Kyle Richards: I Don’t Feel The Need To Share With Someone I Don’t Know

Kyle Richards is taking to her blog to react to Eden’s comments about her and her sister, Kim, and their conversation at the Great Gatsby party. Kyle says she doesn’t feel the need to share the truth with people she doesn’t even know and says as soon as Dorit told her Eden was using the word enabler, she thought of Lisa Rinna.

“We start out this week at the Malibu property. It really is the most beautiful property I’ve ever seen. The views are magical!

While planning the Great Gatsby party, I’m begging Lisa Vanderpump to please come, even though I knew all along she would. She told everyone she wouldn’t be there. But we have been friends too long now not to know when she’s up to something.

On toRinna ‘s BBQ… Lisa Rinna had been telling us for a while that she was going to throw a “real BBQ” after my many “BBQ’s” the ladies have teased me endlessly about.

Eden and Dorit start having a conversation that quickly turned to my sister, Kim, again. In the flashback they show Eden telling Dorit that Kim is not nice and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She is so hyper focused on Kim it’s ridiculous. You can’t do something for someone (i.e. help them down the stairs) if you’re only doing it to get a certain reaction. Not only is it disingenuous, but you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. She didn’t know what was going through Kim’s mind at that moment. I appreciated Dorit speaking up and saying she wasn’t comfortable with all this talk about Kim. She and PK have both been very nice to Kim from the beginning.

Eden then moves on to talk to me about Kim. I knew this was coming. This seems to be the theme every time I see her. I wish Eden would give me a chance to get to know her before diving in with all of this. I do believe she is a nice person and coming from a good place, but there is a little thing called “timing” that she hasn’t mastered yet.

I had to laugh about the “Eden Hug.” I had been noticing that for a while, and each time she came toward me I knew it was going to be a loooong one. I half joke that under normal circumstances a hug should last as long as it takes to say, “Nice to see you! How have you been? Thanks for coming!” I mean… I could have made a sandwich AND EATEN it in the time it takes to get a hug from Eden. Obviously that is actually a good quality Eden possesses, but I have teased her about it.

Rinna’s BBQ was very nice and Harry did ALL of the work. Even the flowers! I mean…my husband doesn’t even change a lightbulb.

We move on to Erika auditioning for Eileen’s show. She does an amazing job and proves she’s a natural. Can’t wait to see it!

Finally the Great Gatsby party…

Eden and PK rode with us and some of our friends. Dorit lets me know that Eden said I enable Kim. I know Lisa Rinna said that before, so is that why Eden said that? Nobody who has uttered the word “enabler ” has ever witnessed any enabling. I resent having to defend myself against something so far from the truth. I’m not allowing it to ruin my night though. I’ve been so excited about this party that I’m basically letting it go in one ear and out the other.

The house and party looked beautiful. Yes, I was nervous about the cold weather and a few things, but it all turned out great. I always torture my party planner Glenn Schneider ( I have to give him a shout out just for dealing with me!

I was starting to relax and enjoy myself when Eden approached Kim and me. I took a deep breath and braced myself. I cut Eden some slack, because I can’t imagine what she went through losing her sister. I know she will always carry that with her. In projecting her feelings, she keeps digging up things from Kim’s past. And while I also feel judged regarding Kim, I try not to let it bother me too much, because I know the truth. I don’t feel the need to share the truth with people that I don’t know. People will have their opinions no matter what.

All of the women looked GORGEOUS! Gentlemen too. Wow! I love when I throw a party and people get into it and and make an effort. None of them disappointed.”

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  1. I have a total “TV crush” on Mauricio and loved how protective he got on the way to the party when he heard that someone labeled Kyle as an enabler. It’s so nice to see LVP stand up for Kyle too. I get tired of the constant backstabbing and I think if someone is truly your friend, you will have their back when you hear people talking crap about them.

  2. Awesome party!!! Awesome property!!! Kyle does it right every year. Everyone looked beautiful. Fun to watch. Hell, I would be a server just to be there.

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