Kyle Richards Is “Extremely Offended” By Lisa Rinna’s Comments About Kim Richards


Just because sisters Kim and Kyle Richards have had their difference on and off of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, that doesn’t mean that the sisters won’t stick up for each other. Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna had gone at it last season on the show, and without Kim filming for this current season brought a lot of gossip about her arrests. Lisa Rinna had made some comments that upset Kyle, and on Watch What Happens Live’s after show she voiced how she felt to host Andy Cohen.

“I was extremely offended. I think that her comments were very unkind,” said Richards. “I’ve tried to keep our relationship separate. She’s had issues with my sister, and my sister had issues with her, but I’m trying to keep everything separate,” Kyle explained. “She’s making it very difficult because I think her words are really unkind because clearly my sister was going through a hard time and she showed lack of compassion and she was not a good friend to me by making comments like that. I’m not happy.”

Watch the clip below.

Does Kyle have a right to be upset? Should Lisa have a right to speak whats on her mind and say what she said? Give us your opinion in the comment section below!

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83 Replies to “Kyle Richards Is “Extremely Offended” By Lisa Rinna’s Comments About Kim Richards”

  1. Kyle needs to get over it! It’s always someone else fault. .her sister is an alcoholic and has always been. Kyle and everyone in her family think that it’s a lot easier to keep everything quite. I’m not a fan of lisa, but she has every right to her feelings and Kim gave her every reason to have them.

    Kyle is upset that people are talking about her sister and how she stole from target and jail and so on, we’ll guess what kyle if she hadn’t done it maybe it would not be talked about!

    Kyle put her sister on blast many times herself over the past seasons. It’s just funny that she gets upset with everyone, but does not look in the mirror. ..does anyone remember the following. .the lemo blow up..Hawaii dinner..the Paris trip..or the trip to Palm Springs. ..kyle herself has been awful to kim,and know it’s a problem and kyle new all her life that Kim was an alcoholic. ..

    Hypocrisy to its fullest!

    1. Yeah, remember last season when Kyle said she didn’t want to look after Kim and said “I don’t want this fu**ing job!”… now she’s crying cause people are talking shit about Kim. I don’t get them. I don’t and I don’t really want to anymore. Kyle is fake as f*ck. so are LVP for being her “friend” and still talk about what upsets Kyle. All of them are, they have nothing to talk about anymore, look how boring the show is unless they bring Erika or the other new girl.

      1. She was in a state of almost hysteria after what her bitch sister had said and done that entire trip so far. It is enough flying across the world, being tired, showing up and having your insane sister say the most hateful things anyone could possibly think of to say, which is exactly what Kimmy does. She thinks of what would hurt the absolute most. Why should Kyle have a JOB taking care of an OLDER sister.
        I don’t think the show has changed or gone downhill or gotten boring. They seem just like they were season 1 & 2. I believe the newness has just worn off. It is their life, not a movie that they do for the purpose of keeping the audience interested and on the edge of our seats. I don’t expect them to entertain me, I am interested in what interests me, I watch who I enjoy watching. The nostalgia has simply worn off.

  2. Is Kyle talking about when the other women were having a conversation that she interrupted and demanded to be told what they were discussing? First she didn’t like them discussing it with her. Now she’s decided they aren’t to discuss it at all?!

    Excuse me, but Kim was on the show. That makes her not exclusively “Kyle’s sister,” but also the other housewives’ co-worker, quite apart from Kyle. Therefore, Kyle would be a lot happier if she quit insisting that the rest of them can’t ever discuss Kim, who to be fair, does plenty of crazy things that anyone would talk about anyway. When you act bonkers and it’s in the papers, I’m sorry but people will talk about you, even if they didn’t work closely with you and know you well. In any case, Kyle is not authorized to assign gag orders!

    1. The point is that they threw fits to have Brandi and Kim kicked to the curb and gone, and now all they seem to talk about are Brandi and Kim. Truth is that they are boring and have nothing to talk about except other people’s shit.

      1. Hi Jake, if Brandi & Kim are still talked about by the housewives, it’s because they are both still in the news or pushes their way to be news. So, of course they will be spoken about. That’s my perception. Those two created & caused so much conflict & confusion & made the wives’ lives miserable in the past. Obviously when their names crops up because of added created confusion, of course they will be a major source of conversation. If only they both would fade away into the sunset.

  3. I guess I can see it from Kyle’s point of view a bit but, both Kyle and Kim have sold their lives to RH so they will be talked about. There is nothing she can do about it. I would sooner never hear another thing about Kim, that would suit me just fine! When OC was on I really looked forward to the end of that and BH starting, huge disappointment! Rinna is crazy, Lisa and Ken, my favourites, just don’t seem to care anymore, but then Ken is 70 and still working, We retired at 53 so that is horrific to me! Eileen is boring and fake, although stunning looking with some lovely clothes. Yolanda I have never liked, The Only one I really like is Erica, Kyle is ok except when Kim comes up! I wish we had a few more like her!! I’m sure I wanted to say more but I have just depressed myself! Lol

    1. I will add people should retire when ever they want, my neighbour is 85 and still runs his own company. It’s just to me it looks as though Lisa and Ken have checked out!

      1. It’s strange BH was always hands down my favourite but since the season before last it’s just gone downhill! Prior to that I think I saw each episode three times!

  4. This season I like Lisa V. the best, and I also like Kyle. So far, I like the new girl, Kathryn. I’m warming up to Lisa R., who I couldn’t stand earlier. Yolanda is kind of annoying but not too bad. I’m not crazy about Eileen or Erika.

    It would be fun to have a thread that was all about who each poster likes and doesn’t like and why or why not.

  5. Of course they’re going to talk about Kim the woman is a hot mess and now add to that a krazy kleptomaniac that these women worked with. However I’m in agreement with everyone, Lisa and ken could care less and seem to have swelled heads. Eileen looks uncomfortable in every scene. Lisa R. is coming off phonier than her lips. Kyle’s the same she cry’s every 2 seconds. I like Erika, Kathryn not sure yet she’s only been on for 2 seconds but her nose looks like it’s going to fall off and I got a snobby vibe from her but to soon to tell. Looking forward to next week…maybe.

  6. What are the issues Rinna has had with Kim really ? Rinna just wants to insert herself in Kim’s problems. Kim’s sobriety or lack of has nothing to do with Rinna, on tuesday’s episode she really kept on bringing it all aroud her, what a selfish dispicable person Rinna is. Get a storyline. Get a life.

    1. 100%. Rinna has no reason to be mad at Kim.

      All Kim said about Rinna was “Let’s not talk about the husband, lets not talk about what you don’t want out there”
      Rinna repeatedly talked about Kim, smashed a glass her in her and went in to choke her.

      Kim has done a lot wrong, the lisa Rinna situation wasn’t one of them

  7. I just want to now what Kyle means when she keeps saying “it’s complicated” everytime anything about Kim pops up, like the shoplifting thing at Target. Chic got caught. Complicated is trying to spin this to something not her fault?

    1. ORE, I noticed the whole it’s “complicated” excuse, there’s nothing complicated at all, she’s an alcoholic that’s gone off the deep end again, nothing complicated about that.

  8. get over it Kyle! Kim needs to be accountable and I have never seen any accountability on the show. So here’s what I say….. You go girls.. let her have it… show her there are consequences

  9. hmmmm… so much ammo in re: to Kyle’s being “upset” over LR discussing Kim. If I were in that limo ride with Kim and she was acting like that I would have gotten out. Period. Kim’s a freak and scary and unpredictable and unhinghed and honestly, could be potentially dangerous to others. Why in God’s name would Kyle get upset with ANYONE discussing Kim since a) Kim was on the show; b) lied to everyone about her sobriety; c) acted like an escaped mental patient during reunions and d) had zero problems being filmed for all the world to see. If Kyle is embarrassed by her sister (which I would be), then just say it and own it and be real. Stop all this fake concern about Kim who EVERY SEASON Kyle made the same comments about, or worse.

    1. ITA GIGICAT. I think Kyle is caught between her sisters. She let out the family secret about Kim’s addiction and caught hell from Kathy who is so much like her mother. I feel sorry for Kyle because I too have had 2 alcoholic brothers. I have tried to hide it but now speak freely about it because it frees me from the burden of hiding it. Kyle needs to own it for her own mental state.

      1. I have a sister who has been manic-depressive since she was little. She became an alcoholic later in life after the 60’s and the acid trips because she started a family. She also has what I call an addiction to chaos. I refuse to call the illness by the new name because manic is one moment and depressive is the next. I tried for 30 years as an adult to remain loyal to her and just go along. I totally understand Kyle’s attitude in trying to understand the illness but I have to say I think she never will. Another sibling and myself spent hundreds of hours talking and trying to help. When my sister became cruel and hurtful to me and my family, I told her not to contact me again. Illness doesn’t justify leaving children for someone else to raise. Leaving children in a camp sight to go to a bar. Leaving your 7,5,3 and 1 yr. old home on Christmas Eve to go to a bar and ending up in jail. Expecting everyone else to just make excuses for your evil, cruel, insulting, despicable ways. I was about a decade older than Kyle when I finally freed myself, so there is hope.

        1. So sad. Mental illness affects so many. Addiction is terrible. I have lost touch with a sister whose son, my nephew, is schozophrenic and can become violent…or did back then. She too is bipolar and became a drinker. Her son attacked me when I was in my last trimester of pregnancy. I just had enough. I was there for her when her husband died, and she took advantage of me by stealing the only pictures I had of my mother, leaving one blurry one and any liquor in the house. Enough is enough. She has no part of any of her siblings and it is her loss.

          1. Schizophrenia has to be one of the most disabling mental illnesses to have. Usually coming on in a person’s 20’s. It can be medicated. But it can never cured and from what I have seen the person and their family is traumatized throughout the person’s entire life. I am close to my nieces from that sister. She did have control over the horrible things she said and did, unlike a person sometimes with schizophrenia, and I feel like Kimmy does too. I won’t judge Kyle for any of that. She is entitled to respond any way she wants. The limo happened 6 years ago and Kyle is still my favorite housewife of all. I just zip any conversation of that and watch the parts I enjoy. I am glad you removed yourself from danger and I do wish Kyle would too. As I mentioned I didn’t say goodbye until I was 54.

            1. Sandy, 3D, My cousins daughter is Schizophrenic, from smoking Cannabis they were told. She is now in her late 40’s ( this happened in her late teens) and cannot be left on her own ever. She is a danger to herself, Her mother, my cousin works while her father looks after her. My sons friend, his brother same, they have no knives or anything sharp in their house his father works on oil rigs so is away most of the time, they have had to have locks on all bedroom doors and when the boys lived at home, she had a signal, when she shouted whatever word it was, I can’t remember the other three boys had to go to their rooms lock the door and climb out through the windows! My daughters ex, his brother is the same? All were told it was because of the strength now. All were told there has to be something in the brain initially but without the cannabis it MIGHT never have come out. My cousins daughter was the most beautiful girl, training to be a nurse then nothing!! It’s an awful illness/disease!! I’m sorry it’s in your families!

              1. Wow. I am so sorry, Sally. What a waste of youth and vigor in someone you loved. I had not known that pot could be a harbinger of that disease! Fortunately we only have some other mental and emotional weaknesses and illnesses in my family. Addiction going back several generations and manic-deression. It causes such turmoil in a family and changes the destiny of what one could have experienced. There is no pat answer or way of handling it. Every person is different just as illness is different in people. I also found it necessary for my own life and my own peace and happiness to say goodbye. Naturally I love my sister, unfortunately that is not nearly enough. Nothing was ever enough.

                1. I do understand! The girls grandmother was my aunt, my mother died before I had my children, she stepped in and became Nanny May! She even came out to Dubai with us for three months when I had my daughter and looked after her for three months as I had to go back to work. I had to walk away after my aunt died because it was too heartbreaking.

                  1. It sounds as though your Nanny May was a great lady and Aunt to you and your babies. What a wonderful story even with the sadness for your cousin. I was thinking an additive in the pot could have also been at fault for the onset of the disease. Late teens seems a little early, I think. I am no expert certainly, but I read it begins mostly in a person’s 20’s. What a lovely memory of a caring Aunt for you. 🙂

                    1. That was three, one in the North of England two in the South, all late teens all told same by different doctors.

                    2. They said it was so much stronger than the stuff their parents generation smoked. Quite a lot of research has been done on it! I remember around 12 years ago watching a programme testing it.

      2. Bee, I’m just catching up here I don’t know why I missed this! You should talk about it! There is nothing you can or could do for them! I’m sure you are a sister in a million!

  10. I am not going to read anything till I say what I think. I might not read it at all, because many posters have a genuine dislike for her that I don’t understand. Sisters can say what they want about each other, but no one else better. That’s the way it is when you love your sibling. Kyle has the right to think what she wants and feel how she feels. That is an intrinsic right we all have. Kim is more than an alcoholic, I believe. That is why it’s complicated. I believe that she has other mental issues that are, naturally, tied to the addiction, but maybe are what started her needing to be in a changed reality all the time. I personally think Kyle should say goodbye to Kimmy, but she has the right to defend Kim and say whatever she likes. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that Kim had been to multiple Psychiatrists throughout her 20’s and 30’s till now. She mixes the meds with alcohol and that is how she gets all crazy. She walked up in her store and the way they all quieted down it was obvious they were discussing her and Kim.
    Just because she stated she had had a long week when the season started doesn’t mean she wants everyone talking about it every time she turns her back. And Rinna, shut up. I was on her side in Holland, not any more. Kyle can’t let it go, the rest of them can.

    1. Agree also. I can talk about my sibling. No one else can. That’s pretty normal. Trashing your good friend’s sister constantly without remorse is not normal.

  11. I don’t think Kyle has figured out the Reality TV thing. its your real life. on TV. Please someone pull her aside & explain.
    If you’re going to be offended by people commenting on your life, your alcoholic & mentally ill sister, your husband’s supposed philandering, your vindictive sister & BIL, then this might not be for you. You’re gonna walk around extremely offended. Or you can sile, stick your head in the sand, buy a nice pr of sunglasses & go on vacay.

      1. She has every right, but she is gonna be very offended all the time. She chose to air out her life. There’s no takesy backsey.

          1. I do like Kyle, she seems to be a good parent, to have a good marriage & seems concerned with her family. I agree with LVP however. She needs to find a healthy way to manage her feelings & reactions to her family’s issues. I was lucky to have had my sister & would have fought to the death for her. But defending your sibling & feeling responsible for them are distinct. As hard as it might be, it may be healthier for her to be more removed & dispassionate about her sisters. I’m sure Mauricio is fed up with them too.

  12. I thought Kyle was very hypocritical when she spoke about not wanting everyone to talk about her sister, people she calls “friends” (though she continues to on camera to millions of strangers), but immediately had to bring up her friendship with faye resnick (blech!) to the new girl KNOWING it was a very sore subject. Was it necessary to your introduction with her? Could it not have waited a few events? She had to jump in and then act offended because the other person didn’t want to discuss it.

  13. Too bad for Kyle to act all offended by Lisa R words & lack of compassion. That’s a pile of garbage as I’m sure Kyle feels the very same way that Lisa R feels , but is too afraid to voice it as she fears the wrath of Kim & she, Kyle, is a people pleaser. Furthermore, Kim was not loyal to Kyle at all & showed more loyalty to a street beggar & Brandi than she ever did to her own sister. If Kim was going through a hard time, it was of her own making, so no sympathy here either. Kyle is playing again the poor me one part & talking about family is a no-no when as we all know, she talked of their dysfunction & hurt to her friends before. She opened the road for their questions, yet, she had the nerve to say that Bethenny & Faye R was asking questions to help, unlike the others who were prying. Total garbage again as she Kyle, did air some very heavy dirty linen to & about Kim on the show with her revelations. Say what you mean, mean what you say is my input.

  14. I think how Kyle has talked about the Kim situation since the begining has been vile.

    But I don’t think she’s a hypocrite for calling out Lisa R. Lisa is talking about Kyles family, if anything she should be doing more to defend Kim.

    Kyle shouldn’t be talking about Kim on TV, but Lisa R. absolutely should not be talking about Kim on TV. I think it’s good that Kyle calls her out for it, she should back Kim up and point out to Lisa R. all the shit she’s done to Kim.

  15. Every one has a right to think and express what they think and feel.
    Kyle can be offended…and she can tell Lisa and the viewers that she is offended.
    Lisa can say what she thinks and express her outrage at the way the whole situation has been handled …both now and through the years.
    We the viewers can all agree or disagree with what they think…and also say what we think.
    And this is what I think:
    I have some sympathy for the family….addiction and mental health issues are incredibly difficult to deal with…especially when you love the person who is affected. But as a viewer, I am over Kim and all her issues. She lost me when she allowed her dog to continue to bite people who entered her home, even after she was given a resolution by the trainer who offered to take the dog. It is a cause close to my heart…but it is also a clear indicator to me that Kim only thinks about Kim….and I don’t care to spend any more time on her. I hope this is the last we see of her on BH.

  16. I’m a little sick of Kyle right now. She only wants certain people to talk about Kim. It’s a free country; you can say whatever you want. I’m sick of her constantly downing LVP. When they were all sitting around & sharing, she was determined LVP had things that keep her up at night. Maybe LVP is just a strong woman & has a strong backbone. They didn’t even ask Lisa R. or Erica what keeps them up at night. They seem like strong women also. Just because Kyle cries like a baby doesn’t mean all women do. I think LVP is a good person & has true feelings for her friends that are hurting. For goodness sake, LVP told Eileen she was sorry (even after comparing her to Brandi). But these women can’t accept an apology, LVP has to grovel & beg for forgiveness. Get a grip ladies!

  17. I believe what Lisa Rinna said was “she’s dangerous”…and I agree.
    Kim is driving while intoxicated, kicking law enforcement when they are called in to deal with her, stealing alcohol and drinking it in public restrooms, stealing merchandise, and throwing fits in parking lots. Unfortunately, there isn’t much her family or anyone can do until she hurts someone. Then they can remove her from society.

  18. Kyle and Mauricio just celebrated their 20 year anniversary. He gifted her with some diamond earrings she admired, she received them while she sat on the WWHL stage.
    Happy Anniversary Kyle and Mauricio.

    1. Barf, vyle is trying to make it look like they have had this great, grand love affair—-she would like it to appear like Lisa Vanderpump & Ken—-only thing is (vyle) is a disgusting piece of garbage with no originality, and who happens to copy everything Lisa V. does.
      vyle is a famewhore who still cannot get over the fact that she never became the “star” of BH’s, instead it went to Lisa Vanderpump………
      BTW, do you remember how loving and great mauricio was at the (white party), flirting with that other woman when vyle jumped in and told the woman to get off her husband? LMAO….
      vyle === poser…

  19. vyle is RIDICULOUS, kimbo was on BH’s (a reality T.V. show), and now she doesn’t want anyone talking about it? What a douche.
    Funny that byle has no problem being great friends with faye rancid who is another douche, who made money off her dead friends horrific murder, (Nicole Brown Simpson). Birds of a feather….

  20. vyle, viewer’s ARE OFFENDED by dimbo drunk kim’s horrid antics – her behaviour is criminal and sick. lisa rinna just voiced what alot of viewer’s feel….
    dimbo put herself out there on national t.v. for bravo $$$$, so expect to get blowback—-deal with it- you cannot have it both ways…. Your behaviour of trying to “take down” Lisa Vanderpump and your mean girls club is vyle and juvenile, each season you back stab and show your extreme jealousy and childishness, you project your own nasty behaviour onto Lisa, Camille, & other’s, only to make nice when Mo has a real estate deal with them, you have been called out and are so transparent which is not a good look… Wish you would leave BH’s too—and take your back fat / splits with you…..

    1. Does it make you the biggest snot on the playground to prove you can use more vulgar, insulting words than anyone? Oh, look, you should be so proud of yourself. Go tell your little friends. What are you going to prove next, how many names you can come up with for yourself?

  21. Im not sure that anything would change the situation but it seems to me that if Kyle and her family knew all along that Kim was a severe alcoholic there should have been some type of discussion or worry that Kim would be involved with the RH in the first place. Remember Kim when Brandi called her out? She was in the bathroom drinking all night? She was a huge mess in those seasons she used Ken (not that he was in any way a victim in this) She did everything and anything she could to try to keep her drinking under wraps but everyone saw it. SO as a family member I would have done everything I could to keep Kim off the show whatever that means. Going to Bravo and letting them know how serious the issues are. ANdy would have grabbed onto her alcoholism and ran with it for ratings. With all that Kyle knows about kim she should not have agreed to go on BH unless Kim was excluded. Sorry Im getting tired my writing is getting bad.

    1. No you were fine but Ken? I didn’t get it the first time I read it but do you mean the man she moved in with?

      1. Yes, they were so pretty. She doesn’t really have or wear a lot of jewelry. So, what a treat when you work hard and start becoming financially sound and you can afford beautiful, thoughtful gifts like that for your wife. I am happy for them. And I am really happy she is getting a closet!

        1. Yes, that makeshift bar that kept falling on her in her closet was a bit much. I can only imagine how many clothes, shoes and accessories she must have amassed. She does have places to go and people to see, so she will wear them. I do think that she and Mauricio make a handsome couple.

        1. Yes, on WWHL. He saw her before the anniversary in NYC and they had time together, then he gave the diamond pendant earrings to Andy to give to her on the air on WWHL for their anniversary.

          1. Ok thanks, a bit more sense now but I would have preferred to receive them from him rather than on TV but that’s just me!

  22. I read somewhere she had admired them somewhere in New York at a fashion show I believe. Don’t quote me, but I am thinking he went to get them while she was getting ready for the show. But also I could be completely off.

    1. I guess I’m funny I would sooner have a small present from my husband, so I could thank him!!! Than via my wives boss! That’s just me!!

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