Kyle Richards, “I Find It Difficult To Be In The Middle!”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to talk about the last episode. She explains what it is like being caught in the middle of two feuding friends, how sad she felt watching Paul and Adrienne amidst everything that has happened, and the Taylor vs. Brandi drama. Read what else Kyle said below!

Kyle writes, “This week is probably the last episode that is drama free! We start out with Adrienne and I shopping for Portia’s birthday. The argument between Lisa and Adrienne had been dragging on for months! Every time it was brought up Adrienne would say that the phone works both ways. I told Adrienne not to hold her breathe for an apology from Lisa, because Adrienne an apology in this argument, Adrienne does. If Adrienne was going to wait for an apology from Lisa, then there was never going to be an end to this argument.

Yolanda’s daughter Gigi is so beautiful! A beautiful combination of Yolanda and Mohamed. Clearly she has the modeling gene! I have no doubts she will be a super model!

I was happy to see Taylor in an upbeat mood and trying to move on in her life. I loved that Paul and Mauricio were up for supporting Taylor and her charity. I laughed out loud watching the guys in their heels. I have to say, I was happy that Mauricio looked so awkward! So funny.

In between laughing at the guys, I couldn’t help but feel sad watching Paul and Adrienne. I wish so much they could have stayed together and worked things out. I imagine it must be hard for them to watch too.

Portia was so excited about her birthday! She had been asking me if there would be unicorns at her party. I had asked Glenn Schneider, who helps me with my parties, if we could get some small white ponies “dressed” like unicorns. When small brown HORSES showed up I was a bit disenchanted! We had a good laugh about that. Small brown horses with paper hats. Hmmm. . .

I invited everyone in spite of what was going on between all the girls. I know emotions run high around here, but I also know none of these women would have made a scene at a child’s party. They may not ALL like each other but at worst they would just ignore that person, which we saw with Taylor toward Brandi. I find it difficult at times to be in the middle. It can be very difficult to navigate through these complex relationships.

With Lisa and Adrienne, I honestly thought they would say hello, the ice would be broken, and then maybe a conversation would spark that would lead to an end of this argument.

I offered to arrange a meeting because I just didn’t see anything indicating them moving forward. These arguments really do affect our entire group. If you choose a side, you can basically say goodbye to the friend you didn’t side with. If you try to stay neutral, you can lose both because you DIDN’T choose a side. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I was really happy Kim decided to come to Portia’s party. Like I expressed in my last blog, it’s very important to me that Portia has her aunts and cousins around. I want her to have what my other children had growing up. We have always been a tight family and I don’t want Portia to miss out on that because she is so much younger than the others.”

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  1. Kyle is a trouble maker and has Adrienne apologised to both Ken an Lisa when she turned up at THEIR home on THEIR wedding anniversary without even saying hello to them and held court about her separation with the other housewives. Kyle tries to get screen time at anyones expense and fancy bringing Fay Resnick along to Lisa’s home not once but twice knowing that the woman would cause an argument with Brandi. Bad taste but typical Kyle.

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