Kyle Richards Explains Why She Was Hurt By Lisa Vanderpump


Kyle Richards is taking to her blog to explain why she was hurt during last week’s episode of RHOBH. Kyle shares she was hurt when Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump were talking about whether or not Kyle called to congratulate Lisa for her star on the Palm Springs Walk Of Fame.

Kyle writes, “Watching Lisa Rinna and her girls really makes me laugh. Because I have teenage daughters myself, I can relate. As parents, we so badly want to share special moments with our children, not only to strengthen our bond with them, but in hopes they can learn valuable lessons from these moments. However, teenagers aren’t always on the same page.

I was so emotional watching Lisa R. go back to her childhood home and help her parents pack up and leave. How difficult that must have been for all of them. My heart broke watching Lisa’s mom Lois cry as she left behind the home she raised her children in. Seeing her father speak brought tears to my eyes. How difficult aging can be at times. I’m sure Lisa R. has comfort knowing that her parents have each other. One can only hope that at that age you would still have your life partner by your side.

We see Lisa V. and Ken return from Lisa getting her star in Palm Springs and debating wether or not they should go to Brandi’s housewarming. I can understand their reservations after the drastic turn their friendship took.

Lisa V. and Ken discussed whether or not I had called to congratulate her on her star in Palm Springs. Considering I was never told about it nor invited, that didn’t really make sense. Lisa said last week that she didn’t invite or want any of us there. Yet we are supposed to know and congratulate her? I was actually in Spain during this time and didn’t return until the night before Brooke’s wedding. Moments like this are frustrating and hurtful, because Lisa V. and I are in a good place now. That’s what is difficult about going back six months in time.

Later at my BBQ ….well, it was supposed to be a BBQ but quickly turned into a party when I realized I was too tired from the time change to cook for everyone. I also wanted to be able to talk and catch up with everyone without having to run around like a crazy person as I tend to do when I have people over. Eileen and Vince are great. It’s fun having them around and funny that Kim and I go way back with Vince and his brothers. It’s made for many stories and reminiscing.

I definitely do not know anything about wine. Yes, I did once use a $2,000 bottle of wine that was a gift to Mauricio from a client. I wish I would have known that when my friends and I were drinking it. I may have thought it tasted better.

My friend Michele always makes me laugh. She’s the one who asked Brandi about her, as Eileen put it …”newly renovated vagina.” Thank you for that, Eileen. Too funny.

There was definite tension between Brandi and Lisa at my house. Flat out uncomfortable at times, no doubt. But this is just the beginning…”

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18 Replies to “Kyle Richards Explains Why She Was Hurt By Lisa Vanderpump”

  1. Isn’t Kyle sick of her self yet? If the relationship is in a better place right now, shut up. Didn’t kyle say lisa hangs onto grudges? All of you say things that are eyebrow raising in your interviews. I think the plan moving forward for RH is to all be enemies instead of so called friends, then no feelings will be hurt.

  2. Oh Kyle and other jelly belly housewives–haven’t you heard of the Internet? I’m sure these ladies had publicists who told them about Lisa’s star…they could have reached out and congratulate her.

    1. I didn’t think you were one of the ones, Rotten Egg that made hateful comments about peoples looks. She has had 4 children and is very beautiful. Shut up. Take a look in your own mirror.

      1. God, you people are disgusting. If they are friends, they should not expect more than they give. The internet, really? She, Kyle, didn’t say or do nearly as many things as the others did. During season 3 Kim told Lisa that Kyle had changed! She is the one that changed and if she was truly in recovery, she would have learned to forgive too. BG made sure to hang on to every cruel thing Kim said from the beginning. That is where their bond formed, Kim’s dislike of the sister who has always tried to be there for her and the fact that Lisa V. and Lyle are friends. She does not know how to build a friend, only destroy others. And, Kim, just go away.

  3. Kyle says she was in Spain at the time of the Palm Springs ceremony but was hurt she wasn’t invited. I do think Lisa should’ve invited the ladies she got along with since she invited Lisa R. It did kinda give this group a wide open slate to bash her and I don’t like hearing them go on and on especially Yolanda who thinks she has to have an invitation to a bathroom break. I’m not sure about Kyle this season. She’s following Brandi like she’s her bff. It’s not hard Kyle… just stop talking behind ur friends back to women who could care less about u too.

  4. Kyle is all fake. I thought she was real until I tweeted her, that she and the girls were mean to Lisa Vanderpool last season. She needed to build trust with Lusa. She banned me from her twitter. 0.0. She is a mean girl to the core.

  5. LOL, vyle has no heart or feelings, she is a disgusting backstabber/2 faced wannabe.
    How about all those comments vyle makes about Lisa V., all the time???
    vyle’s mantra; do as I say, not as I do. vyle===delusional and jelly……..

    1. You sound like the police, making something of nothing. Because you’re jealous and envious. She has everything you don’t. Just like BG, the whore, who has hated her for so outclassing her.

    1. Jo, go low and blow. Go hang with the low class people who don’t belong in polite society. Having manners is not the same as fake. But, you know, water seeks it’s own level and sediment always sinks to the bottom and sticks together. Like always sticks with like.

  6. Klye is great Lisa is great all the bullshit is from Brandy she such a bitch!! I don’t like her and never liked her! Everyone sticks up for Brandy and the whole excuse she just got no filter is just so she can be the Trash Bag that she is!!!

  7. Kyle is the one who holds grudges and then gets other friends for back up to try to take people down. It blows up in her face season after season! She is still tring to rationalize to the world that she is right! Such a fake slickster!

  8. Lisa and Kyle both did things I don’t like, but this hatred thing is awful. Kyle has the right to block anyone she wants, that is why we have doors and answering machines. She gets to decide. Why should she listen to a complete stranger be cruel to her? Get over yourself, people. I hope she realizes that more people love her than don’t. Team Kyle and Lisa and Lisa and Eileen and Yolanda.

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