Kyle Richards Has NOT Given Up On Her Relationship With Sister Kim


Kyle Richards has not given up on her older sister Kim, who is currently in a rehab facility in Malibu, California. Despite rumors, the two ARE repairing their relationship since the dramatic Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion where they both claimed they were fine not speaking to each other.

Kyle HAS visited Kim in rehab, TMZ reports, adding that the rumor that Kyle RSVP’d “no” to Kim’s daughter Brooke Brinson’s wedding next weekend is also false. Sources tell the site that Kyle, without a doubt, will be attending the wedding and that Kim backed down from thinking her sister shouldn’t be there.

The site reports that Kyle desperately wants to preserve the family and that not attending her niece’s wedding would be “unthinkable.”

As we previously reported, Kim will be leaving rehab [reportedly with a staffer from the facility to escort her] to attend her daughter’s wedding which is in Mexico.

Alcohol will be on the menu at the wedding, but insiders say they aren’t worried about Kim, because her drinking problem is only when she’s alone.

We are glad to hear that Kyle and Kim have started to mend their relationship. We wish the family the best. What are your thoughts? Sound off in our comment section!

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  1. Kyle was the only one that mentioned not going to the wedding at the reunion, Kim never mentioned it, never said she wasn’t invited.

    Not surprised she’s mending her relationship she wants a storyline next season and her constant back and forth with Kim is keeping both of them on the show.

    1. Get rid of Kim and we will see the sweet, classy Kyle. When Kim is sober, Kyle is the one that consistently says complimentary things about her, never the other way around. When Kim got out the first time she immediately started telling everyone that KYLE HAD CHANGED. SHE HAD SO LITTLE INSIGHT THAT SHE NEVER DID REALIZE THAT SHE IS THE ONE THAT KEEPS CHANGING.

      1. Kyle is anything but classy. I realize you are blind fan of hers, but if she were such a classy lady she wouldn’t have spoken poorly about her sister to others at her nieces book signing. She wouldn’t scream about another woman’s Tampon string hanging out the list goes on and on. I know you will defend her by saying BG said mean things to her. My point is someone with class would let someone like BG dig her grave and never stoop as low as the person. She is not classy, she is a boring woman who is looking for a story. You can blame the relationship problems all on Kim however Kyle has done just as many terrible things. Let’s be honest normal healthy nice people don’t want to be on a reality show because we all have issues and do not want the world to see all our personal trash.

        1. So, Anonymous, if no sane healthy person would ever be on a reality show and you think all of them are awful why do you watch? But if it’s only some people and not the perfect Lisa V., whom I also like, then it’s too bad for you that you can’t just watch her with Ken for the whole hour. I don’t remember any of your other posts so I did wonder.

          1. I didn’t say awful. I said normal sain people wouldn’t do reality TV. Why do I watch because I love watching other people’s crazy. My life is boring. Why do you watch?

            1. You actually said normal sane nice ppl, I watch ’cause I like reality TV. I have a pretty large garden and enjoy wildlife and all of the stuff outdoors in my garden, and the older I get the more I want to enjoy things. So, I watch to see beautiful people, beautiful clothes, homes, gardens like Yolanda’s, places and even seeing the great food is fun for me. It has become a lot different on BH this season and I have a personal connection to people like Kim and Brandy. I have a sister who is so much like Kim, it’s freaky. I’ve said it on other posts and it brings back memories of the years and years that my sister said and did hurtful, cruel things to me. When my youngest Daughter, DeAnna died my sister got some information wrong, as usual since she is frequently in a state of oblivion, and got angry with me about MY DEAD DAUGHTER’S MEMORIAL. So, yeah, this shit pisses me off sometimes. I have not spoken to my sister since that day because I didn’t want to have that cruelty inflicted on myself or my other children during the most tragic horrifying time in my life. I also wanted to set an example for them and the letter I wrote my sister was kind but final. I wanted them to know that no one has the right to constantly inflict pain even though it’s done from their own pain. Yo is always saying that when people attack like that they are coming from a place of rejection or fear. Well, that doesn’t excuse them spewing out their fetid insides to stick all over everyone else. It’s almost always family that abuses. So I had to make the choice that I no longer was willing to be hurt all the time. Love is not a noun, it is action.

              1. I stand by my words normal said nice people wouldn’t do a reality show…..however I want to amend that I think adrenaline junkies and people who like to test themselves physically do survivor, or the amazing race, and people looking for a shot at the music industry do the music shows. However I love to watch other people’s crazy as my life is small and boring revolves around my kids sports events and musical recital and I like it that way because I love this time in my life….. but that being said it does get boring and I like to watch other people’s crazy. I have always said I LOVE drama as long as it isn’t mine. Lol.

      2. lol nothing sweet or classy about Kyle, nothing at all.

        Kyle is a mean girl she has been since the first seasons, she’s fallen out with pretty much every cast member and been a bitch to most of them.
        And she’s definitely not classy, she is tacky as all hell. She’s so fame obsessed, she’s been trying to get on camera for years whether it was on The Simple Life or shooting a horrendous pilot for a tv show where her and her two sisters go around and are shamefully disgusting to homeless people.

        You can see the desperation coming off her in waves, she posts every picture or any name drop when she’s in the presence of a celebrity – you compare that to the likes of Lisa V. and it’s reversed, the celebs all post the pictures with her.

        Kyle has little to no class and is far far from sweet.

        1. I just rewatched the season 2 SUR opening. Can you imagine living with someone like Kim for your whole life if this is how she acts in public. I like Kyle and Lisa and a lot of housewives, but I actually don’t think any of them are perfect.
          I am so sick of people saying Kim “needs help”. With JUST WHAT SHE HAS DONE IN PUBLIC, do you really think that night at the BHH was the first time she drove under the influence. I am sure that she had her kids in the car their whole lives since they are grown now. How many times do you think she got shit faced and put her kids in the tub? How many times did they come home from school to that? Do you honestly think she saves it all for the cameras and her sister? Having 3 little kids of my own, remembering their beautiful little selves like normal moms out there I think they are lucky they survived. The horrible things she says to people isn’t reserved for adults, I promise. I have a sister like her, so much like her it’s freaky. The way i always tried to protect her kids even though I had my own family. The kids get the brunt of the foul, horrible, cruel things their mom says and they have to listen to it from the time they are born. It isn’t reserved for the camera. That is why I have empathy for Kyle because I know she has been in something you will never understand for her whole adult life. And it is way more horrible than she has ever or would ever say in public. Hey, they have been in the public eye since they were born, and you have the balls to make a judgement on how they handle being in public. You are the one that is blind and cruel. Having an opinion and having housewives you are not a fan of is a whole different thing than making foul statements like you do about her. It is impossible to remain like others think you should after being embroiled in that your whole life.

          1. I agree with you, I like most of them but have no problem calling them out of stuff, Lisa is one of my favorites but you’ll still see me calling her out on stuff.

            Sorry I don’t see your point at all. If Kyle was going about her life and the paparazzi were constantly photographing her and all this stuff was getting out there, I’d agree it wouldn’t be fair to comment on it so harshly.
            But Kyle chooses to have cameras follow her, she chooses to seek out fame, she desperately wants to be on camera.
            I’m sure it was hard to have Kim as a sister, but do you think it was easy for Kim to have her sister out her as an alcoholic on international tv? Kyle chose to put her alcoholic sister on a tv show, she knew drinking was a big part of (from other franchises), and cameras would be constantly following her life. There are two sides to their story.

            By the way why is it not okay for me to call out Kyle, but you can make up/speculate about Kim driving her kids drunk.
            I called Kyle out for stuff she did to other cast mates on the show, you made up some stuff about Kim you don’t know anything about and then call me cruel and nasty – you see the disconnect there right?

            1. Well, it isn’t speculation about the driving drunk. But, anyway I do know that Kim has said her kids really went through hell because of her drinking. what did you think she meant? Drunks never tell the real truth and usually I only go in these posts by this show. But I know for a fact that people like Kim who get so off-the-wall when they drink and drug that the cruel, hurtful way they speak is not limited to when they are on camera, and that’s not speculation just common sense and personal knowledge. I just think after watching all 5 seasons in order I got a perspective different than before. I see Kyle (and you might not want to acknowledge it ), complimenting her sister a lot during the show, even before “she got sober”, just like “Kim is here and she looks pretty”, simple stuff like that. And directly after Kim “got sober”, Kim was talking to camera and Lisa V. about how KYLE HAD CHANGED. She doesn’t even have the insight to see that she changed. I actually didn’t know who any of the original cast were when I first watched it. I only drew my opinion from this show ’till I started seeing what others had said about the sisters. I usually don’t let that influence me, but these aren’t my friends, so I don’t have a moral obligation to only go by personal experience, since that isn’t possible. I do see them both speaking to camera a lot about each other and personally I see Kim saying more hurtful things than Kyle. If I just looked at season 5 reunion, just the dog thing would be enough for me to see who Kim is and who Kyle has for a sister. She never once said she was worried about Alexia, not one time, she was more worried about HER DOG’S REPUTATION THAN HER SISTER’S, but Kyle is supposed to ‘BE THERE FOR KIM.” I just think it’s one sided when she protects her dog and lies about her sister saying she didn’t give Alexia her medicine and that’s why she got sick. The doctor didn’t see that the bone was punctured, but Kyle should know. The kid was in hospital for 5 days and IV antibiotic for 3 weeks and 2 surgeries. So, if we just take that one event, most recent event and not their whole lives and anyone agrees with Kim then I don’t understand that. Maybe we should all be more kind and temper what we say. I am new to this medium and I am going from really personal experience and I think Kim is cruel to a larger degree than anyone on any housewives. She reminds me of my own sister to a degree that is actually freaky for me as I said before.
              Almost every event something is going on with Kim that requires Kyle’s attention. The book signing? I just watched that in regard to your comment and I heard her say that she had explained some things and so had Kim. What am I missing?

              1. By put her kids through hell that means having a mom as an alcoholic, that doesn’t automatically mean she drove drunk with them in the car, that is all speculation on your behalf.

                What your missing is viewing Kyle as a person.

                You are making all your decisions on how nice Kyle is, based off of how awful Kim is.
                You wont find many people that will disagree with you on how bad Kim is, I don’t, but kim being awful doesn’t make Kyle classy and sweet.

                Kyle seperate from Kim is still awful. Putting up with an awful sister doesn’t excuse what a mean girl Kyle is.

                1. I never said you were nasty, if it matters. I really try to use the word that I think best describes how I feel about something. As I said I didn’t know who any of them were before housewives. None of them. I, after seeing Lisa with her step-son in Paris remembered seeing her on Baywatch Nights, but that is pretty far removed. I don’t think Kyle is perfect either.
                  But I was willing to actually watch an episode to see if I had missed something. I do not see mean girl behavior from her consistently. She was mean on game night, in defense of Kim. If you are not going to reflect and give my point any consideration then I will just read your posts and know that you aren’t trying to really have “interactive thought” with anyone.
                  I thought it was kinda fun to really try to see someone else’s point and reevaluate my own for a minute.

                  1. You love to throw bombs at people. No where did she say you said she was nasty or did she not consider your point of view she just disagrees with you about Kyle being a sweet, classy person. You feel for Kyle because of your personal situation with Kyle. After reading many of your posts you are not willing to listen to what truths are being said, the evidence against her where she has done, and said things which some feel make her a mean girl. It’s almost like you need Kyle to be this person as the situation is so close to yours, because if she weren’t that person and harbors some of the blame you would too and you have cast them in the roles of you and your sister.

                    1. So I guess words CAN provoke. I am new to this medium and know who I am and do not apologize for it. But I have responded to the people who have been kind in their other posts and realized that I was being unkind at times. I go back and watch episodes and ask commentators to tell me what exactly they are referring to. For me, saying someone is a media whore and not providing proof makes it seem like they are just throwing out insults. Saying Kim was cruel to her sister on several occasions was what I saw her do. We all have our own perceptions and hear things differently. I have never read an US magazine, and People I do see at my doctor’s office so all of that stuff being referred to is outside my base of knowledge. I started making my comments from what I see on this show, their blogs for this show and nothing else. Then I saw the Dr. Phil interview, which I wouldn’t have even known about except I heard it in an add for the show. That was pretty illuminating. Then last night I saw the six o’clock news report about KIm’s arrest blood test and the toluene and mixture of other things in her system, so I commented on that. It is always kinda funny to me when people tell me I am out of line by being out of line themselves. it just makes it easier to keep it going. When Aunt Bee makes her very observant comments, is kind in her posts and replies but still really makes her point clearly I see where I can improve on my delivery.

                    2. Terri, I have always known Kyle to be sweet, classy and genuine. Way before when I just thought Kim was weird I knew Kyle was a beautiful, funny person. Through the years I have seen her be hurt, angry and many other things and only on game night (protecting KIM ), and one other time did I see something I thought she should apologize for, and she did. She is my favorite and was way before Kim became hateful and cruel. This year Kim acted like my sister and then I actually identified with her because of that . Before it was because I am also a wife and Mom who works really hard and love my kids more than anything. Just like her, except she is famous.

                  2. See unfortunately I do see mean girl behavior from her consistently, so I can’t see your point of view at all. I’ve always found her to be the most obnoxious show offy (behind Dana) she’s always willing to name drop a celeb or brand, mention her niece or private plane.
                    Some of the other Ladies who’ve had money longer dont do that, which I find classy, so I just struggle to see Kyle as classy. She’s very new money.

                    I think she makes great TV though, or she did. I dont think her family issues should be played out any more

                    1. Yeah, new proud we made some money and bought a beautiful home, can send our kids to college and buy them a car because they are good kids and get good grades and they deserve a car. You go, Kyle. Classy and sweet.

    2. Kyle has no worries of keeping her job on RHOBH. I do not agree that enters in to her decisions with her sister. She loves Kim but why is beyond me sometimes. It just shows how powerful love is.

  2. Sick to know that these two will have the same battle/storyline Yet Again. I’m not watching, made up my mind when announced that Kim was returning, I’ll just catch the snark online. No thanks bravo!

    1. I really want to see what will happen if they get rid of Kim and Brandy. Insert a couple more girls and let’s see some glitz and glamour. Even though Adrienne bugs me, maybe bring the original cast back minus Kim and add a new girl for some spice. That is why I tuned in years ago. Kyle and the other ladies are the ones that host every event, party and trip. If nothing else, K & B ( I am sick of typing their names ), don’t and never have fulfilled what I thought would be a contractual obligation to host events. I have never seen any other lady, including Cammille, ruin a public event. I mean I watched all seasons in a row this last time I was laid up, hopefully THE LAST TIME being laid up. It was so uncomfortable to see Calston and B go after Kyle so many times and with such pointed cruelty and disdain. Kim never once stepped in until 4th season Puerto Rico, and that was ONLY because she wanted to go after Lisa. She never had her sister’s back but blames Kyle for things like “not taking her outside at poker night” Are you kidding. Look what Kim allowed B to do. Block Kyle who was in an emotional whirlwind, I mean at the table she looked like a deer in the headlights, and just kept walking. Naturally she said she “doesn’t remember”. Just go away, Kim.

      1. Never miss and opportunity to Bash B huh? This thread has nothing to do with her yet once again all we hear is how she is the reason Kyle and Kim have problems. Which is bull, BG did nothing different than the other women did with Kyle, truth of the matter ALL of them should have kept their mouths shut about the sisters relationship. Or how terrible she is, or how she is a drunk. This is thread is about Kyle supporting Kim AGAIN for a story.

        1. Wow, anonymous, you read a lot into me saying Kim kept walking when B blocked Kyle from Kim. It’s odd that we soon forget things like Kim saying to camera in Paris that when the two of them are together everyone else should step away. Naturally she doesn’t remember poker night so that means it didn’t happen. I lived with that shit for so long in my life. My sister saying cruel things to me in front of my kids but because she doesn’t remember it wasn’t real. It makes everything so much more difficult than anyone outside of it can possibly imagine. I mentioned B only one time, Anonymous, in reference to poker night which was when the problems with K & K started again. Every thread has to do with whatever we want to say apparently, everyone says a lot. If I said what I REALLY FEEL WHEN I GET emotionally caught up for a moment, I would be blocked from this site. I will check with you so I can intellectually understand the purpose of each thread before I deign to make a statement. Would that make you happy?

          1. Actually you brought B up many times. B not fufilling her contract, B and Carolton going after Kyle, B blocking Kyle. B being off the show. It’s fine say what you want but don’t let a selective memory take over.

            1. Yeah, you’re right. I said it over and over how low class she is, how embarrassed her sons will be their entire adolescence, how truly skewed her view of things are from her Zanax with wine chasers fog she lives in, the way she just can not stand for anyone to have fun except her, how she can not stand anyone to have a genuine friendship because she thought she destroyed any chance of that happening, how she goes to events hosted by people she claims to have a moral objection to and calls them hypocrites, how she hosts one event all season and is angry because something was said at her party, how it just pisses her off to no end that it can’t be denied that Kyle not only invited her to every event she hosts but says complimentary thing about her, how she can’t stand it that others won’t sink into the gutter with her, how I think people keep forgetting that AIDS is actually contracted from unprotected sex and she is setting a horrible example for her sons by whoring around in public, how she clumps someone in who she claims to love and respect by saying the 5 menopause mamas and insults Mohammed Hadid, the father of Yo’s children making it like he is caught in some kind of sick love for Lisa, how she keeps saying she had a great childhood but somehow her dad and her go lengths of time where he won’t speak to her, how when she gets angry she outs every single thing someone confides in her thinking she has a clue what real friendship is, how she breaks the friendship rules over and over but says the rules are different for her, how she remains in a zanax wine chasers fog and recalls things in snippets and completely out of context then repeats them even though it is totally incorrect for the sole purpose of hurting and destroying anything she sees as in the way of her goal and how she ruins every event she goes to with her rude, crude, vulgar and just plain nasty way of being.

              1. I think you infer A LOT about people you speculate, and I think it is completely inappropriate to comment on someone’s parenting or their children…..unless it’s in a complementary way. If we do that I would say Lisa R. Is not doing a great job of in her words trying to not raise a@*holes as her daughters seem to be completely rude and disrespectful. My opinion from the show, Lisa V.’s son seems to party all the time and not pay his bills…what does that say about her parenting, Kyle’s daughter #2 also seems to be rude and disrespectful, Portia seems to not have any discipline and can do or say whatever she wants with only a “Portia” said in a shocked voice.

                I also think it is completely wrong to state things about someone like they are always taking something or their children are in danger because of it. Say you don’t like someone all you want, say how terrible they are but do not infer things about parenting because it is unsubstantiated. Even the HW’s who don’t like BG state she is a good mom. Not a good person mind you, not their friend, not someone they want to be around but they have said she is good mother.

                1. Yep, cassyj, there are things that can be inferred when the ONLY THING WE SEE IS THE ZANAX WITH MANY WINE CHASERS. Do you think she goes home and turns into a different person? I believe she is kind to her kids at home. Give the whore a medal for popping a bennie to get up at 5 and take her own boys to school to get to the reunion so she can down a few zanax and be shit faced by dinner. Do you really think that is saved for the camera? If you do well great for you but it doesn’t make it true. And no matter how many times she takes them to school, does homework with them ( pretty soon she isn’t going to understand their homework with her 8th grade education and the fact that she is in an emotional holding pattern putting her at about 15 yrs. old from the zanax fog she lives in ) Nothing can override her public persona.
                  She says she tells them she is acting on TV, if she thinks they believe that then she is dumber than she looks, she tells them she MISBEHAVES ON TV SO THEY CAN HAVE THE LIFE SHE IS PROVIDING. So not only does she get sloppy, ugly, mean drunk at almost every event she goes to, insults the hosts, literally slobbers all over someone she met 20 hours ago, SHE TELLS THEM SHE DOES IT FOR THEM, FOR THEM. So, lets review JUST THOSE FEW THINGS. This could be a book if I thought about the social and behavioral example she is setting for them.
                  When you meet a girl like your own Mom, within a day they should be saying in front of millions of people that you have a beautiful cock. The woman who invited you on a trip to her homeland is a “menopause mama”, and always remember it is more fun to fuck around than try to act like a lady in polite society. Great lesson and great mom?
                  When you are invited to an upscale party at someone’s home, go in and find the most insulting thing to say because you have a skewed moral objection to her for having a past, or at least figure out a way so that later you can find something about them that justifies your rude, insulting behavior.
                  I won’t even go into the rest of the night. Pretend that the many, many, many men and boys you met in a zanax wine chaser fog and screwed within a day, WEREN’T MARRIED.
                  She in her mothering has taught them that it matters not how one behaves as long as it gets you nice things.
                  That women are playthings that you should bed within a day, kind of different than the poor me I was cheated on persona she started with, no matter that STD’s are contracted in that fashion. And no matter how many times you say that she probably discussed that with them in private, actions are what kids imitate.
                  That women are not worthy of any respect whatsoever if they are a year older than her at any given time and that you can say and do anything you want if it feels good in the moment. Don’t worry that they will be bringing home a pregnant girlfriend at 15, because as long as there is zanax and wine to make you forget, it’s all good.

                    1. Hi! I have a day off from anything else fun because my step-daughter is in town for the summer and stays with her Grandma in Carson City, and I spent yesterday with her, and my other Daughter that is getting married in June is at work today. Then my oldest daughter who just bought her first home with her husband is herself taking the day off with him.
                      I tuned in to see CassyJ tell me I was wrong to state my negative opinion of BG’s and Kim’s mothering skills by saying something negative about other housewive’s mothering skills! I tune into you because you articulate your opinion in way less words than me, see, I know my own faults, and you have a strong opinion all without being unkind.

                    2. And again with the poor me story…..I don’t think CassyJ said you were wrong for your opinion I think she said you were wrong for talking about someone’s children, and parenting. You truly read these and hear whatever you want, then reply with some BS story about your day and kids…..which NO one cares about. It is in poor taste but your hypocritical post are tired. You can infer it happens but she can’t call you out and say it didn’t???

                    1. I don’t know, anonymous, what speaking to Aunt Bee about my day and my blessings has to do with a poor me story, but OK. Maybe you are the one with a poor me story since one paragraph of talking of children and fun and weddings just seems to gut you. I am starting to see why you come after me.

                    2. I am sorry if anyone is upset about Marian and I sharing our stories. I am glad she did. It helps me understand where she is coming from and why we share the same thoughts and opinions. I enjoy hearing about her family and her daily activity. I wouldnt mind learning something about all the regular viewers who comment on these blogs.

                    3. After I posted a comment a block came up underneath which said: HIDE THIS REPLY TO MARIANS COMMENT. I’ve never seen this before. What does it mean?

                  1. I think she has said many times she doesn’t drink when she has her kids. Weather you believe her or not is your choice. I assume you won’t because you have already said you KNOW without a doubt what goes on in the homes of these women.

                    1. Do you honestly think, I mean seriously, when you see for example the final show in season 2, opening of SUR, game night when she had just come from home, poker night that she turns that off at home? If she only acted like that as a result of booze and pills when she left her home then why would it matter. Why would she be so sorry for “putting her kids through that”. I am not being sarcastic or assuming anything. After her teen age life, her entire adult life being an alcoholic it isn’t insinuating or assuming at all to deduce that it isn’t turned on and off. Come on. I know you want to give her the benefit of the doubt. That is what they try to make themselves believe, too. Therapy is about admitting that stuff and not doing it anymore.
                      She said herself at poker night that SHE DIDN’T REALIZE SHE WAS “ACTING FUNNY”. Her description of it isn’t even truly owning up to the fact that she wasn’t “acting funny” She was loud, rude, aggressive and unreasonable for hours.
                      I bet she would like to believe that she never behaved like that while she was raising her kids, and the terrible guilt and her vehement attack of anyone pointing it out proves that she has more to be sorry for than her party behavior.
                      That is why therapy is private and doctors and therapists are sworn to secrecy, if it was to discuss what we already know then there would be no hippa laws.
                      And lastly she wanted her sobriety to be front and center on this show and I sometimes wonder ( now this IS SPECULATION, COMPLETELY ), if part of the season one limo fight wasn’t scripted in some form when as two sisters they were having a major heart to heart. The way Kim reacted kinda made me think that. She said over and over that it was the best thing for her, and the few times they talk of it on camera the looks that pass between them is telling – or it is my imagination, that part, nothing else. OMG,
                      I JUST REALIZED YOU WERE SPEAKING OF BG. !! Well same goes for her. The whole concept of at home and not at home.

                    2. Like I said you KNOW what goes on in their homes. BG has also said on many occasions her ex has her kids on nights they film. I know I don’t drink when my kids are around, many of my friends also only drink/go out when their kids are at their dads or grandparents. So yes I do believe she doesn’t drink around her kids. But it doesn’t matter what anyone of the HW’s say, you know more than any body does and you know it all by fact.

    1. Aunt Bee, I am trying to actually listen to what sidewind says and consider it because it was implied that I do not. I think you make comments that are really observant. So, I watched the event in question and responded. There are some who just hate one HW, whoever it is, and bash them no matter what. And I think some of the comments, instead of being concise and insightful, are cruel and only deal with certain perceptions of a person and not what actually was said and done. So, when I was accused of also doing that I looked into it. I hope others do to, because I have learned a lot about social interaction from this and want it to be a little more fun!

      1. Thanks Marian. I guess those of us who have lived with alcoholics and been abused by them can see this family situation differently than others. I have been in Kyles position so many times I can’t count so I naturally sympathize with her and I can so heartily feel your pain.

        1. I have now been accused of mixing up my own life with Kyle’s and in doing so have completely missed that she is what they try to portray her as. When in fact I always loved Kyle and always thought Kim was kinda weird. When I noticed that almost every event they attended together, Kim and her overwhelming problems became Kyle’s concern and got her into all kinds of trouble. It’s ironic that game night she was defending KIm and that she, Kyle, made peace with BG way before Kim did. Kyle invited Brandy to every event and party because she knew that BG was trying to start over and that is how they progress in this business. She really tried to support BG’s role on here after the initial problem, which she admitted to and apologized for. There were so many times that she removed herself from any gossip about BG, Portia’s birthday at the beginning of season 3, Yolanda’s dinner, and right up until Lisa V’s 30th anniversary party where KIm went on & on & on about Brandy, once again trying to make herself the center of Kyle’s world. The dynamic of those 3 only is hard to follow with Kim now being “BG’S BFF” BG hates Kyle, and admits it now that she has gotten the fame she so craved, because Kyle just would not jump into the gutter with her. Kim sat by while BG did some really cruel things to Kyle during season 4 especially. Then in Puerto Rico everyone tries to say Kim finally backed her sister. She ONLY GOT IN THERE TO GET TO LISA V. IT HAD NOT ONE THING TO DO WITH PROTECTING KYLE AND MAURICIO. Brandy thought of the thing that Kyle was most hurt about, the thing closest to her heart, and made up a lie (or made it something it wasn’t), for the sole purpose of widening the rift between Kyle and LIsa. She couldn’t stand that they were friends first, and even though I love Lisa too, she used Brandy to show Kyle she could replace her because she was hurt. They both – Lisa and Kyle – acted out of hurt not hate.
          Kyle’s only involvement was wanting to know what Lisa said and did as it concerned the trash rags stories. She never jumped on any mean girl wagon. By then BG and Kim are getting closer because they see destruction in each other, Kim sees that BG hates her sister and wants to end forever the friendship between Lisa and her. BG sees in Kim her resentment toward Kyle and an opportunity to really destroy, and that Kim will go to some length to ruin anything good in Kyle’s life, including friendships. This is all way before Lisa R. gets in.
          It wasn’t until this year that I saw the outright cruelty in Kim, she was no longer hiding it. Then I started seeing similarities between Kim and my own sister.
          For Kim to sit by when BG has said and done really malicious things toward Kyle and act hurt that Kyle befriends, or should I say continues a friendship with someone who was concerned about her.
          The final straw sitting by when someone calls your sister a cunt. Trying to insinuate that her own sister caused the complications with the dog bite by not giving Alexia the meds the doctor prescribed. It’s just too much. If Kyle can forgive her then she is just much better at it than me. I personally could no longer have someone who professed to love me hurt me in the cruelest way she could think of at any given time. I had to also show my daughters that there are some things that are not acceptable in life.

          1. Marian there was no place to reply after two of your comments today so I hope you see this:
            I have never been married and have no children but raised my younger brother and sister after my parents died. I cannot imagine anything more painful than losing a child. My heart goes out to you.

            Your comments are always on point and I appreciate them as my arthritic fingers won’t let me type very well. I think you are very insightful into this dysfunctional Richards family. Perhaps this summer I’ll get a chance to read the book about these girls and their mother mentioned by another commentator. Hope you have a good day.

                1. I went online and the book is like $50.00 even used from Amazon so I will not be getting it this year. Maybe if I see it at a garage sale or something.

                    1. Hi, Aunt Bee. Thanks for commenting. I have never seen anything like that about other commentators either. Maybe that’s why there seems to be some private bashing going on about me, I wondered if they had other blog connections or were just actually friends in social media or real friends. I do, truly, find it interesting that my comments create so much controversy. When I first connected with you it was really nice because we have a few things in common. I went off a little after someone said I was “looking for sympathy” about my Daughter. You and some other kind people reached out to me and I have to say it was really nice. When I saw the horrible way Kim treated her Sister it really made me glad that my Daughters and myself don’t have to live with any kind of life long guilt surrounding DeAnna’s death. My girls are her Sisters and never was there anything they would be ashamed of like what was going on there. When a loved one dies unexpectedly, after the shock and millions of other feelings and reactions, I felt blessed by two things. She died in her sleep, and she died knowing she was loved and respected by everyone in her family. She was loved and there is a huge hole in my heart and her Brother and Sister’s hearts.
                      People started telling me how to use this blog, what I was allowed to say and how to say
                      it. I thought that was a little aggressive and out of line, so they countered with telling me how out of line I am. Two times I tempered my comments and had genuinely asked someone to tell me exactly where they saw whatever it was we were disagreeing about. The reaction I got was more hostility. I never directed my comments toward the commentator ’till they personally attacked me. If the blog moderators thought I had gone to far, then they would have to go back and cut about 1/4 of the people that speak out here. I do write long posts because the blog doesn’t restrict the amount of words. Also I am a writer and won’t go into text talk which completely butchers the English language, and I don’t get it anyway.
                      When I saw this blog I had just watched season 4 & 5 of Beverly Hills. All in a few days and in order because being laid up is the perfect time to catch up. I was horrified and disturbed by it and said so. They invite comment and I commented honestly and with some anger. It was only less than a month ago.
                      I would also like to hear a little about people because we are human and if we were meant to be alone we would not live on Earth. I did try to apologize when I offended someone but apparently it wasn’t enough and they felt it necessary to chide me some more. See you soon, Aunt Bee. Looking forward to tonight’s NY ladies.

                    2. Aunt Bee, I just figured out not how but why someone would want their reply to me hidden, although if it’s “hidden” who actually reads it? Anyway I got told that I was scary because I replied to “old blogs from old shows or something” So I wondered since in order to see “old posts” that person was also looking and reading “old posts” The really frustrating thing is that I was genuinely asking a few questions a couple weeks ago, and I know we can’t hear tone of voice on here but I thought I had written it with as much introspective comment as possible. I tried my best to honestly have a dialog with a few people, and that’s OK ’cause they are just as angry as me, it’s just anger about other things. They and everyone has the right to state an opinion as long as it isn’t breaking the rules set forth by the blog owners.
                      It just bugs the heck out of certain folks when I actually try to answer the question they actually asked me, that is the part I don’t get. They say I am too involved and it is too important to me when I am just an old lady typing on a blog about a show. In the moment everything I do is important to me, when I am doing the next thing that is important. I do find it interesting ( no sarcasm ) that in order to write here all of us are involving ourselves. To respond to my “too involved” comments makes them the same level of involved, that’s all.

  3. I think these two need off TV. If you see what reality TV does to marriages why would it be any better for sister relationships. I have to say for once this season I liked when Bethany said she doesn’t like when families are on a show together, it’s not healthy. I also feel this story is so old and there is nothing interesting in watching it. BOTH of the sisters need to quit trying to bring friend into the argument and deal with each other. Would Kyle talk on camera about having an argument/fight with her husband? The same should be the rule about her fight/arguments with her sister. Lisa V. was right it’s not their business.

  4. “Alcohol will be on the menu at the wedding, but insiders say they aren’t worried about Kim, because her drinking problem is only when she’s alone.” Oh really? So Kim rented out the Polo Club that night she was arrested? Dummies. It’s not the actual DRINK, it’s what happens after she TAKES it.

  5. I really hope that it’s all that glitters is not gold theory. I also hope that in rehab that Kim gets honest opinions that she cant fault the world for her problems& that definitely includes Kyle, but that she has to be accountable for her own choices & actions. All the same, I hope they can mend fences.

  6. Wow! That was such a nice thing to hear. I have been through it with my own sister and some other stuff this last few years, I would tell you but you wouldn’t believe what happened AFTER DEANNA DIED. I wrote my comment, a little more concise then scrolled down and saw yours. I hope that is where your head was.

  7. About ruining public events, I was referring to the current cast, not season 4 where the old h–, Calstin ruined Ken and Mauricio’s BD. Wow, she went after Kyle from day one. She didn’t belong either, of coarse she liked Brandy. You know what’s funny. In season 3 when Yo had her first dinner, Taylor got a little drunk and said a few things to which Yo replied “there is nothing uglier than a drunk woman” Taylor, if anyone, who kinda had some stuff going on like finding her husband hanging dead in the aftermath of a seriously abusive marriage, so she was drinking a little to much for a while. Kim goes over there all pious to tell Taylor that SHE SEES IN OTHERS WHEN THEY ARE DRINKING TOO MUCH. That was such a shit thing to do after the way she acted with her kids for their lifetime. And everyone won’t let go that Kyle outed Kim. Kim herself said the show that being outed saved her life until she wanted to get hi and got caught. Hey, I don’t care if she wants to live in a perpetual state of hi, just get off the show and quit blaming Kyle for the fact that you just are not a good person. BUT MY ORIGINAL POINT, she accepted Brandy literally getting sloppy, ugly drink at EVERY SINGLE DINNER PARTY SHE HOSTS AT HER HOME. EVERY ONE.

  8. I’m glad Kyle is giving Kim yet another chance! Kyle Is not perfect but She has had to live with this for decades! A couple of weeks ago I got some stick on here for saying Kim is a mean nasty drunk/drug addict well I don’t care and I am saying it again! She is mean and nasty!

    1. I agree with you Meg123. I’m not a big fan of Kyle’s – it rather annoyed me that BG’s and Kim’s behavior pushed me into defending her so much this season, but I don’t like family discord and it was very obvious that the rift between the Richard sisters was painful for them both. Beyond that the cousins are fairly close and that would be horrible to burden them with any repercussions if a feud were to persist, so I really hope that they mend their differences for good.

  9. How UTTERLY embarassing it must be for Kim’s youngest daughter, Kimberly, trying to focus on getting an education and meeting new friends, to have a drunken fool of a mother all over the tabloids. But, of course minor things like that don’t concern someone like Kim. She’s the ONLY one who matters.

  10. Kyle is the epiphany of RHOBH!!! She is beautiful, has a amazing husband, gorgeous children, incredible home, throw great parties, is funny and philanthropist! People here that don’t like her is jealous! And more, Andy loves her, so stop watching RHOBH if you don’t like her, cause she is here to stay 😉

        1. Yeah it was a little mean. Still a lot nicer then a lot of the stuff other people post here.

          Kyle has always seemed fake to me, and she has had a nose job, it’s not her real nose.
          At least my “nasty” comment was true and not just something I made up or speculate about. Still based in fact.

          1. I like Kyle and unless I see something I really don’t like, you won’t change my mind. As I have already stated I can identify with her because of the addicts in my family and what they have put my sisters and I through. As far as BRANDI is concerned I have no use for her. I was raised in a strict RC home and at 70 I am not about to change my moral values nor care for someone who has none and flaunts it. I felt sorry for her when her Dad was ill but then she called him an a$$hole. I am glad she has some fans even if I feel their loyalty to her is misguided. I do read and look forward to your comments and those of the others I don’t always agree with. It makes these blogs so much more interesting and as I am more or less housebound I truly enjoy my IPad and Facebook.

        2. There’s lots of nasty comments under the latest Brandi stories, I look forward to you commenting to each of those people and calling out their way nastier comments

          1. I tend to be nasty when I am in pain usually at night. Saving my nasty for Joe Guidice right now – that low life. Sorry if I offended any of the other commentors p on here.

            1. It isn’t difficult to offend some commentators. I own the fact that I get extremely angry at mothers who put their own selfish needs so far ahead of the children to the point I wonder if they even see them in the rearview mirror. Then when they explain that they misbehave FOR THE KIDS I JUST WENT OFF. I do like your comments always, Aunt Bee and just followed you over here. Hey, you have a stalker!

          2. Well, there is nasty comments for Brandy because she is the epiphany of NASTY, it’s as simple as that.

  11. Yes. If certain housewives on here were ladies and didn’t swear or get nasty, this would be a whole different thing. If BG didn’t have kids, she would just be another over botoxed, over zanaxed with many wine chasers person. The fact that she has sons and makes anything that could be private, public, then the public responds. If no one said the most hurtful, cruel, hateful, insulting things then there would be no insults hurled back, as Brandy likes to say. If housewives didn’t insinuate horrible activities about others to hide their own truth, nobody would think to insinuate things about them. So, this isn’t LEAVE IT TO BEAVER, so no leave it to beaver comments.

    1. First WTH BG even have to do with this thread??? I’m so tired of you saying BG is always taking Xanax with “wine chasers”. You do not know this is true. She said she takes Xanax (that’s how you spell it btw) when she knows she needs it. Ie the reunion, stressful situations ect. First if someone has an anxiety disorder or severe anxiety, depression they need the medication. And if someone has taken it for a long period of time even when drinking it doesn’t make for this drug abuser behavior you keep inferring. That is a big issue with you, always saying things that are pure gossip, with no substantiated proof. It’s one thing to have an opinion about one of these women, I don’t like this one because she is rude and hateful ect. but making stuff up is not ok. Secondly, it is very easy to comment about others children, and their parenting on a computer. I’m sure you have never done anything that effects your children negatively. Third every one of those women cussed except Yo. In fact Lisa R. Used horrible language, to the point my husband was offended, so stop saying it is only BH who spoke this way. I also feel the women are huge hypocrite, the whole space cake thing they all say there and acted like the would NEVER touch the stuff and Kyle tokes it up with BG. They all think it’s ok to out things about Kim and BG but the opposite is a horrible thing.

      1. I have to say I was surprised by BG’s language when commenting on Eileen and she said “If Eileen Fu—– thinks saying fu– is fu—-g provocative, she needs to get out more.” I was surprised because I didn’t think she knew what provocative meant.

      2. Never said it was only her, you must be thinking of someone else. I can think of 6 or 7 times she has stated to camera, to her make-up friend and others several times saying “I have my xanax, make sure it is in my purse, during the “cleanse” she said to camera “thank God for xanax”, once when talking to Lisa about not drinking this weekend something about her saving grace blue pills, was I think how she phrased it. Besides, if she didn’t get ugly, sloppy drunk and whore around with someone she met 5 hours ago her behavior wouldn’t invite comment. If her private life was private and she hadn’t for the last few years been proving to any detractors that she can and will do anything no matter how it looks and no matter who it hurts been doing her best to make it more and more public and out there we wouldn’t know a thing about it.
        It wasn’t ’till this year with her moral objection coming to light about Kyle, but still attending every event without a problem because Kyle has always supported BG’s role on this show, Kyle knowing that is how one succeeds in this arena has always tried with her, and now with Eileen. It is pretty far fetched for someone of her moral character to use her “moral objection” to Eileen to justify her absolutely rude, insulting behavior at Eileen’s house, but again to attend! Who knows with the many, many, many men she screws that none of them are married? Her excuse would be “black out sex” No one deserves a chance but her I guess. They keep giving her chances and she keeps not returning the favor.

        1. You have serious issues where these HW’s are concerned. You do realize you don’t know them personally, and you addiction to the hate you have for BG is bordering scary. You try to find a way to bring her into every post and even go back 2-3 weeks ago to comment on posts no one is even talking on anymore. Get a grip.

          1. It’s true we don’t know her personally. All we know about her is what we see and hear her say and through the photos taken of her. From what she herself is showing us is that she is a pretty messed up woman who needs help.

          2. The posts are all on the same page on my screen, they aren’t divided by date. I think it is interesting that in order to see my replies to old posts, you have to go to the old posts as well. I never responded to a commentator personally in a negative way until some stranger came after me on here. There are quite a few commentators who get really down and dirty like I do. What possible reason does anyone have to respond to what they see as negative unless they want to get involved. I did respond aggressively to some comments directed at the topic, what the hell else would this be here for? I read a lot of pages before even joining and nothing I have said is any more direct than several others and I was guided by that level of opinion. The few times I tempered my comments the reaction was more hostile than before, so as much as I enjoy interacting with certain people the ones that won’t accept a sincere question or allow that I might actually KNOW ONE THING I have stated are again strangers in a world of strangers.
            So, if you are frightened then go pull the covers over your head.
            You might be surprised at how easy it is to be in Beverly Hills and be invited to a gathering with people who know some of the guests, and become a guest.

          3. Oh,and one more thing, I don’t hate BG, she just makes me sick. There is no rule here that states we can’t refer to someone when we are reminded of them. HW are a big group all in the same arena, I think that is why this is called “ALL THINGS REAL HOUSEWIVES”

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