Kyle Richards Feels Like She Couldn’t Do Anything Right In Kim’s Eyes


Kyle Richards is taking to her blog to discuss the tension between her and her sister Kim on RHOBH. Kyle says she feels like she can’t do anything right in Kim’s eyes and shares what it was like to kiss Steven Tyler.

Kyle writes, “Yolanda invited us all to do the Fantastic Race. I had no clue what we were in for. When we arrived, I was happy and relieved to see Camille and even HAPPIER when I found out Brandi and I were on the same team. Phew!

Once we started, I was unexpectedly into it. I really liked this running around Beverly Hills, playing childhood games. I had to laugh, because all the women were tortured to have to actually drink a shake! Hehe! All in all, I think it was a great idea and something none of us had ever done (except forLisa R.). It certainly wasn’t going to repair the issues between Brandi and me, but we both went along with the game. At this point I was relieved we could actually be in the same room and be civil, even though I knew we would never be friends. I had to laugh when Brandi said “Aggressive Spice” to the girls outside of Villa Blanca. Hey! That’s my line that I used on HER. Haha.

It was all worth it (or so we thought it would be), because the reward was a trip to Amsterdam! I had never been and always wanted to go. Of course I had imagined going with Mauricio, but I thought it would be fun–at least with most of the girls.

On the way to Amsterdam, Yolanda invited the women to stop in Calgary, because she and David were hosting a big event for The David Foster Foundation. Lisa R., Brandi, Kim, and I joined Yolanda. Kim had expressed to me privately that she wasn’t happy with Lisa R. I told Kim Lisa was worried, and Brandi told Kim she was questioning her sobriety after poker night. Knowing what we know now, it’s frustrating watching Brandi not explain her role in that conversation. Lisa R. had actually gone to talk to Brandi about HER behavior, and Brandi quickly turned it around and made it about Kim. Brandi also expressed concern and revealed things that I know Kim wouldn’t appreciate, and yet she went to Kim and said, “I just want you to know what Lisa R. has been saying.”

When Kim and I discussed her issues with Lisa R., I told Kim she should pull her aside privately and let her know that while she appreciates the concern, she didn’t appreciate her talking about it to other people. I said that Lisa R. would understand, and the issue would be dropped.

As soon as we arrived to the plane, Kim was giving Lisa the cold shoulder. When Kim and Lisa R. started getting into it, I wanted to get a parachute and jump off the plane. It was so uncomfortable being stuck in between the two of them. Kim was then mad at me for looking uncomfortable. Oh boy. This should be fun…

Calgary was amazing in spite of the awkwardness on the plane. The event was beautiful and such an amazing cause. The event raising $8.2 million dollars was truly impressive. The energy in the room was so exciting. I am a huge fan of many of the people who performed that night. It was so nice to see these people coming together to help these children. The highlight of the night came when Steven Tyler and I danced together on stage to “Walk This Way” AND he kissed me! OMG. I still can’t believe that happened! I’ve always loved his music, and he was so kind, fun, and generous that night that I am an even bigger fan now.

When we arrived in Amsterdam we stopped for a moment to use the restroom, and I set my bag aside, and then we resumed walking out. After we were downstairs, I realized I had left my bag there. I felt terrible and told the girls to go ahead, but they decided to wait. Brandi and Kim were clearly annoyed with me, but it was an accident. What can I say? We were all jet lagged, and I wasn’t exactly at my sharpest. The topper was when we all crashed on the escalator and Brandi actually hurt her leg. It didn’t look like that big of a deal on camera, but it was actually scary. It was a full escalator, and we were all starting to pile on top of each other. Luckily someone hit the stop button.

Outside, Kim turned to me and snapped at me again. First she said I blamed her for the escalator mishap (which I did not), then said whenever she’s late I laugh at her and leave her. She was referring to Season 2 when we were going to Hawaii, and she left her passport and missed the flight. I never laughed and made fun of her. I was frustrated and couldn’t exactly make the plane wait for her. I couldn’t do anything right in my sister’s eyes and things only get worse from here on.”

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21 Replies to “Kyle Richards Feels Like She Couldn’t Do Anything Right In Kim’s Eyes”

  1. I am not a big Kyke fan. I think she is fickle and narcissistic.. However I totally believe that with Kim, she can’t win for losing, and Kim had that bullying pattern down like nobodies business. She is an expert at it, and unfortunately, Kyle bites every single time. Kim plays Kyle like a fiddle and leaves her in tatters and Kim LOVES the wreckage she leaves behind. It’s her way if getting revenge on Kyle for being happier and having a better life than she “The Star” , “The Golden Child” has. Kim is a angry, bitter has-been and she has never she blames Kyle for what her mother did to her, and for not making the transition from child star to adult star, and for not having found a stable (and rich) man to marry and support her and for being less popular on RHOBH than Kyle is, and probably for being older than Kyle is too. But it is abundantly clear Kim has a deep-seated resentment towards Kyle that bubbles out in a growling, snarling nasty way all the time. It’s disheartening, pathetic and I’m sick of watching it.

    1. Bingo Bingo Bingo!!!! You said it all perfectly! I too have never been a fan of Kyle, but Kim’s behavior is making me now dislike her even more than Kyle. It’s a weird form of jealousy, she wants to see her sister hurt. Judymac calm down, geez. K is by L on the keyboard, it’s not too far fetched that it would be a typo. You sound as ridiculous as Kyle did when she accused Carlton of being anti-Semitic.

        1. Me three lol!! Never much on Kyle but Kim is so annoying I can’t stand to watch her. It’s me me me…my sister really hurt me blah blah blah. I’d like to see her sister punch her in the throat lol.

  2. Sorry you feel that way, Karen. You are officially, a Kyle-tard.
    Hope your use of anti-semetic slang was a typo and not on purpose! “KYKE?”
    Kyle, obviously, is comitted to “outing” her sister’s disease…and using it to further her standing on the show.
    She is as necessary as Brandi, however, imo.

    1. Wow, trying to paint a simple typo as a anti- Semitic slur just show how far in the gutter your mind is. Not only that calling me personal slurs as well also paints YOU as the low class dirty minded person YIU are tgat has no real argument do you immediately go for name calling. That’s okay your ugliness speaks loudly for yourself.

  3. Kim has relapsed… at least it looks that way to me… and she did take one of her ex husband’s pain pill…. doesn’t that qualify as a relapse?

  4. Lol. If Kyle at least considered her sister’s feelings, Kim wouldn’t be upset for half of the things she’s upset about. When you treat people like shit, like kyle has treated Kim, don’t expect to be no resentment, especially with family. The problem is that they ARE family, means it’ll never stop! And that’s why Kyle should no engage in any sensitive subject on camera ! She should at least try to protect Kim. But no. Kyle out and doubts her sister on camera. This is what Kim is angry about, and probably other things we as viewers aren’t aware of, Brandi has nothing to do ith all this. The main issue is Kyle and her ego. The world doesn’t revolve around Kyle

    1. So Kim cant be blamed and Kyle should be blamed and Brandi has been blamed. Its such a ridiculous triangle and they choose to get paid to air that crap on Tv. I have no sympathy for any of them

  5. Kim loves pointing fingers at her sister & blaming her for every thing that occurs in her world. If I had a sister like that, I might resort to alcohol myself. Kim is a discontented, very, very sick child & should be treated as such. Wish her blurred eyesight clears so she can see how deceitful & insincere her twin Brandi is, & who truly has her back. Just a thought, if she is the caretaker of Monty & the heart-broken ex wife, how come she went to Amsterdam anyhow. Oh the tangled web we weave—-

  6. Boy, Judimac you call out someone who has typos for being anti-Semitic? And then call her a Kyle-tard? I don’t think she was being disrespectful, but you were. I don’t think anyone should be attacked for their personal opinions.

    1. Thank you Pamela, It’s pathetic when people choose to show lack their utter lack of character like that. Oh well, at least we know what kind of person Judimac is.

  7. You of all people should know that is a classic addiction symptom. You have been through this more than once with her. You know whats really going on. You need to just let her solve her own problems and stay away from her. You are not your sisters keeper and you are enabling her.

  8. Poor Kyle being embarrassed by her sister in front of Babyface. Yet again showing that she cares more about appearance than actual feeling,

    Brandi didn’t show any sign of being annoyed at Kyle at the airport when Kyle lost her bag that was full on delusion. Yes Kim overreacted, but had that situation been reversed and had Kim forgotten her bag, Kyle would have been the first to complain, the first to overreact and to start more relapse rumors.

  9. Oh, for God sake. We saw, what, about a tenth of the filmed airport scene. Ha saw that BG was irritated, so what? Anyone would be. It’s not a crime to be annoyed or to say I saw her be annoyed. Kimmy loves being hi more than anything and has never had a genuine feeling of caring about anything but that since she was 20. Taylor said it best when she said Kim is like a jack in the box, she jumps out and hurts as many people as she can, especially Kyle, and then goes back in and waits for another opportunity to be and get ugly. Just like the Holland dinner table, I could see she was just WAITING for anyone to say one little thing. This is REALITY TV, KIM. Your reality too. Not just the lie you tell yourself. It is obvious she lied all the way back to the Ohai’ trip saying she didn’t even know what crystal meth WAS. Her blood test after BH Polo Lounge trip to the cop shop pretty much said it all.

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