Kyle Richards Explains Why It’s Easy For Lisa Vanderpump To Take Brandi Glanville’s Side!

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards it taking to her Bravo Blog to talk about the disagreement between her husband, Mauricio, and friends Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump. Kyle explains that it’s easy for Lisa to take Brandi’s side in the argument, because she no longer has a relationship with Adrienne. Kyle also discusses why Mauricio feels so strongly on the matter, and explains they have known Adrienne and Paul a long time. Read below!

Kyle writes, “This week I am happy that Mauricio and Brandi were able to end on a better note. Although Mauricio feels strongly about this situation, ultimately he wants to see some resolution for Adrienne, Brandi, and our group of friends.

I don’t like seeing Ken and Mauricio disagree but there are some things in life that we just can’t always agree upon with our friends. We have to agree to disagree.

Since Lisa and Adrienne are not speaking, it’s easy for Lisa to take Brandi’s side. Mauricio and I have known Paul and Adrienne longer and are obviously closer with them. However, this was a matter of principal. Regardless of who is friends with who, I could see that Brandi felt bad and I didn’t want this to keep coming up over and over again. Brandi was saying she tried calling Adrienne to apologize and Adrienne was saying she wished Brandi would reach out to her. Very confusing.

At the art gallery opening, Ken and Lisa were a bit chilly to Mauricio. I personally had no issues with the fact that we had disagreed at the Moroccan dinner. I knew there was no way Lisa would stick her neck out for Adrienne in any way after the reunion last year. And there was no way I could say that Brandi wasn’t wrong. Sooo, here you have it. Agree to disagree.”

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  • Anonymous

    Adrien will have more problems than brsndi with her new boy toy.

  • Sekmet

    The inane and passive aggressive commentary isn’t fooling the audience Kyle. Nor is the way you conveniently twist the truth, or the way you have blatantly gone out of your way to set Brandi up. Yet you don’t stop there. Both you and Adrienne try to implicate Lisa, quite pathetically I might add. You’ve both managed to successfully lower the tone of the show with your monstrous behaviour. The audience in their hundreds of thousands are not amused.

    • Bignosycat

      Sekmet you are spot on!

  • Pinky

    Oh Kyle – please just shut up. You and Morris SUCK and you both are not fooling the majority of the viewers. Please just give Kim her house back.

  • Julia

    Why take sides? Stay the hello out of it.

  • moriah

    Mauricio has to suck up to millionaires and billionaires in order to sell his luxury properties. Who will get him more referrals in that category Brandie or Adrienne?
    It’s nothing personal Brandie..It’s just business.

  • Christin

    Mauricio is lame. What man picks on a woman at a dinner by herself? What a self-important bully! He and Paul could both learn something from Ken about what it means to be a gentleman, what it means to be a man, or even just what it means to be a decent human being.