Kyle Richards Feels There Was A Planned Attack On Her At RHOBH Reunion!

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle says she is glad this Season is over, and she feels like there was a planned attack on her at the Reunion. She explains she and Lisa had a fight off-camera between filming previous Seasons, and Lisa is still mad at her over it.

Kyle writes, “I was still in absolute shock that Yolanda went out of her way to be so mean to me. We had never had ANY issues. It felt to me that there was a planned “attack” on me and she was sticking to the plan.

The thing that bothers me the most in life is a lie. I am not perfect and do make mistakes. But lying is something you will never see me do. I lost any respect I had for Yolanda when she wasn’t able to tell truth.

Talking about Adrienne and Paul is complicated. Like I said at the Reunion, Adrienne and I were never “best friends,” but we had gotten to know each other over these past few years. Adrienne was always nice to me. However, we had actually become closer to Paul. Mainly because Paul reached out to us more than Adrienne and Paul is my mother-in-law’s doctor.

There have been a lot of accusations against Paul by Adrienne and stories “leaked” by Adrienne’s chef Bernie. Andy asked about Bernie posting pictures of Paul’s alleged “abuse” and asked if I believed it was true or not and I answered honestly. No, I don’t. That is my opinion. I knew the moment I said that that I would be the next victim of Bernie.

Sure enough, the moment it was known that I had said that, false stories started popping up about me on the Internet. Although predictable, it was disappointing and hurtful, considering I had tried to support Adrienne. I had to be honest about how I felt regarding those accusations. It should also be noted that when Andy asked me that question, Mauricio was working with Adrienne. So much for Lisa’s theory that I nurture my friendship’s for business.

I am still hurt that Lisa made such hurtful accusations. Why didn’t Lisa also question why Kim and Camille defended Adrienne? What was their “motive”? There is no doubt I was singled out. I’m not sure if Lisa really thought those things or if she just wanted to get back at me because she was angry. Kim, Camille, and I defended Adrienne because she wasn’t there to defend herself, and we felt it was the right thing to do. Period.

Lisa and I had a disagreement off-camera in between shooting Season 1 and Season 2, that led to where we are now. That is why at last years Reunion you didn’t see me supporting Lisa like you would have expected me to. Having Lisa and Ken as clients did not stop me from being honest about my feelings — even if it meant arguing.

Another blow came when Brandi said she didn’t think that I wanted my sister to stay sober. Nothing could be further from the truth. My sister’s battle with alcohol has been going on for many years. Nobody can even begin to imagine what we have gone through. I will not share those stories with Brandi or anyone else. Even if it means making people understand. It’s far too private and painful.

I was grateful that Taylor spoke up for me. Taylor knows much more than Brandi ever will about Kim’s and my relationship. She has seen firsthand. She doesn’t know everything, but enough to know how much I care about and love my sister.

Kim was upset that I had said she didn’t seem “sober.” I knew my sister wasn’t drinking, but I knew she was not herself. When I used the word “sober,” I didn’t know that people would associate that only with alcohol. I certainly did not mean that. I knew what was going on with my sister was some kind of medication. Although I didn’t know it was an accident, I knew it was NOT alcohol.

Seeing the women go after my husband really bothered me. My husband has so much integrity and is a kind and gentle soul. Even if his voice was loud when he was telling Brandi to pick up the phone and put the Adrienne fight to rest, he doesn’t have a violent bone in his body. If people saw the way this man loves and takes care of our four daughters, they would know how ridiculous that is.

I am happy this season is over. There have been a lot of broken relationships and a lot of healing that needs to be done.
The true relationships will survive even the most difficult of struggles, and the others will fall by the wayside.”

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19 Replies to “Kyle Richards Feels There Was A Planned Attack On Her At RHOBH Reunion!”

  1. Hey dumb dumb, lisa only questioned you bc you never defended her and defended adrienne bc mauricio was selling her mansion. R u that dumb. Planned attack or not that is what reunions r. Camile and kim didnt do what you did

  2. Hmmm. Maybe Chef Bernie is behind the “Star Magazine” story about Maurice being a philanderer. Bernie is ruthless and amoral. Adrienne better continue to write checks to him and kiss his arse. The day is coming he will turn on her too. He is despicable.

  3. Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!
    More Smoke and Mirrors!
    There aren’t enough rocks in the world to hide all of Kyle’s secrets under.
    She is cracking, here it comes………stay tuned!

  4. What a pathetic attempt to deflect from her own deceptions and personal short comings!!! Kyle Richards is GUILTY of plotting and planning to take down Lisa at last season’s reunion…AND the viewers found out about it and turned on her. So now she is going to try and win back favor by accusing Lisa, Yolanda, and Brandi of plotting and planning against her?!? They are above that sort of immature and jealous behavior… Kyle, however, is not! This woman is desperate and pathetic…enough said.

  5. Her husband wasn’t just loud, he was accusatory and bullying to Brandi because his mouth was firmly attached to Adrienne’s behind at the time. Remember, “We’ve got your back. We’ve got your back [kissing sounds]” and the Umanski’s together gossiping to Adrienne and Paul? His “advice” to Brandi was BS. Not good advice, but just meant to ingratiate himself with Adrienne when he recounted to her how he ‘had her back.’ For being such a fan of ‘honesty’ Kyle uses it pretty sparingly. She doesn’t stand up for what’s right but stands up for what gives her the alliances she needs at the time.

  6. kyle honestly i like her i really do but she needs to stop shes such a punk no one is crying for her like lol. she was the only one at the reunion that could have stuff thrown at her because all season she was on adriennes lap so ofcourse everyone was arguing with her. it was not a planned attack and if it were lets not get sarted on how they planned to get lisa last reunion msh

  7. I have to agree with everyone else here as well. Kyle wouldn’t defend Lisa, but would defend Adrienne although by Kyle’s own admission her and Adrienne weren’t that close. Be careful Kyle, you aren’t keeping up with your own lies very well. Just saying….

  8. I think Kyle came across as pretty beat up in the reunion. I do think Yolanda and Brandi have signed up to be Lisa’s Goons and went after her.

    I also think all these ladies are very much aware of the public perceives them.
    Brandi has become a hero to women who have been scorned and like to have someone in your face tell it like it is with no shame. Lisa has become a hero to women who aspire to be like her and think she is classy. Yolanda’s popularity rests on who’s side she takes in fights. Yolanda thought by going after Kyle she would become more of a hero to Lisa’s fans.

    Kyle stumbled badly in season 2 and earned the mean girl status that women love to hate. Lisa smartly realized that Kyle was vulnerable with the fans and took Brandi along and went in for the kill.
    Kyle will have to work hard to overcome the mean girl perception.

    Yolanda and Brandi overplayed their hand at the reunion. Lisa ,ever the master, managed just enough digs at Kyle without coming across as badly as Yolanda and Brandi.

  9. Do not believe it was a planned attack on Kyle, and for Brandi to say Kyle wanted Kim to fail in her recovery was what I though because of the comments Kyle would make.

  10. Lola, Kyle should have told Faye to shut the f up in order not to look like a mean girl. She made a mistake when she thought her tag line was true. The show was built around Kyle and thought that all attention would be about her and her people. Lisa was a break out star and when they Adrienne and Kyle found out about Vanderpump Rules, their eyes turned form brown to green.
    Kyle needs to just concentrate on her life and enjoy her family. Interact with her castmates and keep it moving.

  11. I was disappointed to find out, that Kyle could have a friendship with someone like Faye Resnick! I also believe she enjoys manipulating people to create drama. For that reason, it’s believable, she would not mind seeing Kim fail in her recovery. She certainly seems to have an agenda! And, YES, she appears to be a great mother, she’s beautiful + VERY protective of her husband, whom I happen to like! Of course, I’m not married to him!!

  12. Kyle you need to humble yourself; you aren’t all knowing. Lisa has given you multiple chances to support her and you chose not to. You said, “Yeah I’ll work on that” when Lisa spilled her guts and was honest with you. It wasn’t sincere in its tone, it was sarcastic.

    I also understand how Taylor could have been confused as to why her daughter was at your house when the Nanny had said otherwise when they spoke last. You and Kim really do like to start drama and judge people. It’s unhealthy that you need to twist things. If you really want to be a good mother, set an example on your show! They are watching.

  13. Kyle 1st how is Lisa going to ask Camille when she was not there, and with Kim she is your sister so she is going to take your side even IF you do not take hers.. And how can you say that you were not Adrienne’s best friend (you were not her best friend she was USEING you) she needed a big mouth and got it in you. Why would you never take up for Lisa? Look at her house warming when Faye was all up in her face what did you say “I’m not going over there it has nothing to do with me” so does that sound like something a Best Friend would say?????

  14. Who is going to do Kyles dirty work now that Faye is gone for good? I think Kyle and her sleazy husband are being seen for who they really are this season. Both are kissing ass of whom ever is going to make them more money! I agree with Brandi I have always felt Kyle is always rooting for her sister to fail so she looks like the better sister. I thought that way before Brandi even said it out loud!

  15. Ooooh…so now KYLE thinks there was a planned attack on her…? No! You get what you give, Kyle! You are not Lisa; her attack last season was planned, and you were the ringleader.
    I have lost ALL respect in Kyle-you’re friends with Faye (sidebar: did anyone else hear Kim say to Brandi at the reunion ‘ew, is that what you do to people?’-Faye said the same thing to Camille in the first season at her dinner party.), your sister , Kim, is a snake like you, and Adrienne is absolutely ridiculous. You don’t deserve the good friends that you had in Lisa and Yolanda. Brandi is flawless, too, but you constantly threw jabs at everyone. No. I’m done with your passive high-school behavior.

  16. It did look like a planned attack, Brandi Yolanda and Lisa are BULLIES and bullied Kyle at the reunion. Brandi is an obnoxious instigator, puppet to Lisa. I’m sick of her low blows her comment about Kim and the pillow, and about Kyle wishing her sister to fail was rude degrading defamatory she said it to humiliate them. Lisa sat there on her high horse and loved every minute of it, it looked like she wanted to teach Kyle a lesson. Yolanda is very classy but she was attaching Kyle and making fun of Kim I do believe she said that comment of Lisa She rubs off as a two face

  17. Yolanda I really liked, loved how she removed herself from any drama throughout the season, but on the reunion she was a diferent person totally attacked Kyle and Kim. She figured they might nt be back next season and wanted to play the loyal to Lisa card, she probably wanted to avoid being lisa’s target next year. I do think she believes Kyle and Kim about what Yolanda said about her in Paris, But of course she wasnot going to admit that on camara or infront of Kyle but I saw that look in her face she looked at Yolanda, the screw me and suffer the wrath of Lisa look. Look out Yolanda nxt season u might be in kyle’s shoes. Brandi creates drama loves to stir the pot and then wants to play the victim card “oh I’m a single mom I have no one to defend me I’m not rich I’m getting sued” then shut your mouth and you won’t get sued! Lisa is just using u Brandi to do her dirty work and won’t look like the big bully she is.

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