Kyle Richards Explains Why She Went To London, Says She’s Not Kim’s Keeper


Kyle Richards is taking to her blog to share her reasons for going to her niece Nicky Hilton’s wedding in London after all the controversy within her family. Richards also opens up about the drama with her sister Kim Richards and explains that she isn’t Kim’s keeper. Kyle says discussing what was going on with Kim made her very uncomfortable. See what else she had to say below.

“Italy was so beautiful, and Mauricio and I really enjoyed our time there with the kids, Lisa, and Ken. Lisa and I always laugh together, and as they say, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

I’m sure it’s confusing to some of you as to why I attended the wedding without my husband and two kids. I love Nicky so much, and the idea of not witnessing her walk down the aisle was weighing heavily on me. My husband is the one who pushed me to go. He kept telling me that I will never get that moment back. He said that all families go through tough times but they WILL be resolved, and if I didn’t go we would all look back with regret.

It was not an easy decision to say the least. But with the urging and support of my girls and Mauricio, I went.

Lisa Rinna and her girls negotiating their curfew times was funny. I love “11:10.” I mean a little extra 10 minutes squeezed in there? Too funny. My girls also say to me “my friends don’t have curfews,” and I always say the same thing that Lisa said: “I’m not their Mom and I don’t care. Maybe I love you more.” Haha!

Raising teens is a challenge–that’s for sure. They are always pushing boundaries, and I often struggle between wanting to be the fun parent and implementing rules that I think are really important and will keep them safe.

Watching Eileen try to talk to her family and be completely ignored made me laugh out loud. I guess that is a universal problem. Selective hearing. No, Eileen , it’s not just a guy thing. Yes, Mauricio does that, but so do my girls!

Back in Beverly Hills you are introduced to Erika who accompanied Yolanda to get an IV of vitamins. Agh. IVs freak me out, and I have to give props to Erika for enduring that while supporting Yolanda. I have to say I would be happy to accompany Yolanda but would not be partaking in the IV part. I think I will stick to swallowing my multivitamin.

Erika is a fun addition to our group and I think you will enjoy getting to know her.

Back home I met up with Lisa Rinna and Eileen. I was hoping to just catch up and have a nice night but the topic turned to my sister Kim immediately. I felt bombarded with the Kim questions. I am not my sister’s keeper and had no desire to discuss what was going on with her with two people that are not close to her or her friends. I love Eileen and Lisa, but it felt wrong. Plus it seemed they knew more than I did from looking at the internet. Watching Lisa Rinna speak against my sister Kim in her interview upset me. We all knew Kim was struggling, and it felt like she was kicking her when she was down. This is precisely why I didn’t want to discuss Kim with her at all.

The topic of Yolanda and her illness comes up yet again. At this time Yolanda was trying to figure out what else she could have that could be making her Lyme Disease symptoms even worse due to her compromised immune system. She was looking at every possibility, trying to find the missing piece to the puzzle. Like the fillings in her teeth or silicone poisoning. It seemed like everyone was trying to troubleshoot what could possibly be making Yolanda feel so bad. I spoke of my own personal experience after losing my mom. I feel that for ME it was depression that brought on the fibromyalgia, which also has similar symptoms to Lyme Disease. Yolanda and I had discussed that too in the past. None of us are doctors or have had any experience with Lyme Disease. And at this point (six months ago) Lyme Disease was something we had all heard of but knew NOTHING about.

Watching the two Lisas go on their excursion to get the “worlds smallest horse” was hilarious. They were like two little girls squealing in the back of the car. I would have loved seeing them try to get that horse on the private plane. Although, I still do think it looked more like a pregnant donkey.

As we watch Lisa plan Ken’s birthday party, we know its going to be good when we see Kevin Lee. It was a beautiful day, and I LOVE the rain! At first Lisa was nervous about the rain, but then we all were happy and embraced it.

The hats were a great touch, and it really did make me feel like we were all in an English garden.

Things started to get really fun when we all jumped in the pool! Clearly, we all love to have fun and thats what I love about this group of women. I mean we are grown adults laughing and swimming in the pool with our clothes on. When will we ever grow up? I hope never!”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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  1. This episode was one of the best ever ! I kept rewinding with Lisa and Lisa during the thunderstorm in the back of the car! Lol o my gawd sooooooo funny. And Ken being pushed in the pool and his back dunk?! Hahahaha what a freaking riottttt. This episode is what makes me watch, it has all of the elements and perfect mix of just the right stuff of good t.v. Good job this one, Bravo. Brava

    1. I loved this one too…everything feels lighter and more comfortable and fun this season. I hope the ratings are good and Bravo pays attention. I am so tired of slutty, drunk, insecure, middle aged women trying to one up each other.

      1. Totally agree Jane and Apple and 3D, this is just how I would like RH to be all of the time! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      2. The ratings aren’t great and have been declining each episode. Last year was the highest rated premiere since season 2.

        If Bravo are listening the general feedback this season on social media and from ratings is this season is bad and very boring.

  2. I remember watching kyle on the first season of rhobh and thinking that she’s my fave. Throughout the years, I’ve grown a love and hate relationship with kyle and only recently figured out why… she’s so afraid to say what she’s feeling at that moment and is soooo secretive. Funny enough, I do not blame her- it’s how she’s grown up and really, all she knows. Despite what everyone says about her, I still root for her.

    1. It’s funny your comment, I have had a like/dislike relationship with Kyle, but am liking her more now without the pressure of Kim. Seeing Kim last season, in my opinion explains Kyle’s behaviour. I feel for her growing up with an alcoholic and other substances sister for over 30 years. Also this stupid family thing from her mother about keeping family business private! My mother could be a pain but thank you!!!!! that she was nothing like Big Kathy!!!

      1. I think there’s a big difference between being in denial about family problems and not trying to deal with them appropriately, and telling the general public all the dirt on your family members, which is very disrespectful in my opinion.

  3. This season has been enjoyable so far. Not missing the trash and drama that Brandi brought to the show. I feel sorry for Kyle having to deal with these family issues from her sisters, and of course having to choose between her sister and husband and children. That shows the control Kathy likes to hold over her.

    1. I also find it telling that her mother gave power of attorney to Kyle and not Kathy, to me that says a lot!❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. Queenie, I totally agree, Kyle comes in for some bashing here by a few but considering their upbringing she is the most normal. I have left you a version of Merry Christmas further down ❤️❤️❤️

    2. I’m not so sure that Kathy has any ugly motive. If Kyle’s husband screwed over Kathy’s husband as thanks for being set up in business, then Kathy is right to take her husband’s side. And if Kyle is publicizing Kathy’s and other family members’ personal business without permission, Kathy has a right to not tolerate that, too. So, there are a lot of “ifs,” too many to know what’s really up, I think.

  4. Again we have Kyle telling us how much fun her and Vanderpump are having. Why does she have to scream how much fun they are having from the rooftops? They have no chemistry together in my opinion and what we were shown was not people having fun. Like you compare their trip, which Bravo didn’t even bother to show us more of, with the two Lisas trip and there is a massive difference, those two were having actual fun.

    I think Kyle seriously needs to stop talking about her family so much on the show, you can’t claim to not be your sisters keeper and then continue to have your storyline completely about your sisters but it was great to see Kyle shut down about her sister when Lisa and Eileen were trying to get her to spill. Kyle was there so she must know more details, but didn’t tell them anything and looked very uncomfortable, that was great to see. Now we just need her to cry less about her sister and we might get on track.

    I liked that Kyle said the party was dull, she said what most viewers were thinking so far. I even felt bad for her about Kens comments about her weight in the last episode. Don’t know what’s happened to Ken and Lisa since last season but they have become two bitter old assholes.

    Ken has been continually disgusting since episode 1, Lisa isn’t much better with her comments being less funny and more bitchy than before. Her comments about James from vanderpump rules where beyond disgusting – she thinks it’s okay that James spat at Kristen cuz she doesn’t like Kristen.
    Even trying to buy the little horse seemed odd to me for someone that likes animals, you always hear dodgy stories about animals like that, who are bread as show off pieces and the women selling her seemed very dodgy. There was clearly something wrong with that horse and she tried to brush past it.
    Also don’t think it would have been very animal friendly for Lisa to transport the horse on a small private plane, surely it would have had to be in a box like a normal horse so it didn’t freak out when it was in a confined area and flying for the first time.
    I think Lisa needs a break from Reality TV, she’s very very bitter and resentful. She holds onto every little thing that happens against her she’s very much gone to the Nene place, where her comments are too much and it’s obvious that she’s holding on to everything.

    1. I am a Lisa V. fan, does she hold a grudge unfortunately yes. Is she snarky yes ( but I love me some good ole snark!!) Can she say nasty things that I wish she wouldn’t , yes but I’m still a fan of her and Ken. Some of the things ken has said (not all) were taken out of context. JMO

      1. I’m a Lisa fan too, I said a few weeks ago that if she weren’t on the show I probably wouldn’t watch anymore, but she’s not snarky anymore, I used to love that about her, but this years she’s just being a straight up bitch.

        She’s going beyond grudge holding, I feel like she has a book at home where she rights down every little thing someone does against her, she is too petty and all the grudges she’s holding have built up. It’s exactly what happened with Nene.

        I don’t think Kens comments were taken out of context, he’s being saying nasty stuff for years. But they were usually more spread out, it’s only been 3 episodes and he’s already had loads of nasty comments, it’s just become more and more clear.

        1. I just said some comments not all, I agree ken has said some things he shouldn’t have, I also agree Lisa holds a grudge and can’t let go of things. They also haven’t lost me as a fan yet 🙂

        2. I have always felt that way- I think she thinks she is much more relevant than she is and Ken also. Also DANG do we gotta hear one more PR bullsh** from Kyle – WE get it you have family problems. She has no relevance none for the show, nor does Kim , she needs to stay sober New Playground / New Friends – Lisa V is disgusting the way she meddles in the lives of her employees , but the 1st time they don’t bow and take her as Queen , she attacks….

          1. The meddling thing is hilarious, given that she said Brandi was interfering with sisters, yet she’s doing the exact same thing this season!
            I hate when they say things in their talking head, like how Lisas says she doesn’t want to get involved, but then all she does is get involved with her employees – she’s on a TV show, she has to, so why bother saying it. It’s like Kyle trying to convince everyone her and Vanderpump have fun by talking about all the “fun” they are having in her talking head bits.

            1. I can’t stand VPR I don’t watch it. But your making me lose some of my love I have for Lisa and ken. I’m covering my eyes I don’t want to read it but then I can’t type this. Lol, I understand what you all see…but can’t help myself, I do enjoy watching them 🙂

              1. Naynay, you just carry on and like who you like! never let anyone else change your mind! I like Lisa and Ken as well, yes she can be snarky but good grief her and Ken haven’t murdered anyone!!

                  1. Good for you Naynay so do I, I love their house, their dogs but no one is perfect! So enjoy your Christmas with your family xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    1. I like watching her, too. I don’t think the show would be the same without her. Look how Kim and Brandi are both gone and not even missed! 😀 And MERRY CHRISTMAS to you & your family Sally!! <3

                    2. Queenie,
                      Nollaig Chridheil to you and your family also ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                1. No one said he did, but I find it funny you can be so outraged at comments Melissa and her husband (who you don’t like) make, while not being offended at Kens comments calling women fat, or saying they need a man to tell them they look nice to make them feel better. His comments about Yolanda needing a man’s opinion were sexist and his comments about Kyles weight were nasty – and that’s just this season.

              1. Yeah seeing her defend James is really annoying me, and its clearly just cuz her husband is her manager so she’s trying to protect her investment.

                Everyone seems to agree him and Lala were disgusting on WWHL, and she’s saying he only swore three times, she joked it was okay for him to spit at Kristen, and says she tried to keep James away from Kristen, making out the whole thing was Kristens fault.

                I don’t know what show she is watching but James is 10 times more disgusting than any cast member of VPR has been on the show, he brings a whole new disgusting to the show.

                1. I saw those 2 on Wwhl, I changed the channel, those 2 have no business on TV, I had no idea Lisa stuck up for him, that’s really twisted, bummer 🙁

                  1. Yeah she’s defending him, which is really gross, but I guess she is gonna protect him since they’re producing his album. Hopefully it will flop, he’s already banned from WWHL so fingers crossed he’s fired from VPR.

                  2. The ironic thing is that she stood up for Kristen for years. I guess she just lets some stuff go when it isn’t her own friends. She almost looks the other way when it comes to the people on VPR. I watch because for one thing it is simple to have it taped, then f I get too disgusted can delete. Maybe she wouldn’t be able to stand them if she didn’t convince herself they should get more chances! Lisa has always had a way of being manipulative, but that s just a certain flaw like everyone has IMO. One can practically see the wheels turning. I love Lisa and Ken. If they looked perfect we would be pointing out how fake they were.

    2. I love that Kyle called Lisa R out for her talking head also. It’s true that she was kicking Kim while she’s down. I’m so glad Kyle mentioned it. It’s a step in the right direction if the sisters are to repair their relationship.

      1. I personally don’t think Kyle should repair the relationship. she does all the heavy lifting, while Kimmy is lifted and coaxed and coddled into being as a normal person for a time for her kids. I believe Kyle does all of it for the kids, all of it. She saw the horrible person Kim is, and the way that kind of abuse affected the kids. When a child is treated with contempt because a parent, especially a mother, is shit-faced and addled, it starts depleting their self-love. They are left with no feeling of importance. If a child is not important, and treated as such by a parent, they have a snow balls chance in hell of ever recovering. They then never have a sense of self, witch interferes with every single relationship they will ever have. They either become an alcoholic or addict, or marry one. For a time they have learned that the cause is the alcohol, or whatever they have learned the substance is and despise it. Until their first taste of the relief of all of the feelings it brings. Then the illness pervades yet another generation becoming part of the hereditary factors of that bloodline.
        There is exactly nothing Kyle can do to actually have a healthy relationship with Kim. She will continue to stumble around in a situation she has no control over. I hope for her sake she gets some specialized treatment with a specialist in the disease of addiction. And for the sake of her children. They have been watching their Mom be abused and mistreated since they were old enough to be aware of what’s going on. It is teaching them that love means taking any shit someone you love dishes out, which is a damaging lesson. Team Kyle.

  5. I also have a love/hate relationship with Kyle, but you can always tell when she’s holding back or when she’s not being honest, I think a lot has to do with getting backlash from her family and also coming off unfavorable to the viewers however its a reality show you need to be your authentic self or it comes off phony…if that makes any sense♥♦♥♦♥

  6. WHAT!!! Kicking Kim when she’s down…. poor Kim has burned several bridges and to be frank – if I had to endure her behavior I wouldn’t have anything nice to say either!!! Kim needs to be accountable and needs to get out there and do some damage control … and people need to turn their back and walk away until she does…. or she will keep on misbehaving…

  7. I’m just going to be super aware from now on about the positives, you know highlight them like a bright sunny yellow marker instead of focusing on the dark dismal Debbie downer points of these shows, perhaps it’s my way of wanting to straighten a very slanted world we live in, you know ? there’s so much sadness, senseless painful moments, etc etc., I think it can affect our psyche and outlook. I’m going to flick my bic, ya with me?! : ) lol Happy holidays everyone with love, joy, & please Lord, peace. Beautiful peace

  8. I watch for the beauty. I think Kyle is beautiful and classy. I think her children are just so lovely and smart. Lisa and her are having fun the way they want to have fun. I don’t now, or ever have I tried to think of whether this was planned or not. If I went into everything so deeply, I would be one of those people who dedicate themselves to an obsession with a stranger. On every social media outlet. I honestly don’t even analyze my own decisions that closely! I am just spontaneous in things that don’t matter like whether it was PLANNED. Who cares? I don’t. If I wanted to watch some psychology show where we want to theorize on every little move people make or why they wear certain clothes or why they say certain things I will watch Dr. Phil. I am loving this season. I so much loved seeing Italy and Lisa and Kyle shopping there. I zipped the medical stuff, though. That is the boring part for me. I have scars on my hands from IV’s, so I only just need recall my life for that crap. I liked seeing Erika Jane, too.

      1. Is there a problem with beauty? I want to see beautiful people, beautiful homes, beautiful vacations, tempting food, beautiful clothes, and just basic beauty. Yes, that was the truth.

        1. 3D, that is all I want to see as well, especially Lisa’s home, which I think is the nicest. I would be happy with just her, Ken and her dogs!!! Then I am a dog nut!!! ( that is a dog nut not a doughnut!!) ❤️❤️❤️

      2. V V, this is the last ever comment I make to you but you are not a 64 year old woman and I’m pretty sure I know who you are, the other name! Come back as VV and I will use it! Just be very careful we do not need foul mouthed trouble makers on this site!

  9. Violets Views, or should I say “GerberDaisey” I know who you are. You came on the other site to cause huge trouble. Now you’re found out. I strongly suggest you stay here, and I’ll stay there.

    Excuse me everyone else on this site, that one has been on a foul mouthed roll on the other site for two days, and I’m sick of her trolling for trouble.

    I haven’t posted here before, and I won’t post here again. That’s all, just needed to call out that really filthy, nasty, foul mouthed “GerberDaisey” on her BS.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the rest of you on this site.

  10. Another thing SHIPP AZZ- I only post on (1) site this one so go do your witch hunt else where- you have no Christmas Spirit cause you are an AZZ JMO so God Bless You I Pray for Trolls Like you that have Nothing to do but Attack others minding there own business and having an OPINION -you know like AZZ Ho’s like you- Good Day

    1. Oh no, somebody from another sight was here the other day, I really hope those people don’t start anything, this is a lovely site. I’m sorry for you Violets View. We all have the Christmas spirit here. Merry Christmas to you and your family Violets View.♥♥

      1. Thanks I found SHIPP on that all truth- I had my say but Thanks- I don’t think I am any worst on here than anyone else but hey who knows If I offend call me out its just my opinion-

        1. I said I wouldn’t post on this site again. I changed my mind, because I despise liars. YOU Violets View, aka GerberDaisey, just admitted “…I found SHIPP on that all truth – I had my say…” . You had your “say” for two days. Denigrating myself , and almost everyone on any Teresa blogs/threads, on allabouttherealhousewives site, with the most filthy foul mouthed language. Using your alias GerberDaisey. You even admitted you were W and Violet Views from this site. If anyone from this site doubts me just go to allabouttherealhousewives and read the filth out of Violets View disgusting mouth. One more thing Violets View or W or GerberDaisey, my name is Shipp, NOT Shipp AZZ.

      2. Hopeful came and apologized but now this I am so mad! I never want this site to go to the level of hate on the other one. I do remember you had a little bit of fun there but it was short and sweet and nothing like this. Personally I don’t mind hopeful, she has taken so much abuse on the other site, maybe that’s why I have this soft spot for her, she was always good with me. I just find this all so sad! ❤️❤️❤️xxxx

        1. Sally I am the real Hopeful and have never posted here as hopeful (or any other name ) just last night and today using this handle (Real Hopeful) to state that .
          That person stole , copied and pasted a post of mine from the other site here ,using my handle . and is posting here as me.
          How long is this fake hopeful posting here ?
          The only reason i know that someone is posting as me here is because Daisy / Violet came to all about trh to start trouble telling me to stay off this site (That i have never been on ) and is freaking out on the OTHER site. Saying i’m not wanted here .. CALLING ALL THE TERESA SUPPORTERS NAMES AND BASICALLY ACTING LIKE A DRUGGED OUT MORON … She has been going on for days now with the stupidest comments you can imagine. I think she’s on crack

          I never asked you who the dumb twat Daisy was either…That was the fake hopeful. I think it’s daisy/violet herself that is starting this stupid BS

          That is what Shipp is talking about

          I never even read this site before last night

          If you like Read it on the Teresa Christmas thread over there .AATRH

          I appreciate the things i have read that you have said here .. Thanks .. I never said i got rid of all the haters or begged you to come back to the other site. Nor did i apologize for anything that FAKE hopeful said here .. That is a fraud Hopeful..

          I do LOVE your posts though 🙂

          Merry Christmas

          1. The real hopeful, now I’m going to cry!!! I meant what I said about you!!!! At least the real you!! Why would anyone do this here it’s a lovely site! Now I’m fricken mad. I’m reporting it, they will know by the ip address. I said I couldn’t understand why you would have said the things, it just wasn’t your language! I hope you see this as I don’t post on allabout anymore and haven’t for a long time. So if you see this have a overly Christmas.

            1. Good idea Sally Report the fraud .. Keep your site sweet like you 🙂

              You’re a doll I am sure if we ever posted together in the past that we got along beautifully .. You have a lovely Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year. 🙂

          2. It’s only a few days! Long enough for me to look a complete idiot defending a stupid troublemaking troll, I should have known you wouldn’t post here. It has been reported now.

              1. Hahahahaha yes at home I’m always right, I think mine has the same brain function as naynay’s husband. However I do feel like an idiot over this! Someone here thinks it’s funny but I don’t. We have a great blog here with great people, we don’t need troops and trouble makers! ❤️❤️❤️

    2. VV I am going to ask really nicely please please stop stirring it up over there! This is a lovely site with lovely people! You have no idea!!!!! As far as hopeful, I’m not excusing what she said but she apologized.

    3. Violet you admit in your own posts that you came to the other site. While you were there you admitted to posting as GerberDaisey So how are you gonna lie now?

      You need help


  11. Sally, it’s difficult to stay nice over there, I had my tirade over there and moved on. I found over here you can all disagree and its all good for the most part. That other site…ugh..can bring out the worst in a person..Anywhoo tis the season to be jolly and merry!! Hohoho

    1. Naynay, you weren’t bad over there, no worse and a lot better than some there! The site is so toxic if I owned it I would be ashamed but the owner doesn’t care if she did she would clean it up. I hope you don’t think I was getting at you because that was far from it!!! I just want VV to not go back and bring people here. Hopeful I have a soft spot for, but only when she is being respectful of different opinions! There are a few others but mostly all of the ones I liked have left! For the same reason I did!! I just want them to stay there and leave us alone. We are a really good bunch and if we don’t agree we don’t get personal about each other. I don’t even like reading it these days!! I read last night!! Anyway just wanted to clarify I wasn’t getting at you, I love your ‘beauty’ and wit!!! Merry Christmas xxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. I know you weren’t, I wasn’t taking it that way. I like this site and I would hate to have people from the other site take over! ♥♥

        1. Well it seems like it wasn’t people from the other site I’m reporting it I’m so fricken mad. The real hopeful has posted below and I know that’s her, I said the other post didn’t sound right! There are still some over there who aren’t foul! Not too many these days, hopeful is one! sad really! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. I have no clue as to what all this negative posting stuff is or what another site is that all of you are discussing here, and frankly I don’t think I want to. But if there is (are) a troublemaker(s) on any forum in general, the #1 best response that works is NO response. Nada. Zip. Nothing. You can’t make a fire without kindling. Save your wood.

    1. That VV was here before and he/she needs the following: A dictionary, a larger vocabulary, anger management classes and a good old-fashioned ass-whooping from his/her parents or guardian since obviously he/she has a very hard time taking criticism and never learned how to play well with others. That kind of behavior and foul language (but thinking they are SO grown-up talking like that) and in constant attack mode is what comes from never being told “no.” Ignore the troublemaker and it will slink off back to it’s cave and lick it’s wounded pelt.

      1. Gigicat, I’m so fricken mad, I defended hopeful, because I knew her from a year ago and posting on the other site but the language was wrong now I know why. Why would someone try to stir up trouble here pretending to be someone from other sites.

      2. Just one more to add as I’m still fricken mad! She supposedly is a 64 year old woman??? I don’t believe it myself! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. Well, personally I tried that, but when it is every page every comment it just becomes like a spreading infection making a fetid, foul stench all over. Finally I had enough. I tried to play nice and be kind like Aunt Bee. I post on the other site occasionally and then saw what was being said there and it is almost too much. Pages of it and if we don’t all, meaning all bloggers who want to only, try to stop it from spreading just like an epidemic going from town to town is all. Over there they apparently tried too. But it looks to be almost over now, time will tell.

  13. And to add, I just leave any forum that doesn’t edit out really negative behavior. You can usually tell the adults in the room and if the kiddies get unruly, I just move on. You can get your housewives news on many other online sources.

      1. Sally, thank you for reporting this mess. I reported, and so did some others, to our site owner also. allabouttruth was and is a good site too, till the trolls rolled in and made their home there, being rude, insulting, annoying, and at times down right filthy. I have no problem with who likes or dislikes any of the Housewives, or cursing. It’s the filthy personal remarks, from the trolls, that bother me. So uncalled for, and nothing to do with the subject of the blog. I hope I don’t have to bother this site again with this mess. And hopefully it will be cleared up on both sites ASAP. And yes, I know and am fond of Hopeful. She was hijacked here, and there. Again, thank you Sally for your concern. Merry Merry and Happy Happy to you and yours.

        1. Ditto Shipp ..

          Same goes for me Sally . Shipp is one my personal fav poster.. There’s quite a few favs of mine on the other site that i enjoy very very much …that’s why i continue to post there. Even with all the BS that sometimes goes on . Nobody likes the attacks .. I am a vocal Teresa fan . That makes me a target for the extreme haters …So be it ..but I could’t care less who doesn’t like her .. Just won’t take being attacked for liking her .. I give back 🙂 I have no reason to come here to cause trouble and call people names .. Only crazy people do such juvenile stunts ………. Violet i’m talking to you ..
          DO Try to nip it in the bud or the site can go to hell in a flash .. I’ve seen it happen .. Seems like you have too 🙂

          Good luck 🙂

          1. Let’s just hope the site is quick sorting it out, they are normally really good here if there is a problem but it’s the weekend so it might not be until next week. Take care, I did leave a message on the other site but it’s not on yet! Apart from one or two This site is great and very rarely have problems

  14. I am 71, semi handicapped and started watching the RH shows while recovering from surgery.
    I don’t remember how I got on this site but have enjoyed it very much until recently. Yes I am old and prudish and am sometimes appalled by the actions of the housewives but have always enjoyed reading others opinions. Lately not so much. This backbiting and name calling and putrid language is offensive. I tried ALLABOUT and found it to be a place where commentors were so horrid in personal attacks I refused to go back. Now, sadly, it seems that this site is turning into another nasty, foul language blog. Please stop. I want to be able to enjoy these shows and not read the hatred that pours out here. I am not innocent but believe me I have learned a lesson how not to act or react here. Please, please stop.

    1. Aunt Bee, you are not the only one, I would never want it to be like the other site! I left there over a year ago and have loved this one. People who think they can cause trouble then pretend they haven’t should be blocked! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Whoever here is responsible for this mess I am asking please stop now! It’s not clever and it’s not funny! I swore when I left the other site I would never go back! Over the last few days I have had to! This site will be ruined if it continues!! There are too many good people here for it to be ruined by a few!

        1. I personally will ignore after I call out every handle this person uses. I do know that when someone spreads hate and foul attacks, it is because something is terribly wrong. They have so much pain inside they can not help releasing it all over everyone they can find. Not to be gross, but it is like vomiting.
          He/she finds this group of cool people, and sees the comradery, something they have never had, and feel the need to attack. I will pity him/her while ignoring.

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