and is an interesting, fun, beautiful woman. She doesn’t feel the need to make something out of nothing so she will be thought of as adding value to the show. She simply does add value with being herself and letting us see into a small part of her daily life. I very much like Erika. And, I am pleased her and Kyle are friends. I like the way se keeps her mouth shut, and doesn’t always feel the need to have the floor like Dorit does.
      I did enjoy the episode, and I enjoyed it very much when Eileen told Dorit to be quiet, and that she talks too much. Yay for her, even though I don’t care for her, she does have her moments. Kyle couldn’t get her to shut the hell up, but Eileen did. That little exchange between Kyle and Dorit proves one thing to me, that Dorit does not listen, she only talks. She responds only when she thinks it will be entertaining for others. It makes the low comment she made to camera during the filming of her and Eileen at the beach about how could she recall every topic when it didn’t mean anything to her. So, Eileen’s losses during the year, so many deaths of Family members in a short time, including her Mom, and the death of Rinna’s Dad meant nothing to her. Now we know.

    2. I agree. I would have showed LR the door. ED & LR are so boring, constantly stirring up problems & butting in where they don’t need to. Dorit cracks me up because she won’t let them control her. ED & LR are the same as they were last season, disgusting.

  3. Team Bambi! I love that dog. Can you stand it too how her German Shepard was under her chair protecting her mama. I love those dogs.
    Kyle, if you read these, you have an absolutely beautiful home. The picket fence, lovely flowers, so regular and yet so elegant. Thank you for letting us see so much of it.
    Rinna was wrong, own it, shut up, and keep away from Kim. Eileen, stop beating the same drum…let it alone, keep away from Dorito, and that’s that.
    I like Eden. Very refreshing to have someone on the show so honest and open about their life. Check back in a few weeks and I’ll probably change my mind, right!!

    1. Kimmy is the one who has the standing position as the “bad sister.” Kyle invited Kim so Kim could no doubt make some money. She is likely not in big demand after her decisions of late. Male actors can get away with much more than female actors in this arena. Kyle has forgiven and forgiven and forgiven to a point, IMO, that is harmful to her own family. I think she is a great Mom, her main love and concern is for her family. Unfortunately, the things Kim has continuously said and done to Kyle shows her children that it is OK to be treated that way because it is family. Again, in my personal opinion, that is the wrong message to send. But, the one thing I do realize, is that maybe we just don’t see Kim’s remorse toward Kyle. It should be on the show, since they put everything else on there that happened between them. Just because Kim is her sister, the concurring theme is that it is acceptable when we love the person who is heaping abuse upon us. Whether it be a boyfriend, husband/mate or sibling, it is never acceptable to be abused in any way. I believe she thinks she shows them that love can conquer all, which is untrue, first of all. By example, she is showing them that it can all work out if we love them enough. Maybe it will work like that here, though the test of time has not shown that to be the case whatsoever between them. I speak from personal experience with a sister in which the situation is almost identical. After the last time she spoke to me in that cruel, hateful fashion, I told her not to contact me agin, ever. That might seem harsh, but I had tried and tried, for decades, & given her more chances than she would have ever given me, and I refused to allow my children to think I was so weak that I would ever accept being spoken to and treated like that no matter who it is. I did show them how hard I tried to love my way thru it, but it just never stopped. The last time was 3 days after my own Daughter had suddenly died.
      So, Kyle might have that to be sorry for, the example she sets with taking that crap, but not for inviting Kim to a party where Rinna would be. Both Rinna and Kimmy are equally mean.

  4. Well, Kim was not being honest about not having said things about Harry, but then Rinna turning it around on her and questioning Kim about her arrest was just completely tasteless and cruel. Kim is in a bit of denial about her part in the fight when she was still abusing substances. Rinna was clear headed and knew exactly what she was doing at the time of the original fight and now. It is pretty obvious from watching her that Kim is in an amazing place. She seems healthy and happy, and for Rinna to basically relegate her to where she was at her worst point is just needlessly hateful.

    1. Can’t stand LR, ED, or EG! Kim looked good last night. She handled LR well. Eden has no business telling a grown woman how to behave. She should have told LR to stop with the low blows.

      1. I usually would agree about Eden. But they do have a past, and more than just the bond of Kim knowing Eden’s sister, and her death. There is a suggested way of handling negative people like Rinna in AA. Maybe Eden assumed Kim was working an honest program, as she herself does. But, this time Km took the suggestion and IMO only, it put the negativity right back where it belonged, on Rinna. But, Kim should have owned up to the fact that she more than implied things about Harry. When Rinna apologized, so should have Kim. She was repulsive and cruel to everyone that night, and if I was her I would be so ashamed of myself until I apologized to every single person who witnessed it. Whether she recalls or not, she has the show to remind her, which very few mean drunks and users have the ability to do.
        Everyone else told Rinna she was going below the belt, so at least Rinna saw that everyone was not going to just let it slide this time.

        1. One of the steps in AA, step 9, is to make amends. If she was working her program, as she says she is, she would have been there by now. One tenet of AA is to go through each step, without jumping to the ones that look easier or you feel like you need to get to. Some sponsors suggest a step a month, some not. But they all remain in order for a reason. Kim might have done the step, but I doubt it. Even though AA is autonomous, and private, she would not have reacted that way at the party had she been following the program. Whether or not she chose to publicly announce her program, Rinna would have been much more eager to apologize had she had one herself. This is the 1st time Kim kind of accepted one of Rinna’s several apologies.

  5. Kim was being really silly playing her words around, thinking she had finally dooped LR. But in no way should Rinna have gone that low, at all. Lisa is the queen of low blows and going way too far. I will always and forever be on Kim’s side of this argument. Eden handled the situation so beautifully. She really diffused the situation by being (get a load of this) KIND to both women in the situation. And i was super proud of Kim for handling herself so well in this situation. It really shows where she is in her life versus where Rinna is.

  6. I just feel like Kim has every right to bring this up. I cant imagine how hurt she feels by Rinna. Although Kim engaged in many different unsavory ways, it truly is Rinna that brought all of this on originally. So i tend to excuse Kim bringing this stuff up. And maybe I shouldnt, but Rinna has sooo much hate in her heart for Kim and i love when Kim calls her out for that.

    Its silly to blame Kyle. First of all, like you said, if either of them didnt want to come they didnt have to. And secondly, its a tv show. To act like Kim didnt sign a contractual agreement to be there with Rinna is silly. I was hoping Kyle wouldve been the first to say STOP!! But i dont think Kim wouldve reacted to that well. With Kim, it sometimes seems like Kyle is in impossible situations. Speak up and get criticized for mothering kim, dont speak up and get criticized for not standing up for her sister.

    1. I said EXACTLY what you said about blaming Kyle , to Jay below. This was bravos call and Kim had to do it to get paid ! Sad but true

      Yes Rinna is an evil witch. My point is , why is Kim tainting and compromising her sobriety by engaging with Rinna?? It may have felt good to get in a dig , but ultimately she compromises herelf. I can’t say that I’m a Kim fan but I DO want her to get better and do better. Getting in the gutter with Rinna is not the way to accomplish that xoxox

      1. Thats very true. Plus its just giving Rinna more of what she clearly lives off of: idiotic drama. I wonder how she feels like knowing her only storyline is picking on the weak of the current season?

    2. Actually, it was BG who made the entire Amsterdam trip a blow out. There was no reason to tell Kim before the trip, besides hate and revenge, that Rinna was all over town telling lies, which Rinna wasn’t. She was speaking what she saw as the truth. She was speaking of Kim, but it was PART OF THE SHOW. Kim wanted it to be part of the show, she said so herself. Just because she couldn’t control how everyone in the world reacted to it didn’t give her a pass to ruin another trip. Her and Rinna ruin everything. But is STARTED with Brandy. Saying she thought Kim “should know” is such a load of shit. I can’t stand Rinna, she gags me. But, she started apologizing on the plane, and didn’t stop till the horrifying meal in Amsterdam. Kim, as usual, wouldn’t accept and just kept up the total LIES that she was clean and sober, blah blah blah. Kim was the one who made revolting implications, literally going around the table picking the most hurtful, hateful, cruelest thing she could think of to say to each person, mostly her own sister, horrible is too small of a word for what she did that night, when she could have simply said “thank you, please could we not speak of it again.” But NOOOOO, she has to bring everyone down to her level, which at that time was in hell.
      Yeah, she looked good in this last episode, more real than I have ever seen her, not that I know her. I wish she would simply GO AWAY.

      1. I wildly disagree with you. Kim asked so many times to drop it. It had nothing to do with an apology and had everything to do with Kim wanting Rinna to stop talking about it. Brandi didnt have anything to do with Rinna insistence on bringing up the sobriety issue. Brandi hardly even said anything at the dinner. Just goes to show brandi could literally sit down with her mouth shut and get attacked for it.

        1. Kim knew nothing of what Brandy or Rinna were going all over town saying until right before the Amsterdam trip. Most of what Rinna said was to camera anyway. I just watched the entire season, as I often watch re-runs when I am drawing, for company. No remote when listening on Amazon streaming because absolutely no adds and auto-play. Kim and Riina had discussed leaving it alone with each other, but many times it was Kim that brought it up before the trip, like at Eileen’s house after the poker party. Kim brought it up, then got all defensive when anyone inquired into her well being. There was absolutely no reason, other than the reactions she lived for, for BG to tell Kim ( for her own good= hogwash ) right before what was supposed to be a beautiful trip. It might have brought some actual healing for them all had she been told, by Rinna or Kyle after the trip. They’re always ruining these what could be beautiful trips to places many people never have the chance to see.
          I never said anything about Brandy’s reaction or conversation at the dinner table, what I spoke of was BEFORE the trip. What possible benefit could have come from BG not only telling Kim, but lying and making it look and sound WAY worse than it was, right before they left? And, big surprise, leaving out that she had had a long conversation herself on camera with her friend who was in recovery. She left that out entirely. Waiting one week isn’t like waiting to warn someone a tornado is on the way to their town FGSakes.

  7. i’m sorry…it was your home, Kyle and your party. You should have told Rinna to knock it off or leave. No way i would have let that go down in my home and no way i would not have defended my sister. Rinna is gross and you should not have invited her at all. And Eileen—-my GOD!! She needs to take several seats (probably on top of her obsession target Erika). I mean, talk about beating a dead horse…she can never let sh*t go and let people chill. i would NEVER invite her out with me and my friends.

    1. Kyle can’t win, nO matter what she does. Bravo had Kim on the show. Kyle did tell Rinna to stOp. She first gave Kim the opportunity to handle it herself. If she had started right in, it would have been said she was speaking for Kim, if she said nothing, she wasn’t standing up for Kim. I’d really like to see ONE time that Kim stands up for Kyle, just ONE.

  8. Short and to the point the title of that blog is! Truer words have never been spoken regarding a pair of Bravo Housewives, lol.

  9. i think it annoyed Kim that Lisa was nice to her face and asking about her family and then would roll her eyes or be passive aggressive. If I was Kyle I would of told Lisa to back down and not talk to my sister that way. Atleast vanderpump spoke up and told her to stop.

  10. Kyle needs to play sister role…. I would have been in Lisa’s face – telling her to BACK OFF… if it was my sister. I wouldn’t let someone use my fragile sister as a storyline for themselves. On the other hand… Kim is still in denial.

    1. Kyle has done nothing else for years but play the sister role. I’d like to see KIM play the sister to Kyle, just once. When KIM’S dog bit Alexia, it was not only “nothing” it was Alexia’s fault. Then, the ensuing infection that caused Alexia to be 5 days in the hospital was Kyle’s fault, according to Kim. Also, the port and IV Alexia had to have in her arm after being released was what? The hospital’s fault? God, that woman has an effing excuse for every single thing SHE DOES WRONG. That is just one example of the many, many times Kyle has bailed her out of trouble, stuck up for her, prayed for her, anguished over her……and to this day Kyle is so happy for her, that she is well, that she is having a grandson, without throwing anything in Kim’s face as Kim always does. Maybe Kyle is tired of treating Kim like a small child, she is the older sister, Kim is. Let her handle her own battles, especially since she seems to have so many.

  11. Lisa Rinna was way out of line.. not just with her comment, but the eye rolling.. so sick of her.. please get her boring story line off the show.. she is not funny either..

  12. She is also wanting the Kardashian’s to come on the show with her. I think Eden should have kept out of it with Rinna and Kim, she’s trying to make herself look like the peace maker, but next week you see her listening the shit stirrer Rinna gossip about Kim. It isn’t any of Rinna’s business about Kim’s problem just like it isn’t Eileen about Erika’s puss being covered or not. I think Eden is a fake and I don’t like her.

    1. I didn’t like Eden the first episode then liked her last time. That’s why I said I feel confused lol . Well any person who decides they’re BFFs with Rinna is not smart or emotionally attuned. We will see how it plays out

  13. I think what someone said in a previous comment was spot on.. Eileen thinks real life is a soap opera , where every little minute detail or word a person says has to be dissected and spoken about over and over again. What gets me is how she and Rinna start all this garbage with Dorit from one passing comment at dinner. I don’t think Dorit gave two hoots about whether or not Eileen divulged the secret of her mother’s passing with the other women during the reunion. I think she just said the first thing that cams to her mind. I would’ve said the same thing! Yes, she should’ve told the women her mom had passed away. Only because it may has changed the way they acted towards her. Because look what these two are doing now .. they know all the viewers think they were batsh** crazy last season and they actually are kind of using her mother’s death as an excuse now , this season. No , that’s not fair to not tell them but come back and do so. But what’s so bad about what Dorit said anyway ? It’s not so inconceivable think she’d forgotten she said that either. Because it wasn’t a big deal ! Rinna made it a big deal by telling Eileen tho ! Then, Eileen picked it to death and brought it up over and over! Even twisting another completely insignificant comment Dorit made about Kyle and trying to make problems with Dorit and Kyle. I wish that Dorit hadn’t apologized to these two bc she had no need to do so. Eileen was so condescending and rude to Dorit, and Rinna accusing Dorit of being the one who kept bringing it up! Uhg! I’m tired now from going over it again. These women are completely bonkers! And I didn’t even get started on the thing with Rinna and Kim! Omg! Rinna is obsessed. Kim’s addiction /sobriety is none of her business. Do we have to watch her obsess about it again? She’s brought in an expert I suppose (Eden) to try and force what Rinna believes is the truth out of Kyle and Kim. wtf is wrong with Rinna? She needs mental help.

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