Kyle Richards Explains Why She Questioned Lisa About The Tabloids On The Beach In Puerto Rico


Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain to viewers why she didn’t take Lisa’s word for it when she denied having anything to do with the tabloid drama. Kyle remembers the way Lisa betrayed her and Mauricio last year during the reunion and says that Lisa would have asked again if the situation was reversed.

Kyle writes, “I saw Lisa and Yolanda talking and then Brandi so I went to see what was going on. I wish I hadn’t gone over at all. In spite of their conversation, I believe that both Yolanda and Brandi do care about Lisa and their friendship with her. Lisa and I have obviously had our problems and both of us have felt hurt by each other at some point. However, we had been slowly trying to repair our friendship. When Brandi told me that Lisa had put the tabloids with the lies about my husband in her suitcase and told her to bring them to Palm Springs, it stung. A lot.

After the Reunion last year, Mauricio and I were both hurt and didn’t see or spoke with Lisa for months. After a rough start, this season things started to get better. When Lisa and I had Mauricio and Ken’s birthday party we had started to speak more often and would always be laughing like we used to.

So when Brandi said that I didn’t know what to think. Although I never knew Brandi well, everyone has always said Brandi isn’t a liar. Brandi is the “truth cannon.” Lisa herself had always said she loved how honest Brandi was. So, here I am hearing this, after months of having the tabloids brought up over and over.

When I walked back over to Lisa, I asked her because I wanted to hear what she had to say. I adore Ken and think he is an amazing husband but he wasn’t there. So him saying “it didn’t happen,” didn’t mean as much as Lisa saying that. I was thinking that maybe if this had happened she had been joking. Obviously, I wasn’t there so I have no way of knowing what really happened. I was thinking to myself that we are in a good place now, so I wanted to put this behind us either way.

When Mauricio came up he was clearly upset. My husband rarely gets upset and I knew he was serious. First he was mad that this topic was brought up once again. He was also hurt by what Brandi had told us. When he walked off, I went after him, but he was so upset he didn’t want to be around anyone. When we got back to the hotel he asked me “If this really happened how can you sit there and be nice?” He ended up going for a long walk and said that he didn’t want to be around this group if this was going to keep happening — and I couldn’t blame him. I felt that he didn’t think I was taking it seriously enough and wasn’t being supportive of him.

We all went to dinner that night and I felt that the only way to find out the truth was to ask the question while Lisa and Brandi were both there. Well, you know the rest.

Lisa and Ken didn’t like that I didn’t just take their word for it on the beach. I don’t think It should be expected that I just take her word when she didn’t give me that same respect at the Reunion last year. I think if roles were reversed Lisa would have done the same thing in attempt to get to the truth. If we are working on getting our friendship back on the right track, then I want to know that we really are friends and our friendship is worth working on. I was not there when this happened so I will never really know I guess. I do wish Lisa and Ken had stayed and Mauricio and I could have sat down and talked the next day.”

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  • Maggie5

    She DID answer the questions and Kyle just went after her again. What else was Lisa supposed to say? Why have another conversation? Kyle answers this herself . . . because she felt like Lisa didn’t allow her the courtesy she wanted at the reunion last year. So. This ISN’T actually about the magazines that Lisa didn’t buy. It’s about Kyle holding and nursing a grudge from LAST. YEAR. Pathetic.

  • Aunt Bee

    Well this whole mess has pushed Lisa to your worst enemy, Carlton. Brandi is a great big liar not a “truth canon “. I would believe Lisa over Brandi in a heartbeat. Brandi is just a jealous witch. You didn’t see her smirk when this blew up in PR. I like you Kyle so I truly hope this is resolved because I will not continue to watch this wreck continue.

  • DebBrenn

    We’ve seen the roles reversed, as Kyle says she wants us to. How many times have we seen Kyle attack Lisa’s character? And behind her back trying to turn other people against her, until she’s backed into the corner, like she was when the one with the lips made her admit to Lisa she called her calculating, and again at the reunion. Lisa was hurt at the betrayal, but the only thing she said was something we all knew was true: That Kyle and her husband nurture the relationships that mean more business for him. Remember the lunch a couple of years ago when Kyle had to admit she was fighting with Camille? He was pissed and told her to fix it. He always sides with whoever his client or perspective client is. Lisa (until she was no longer a client, Adrienne over Brandi, and Camille over his own wife). Contrast that with Kyle, who even last week was talking crap about Lisa to Brandi, riling her up instead of tamping her down, which is what Lisa ALWAYS does. And, BTW, the real story isn’t whether Lisa put a magazine in a suitcase, but what has Mauricio done that he’s so frantic to get the subject changed and his wife is terrified it will be discussed and come out?

  • Cin

    You should have taken Ken & Lisa’s word before Brandi’s…… enough said…