Kyle Richards Doesn’t Attend Funeral For Kim Richards Ex Husband Monty


After years of the back and fourth between the Richards sisters it seemed that at some point things would get back on track and after the truce between them after Kim’s ex husband Monty passed away, but RadarOnline is reporting that Kyle Richards skipped the memorial and funeral over the weekend.

Kyle was planning to go to the funeral, but according to an insider, “Her husband Mauricio wasn’t invited, and Kyle felt she had no other recourse but to decline.”

Kathy Hilton held a small gathering at her house on Thursday evening celebrating Brinson’s life.

“Paris Hilton, and the entire family was there,” the source mentioned. “Everyone but Kyle. And none of Kyle’s kids were there either.”

In addition, “Kyle also didn’t attend the funeral over the weekend,” the source said. “No one mentioned Kyle’s absence.”

Are you surprised Kyle didn’t attend? Comment below.

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70 Replies to “Kyle Richards Doesn’t Attend Funeral For Kim Richards Ex Husband Monty”

  1. I actually like Kyle, but sometimes she makes me want to jump through the tv and punch her….. SHe needs to take the high road and stop the nonsense. If you want a relationship with your sister or sisters you go to the funeral you walk up to her and you say your condolences and it may be a time that some emotion might just pull the sisters together. Say your here for her. If there is a cold no acknowledge response…. then you say good bye and you go your own way. Even though Kim and Monty were not together their illnesses pulled them back to each other. PLEASE I cannot stand kim…. she is a horrible person (anyone friends with Brandi is a horrible person) but these kind of things need to be dealt with. If kim decides she isn’t going to respond.. then you took the high road and can good about your actions. This is just going to give a ton of fans the idea that Kyle is just selfish….. yeah I get it. SHe will definitely take the heat for this one.

    1. Clearly the family is snubbing Mauricio for some reason (he wasn’t invited to the wedding in London, I think, and neither were some of her kids). What the hell is going on there?

  2. I’m sorry but someone’s death is not a chance to get a story in the press. It is a time to play like a grownup and give your condolences to the family and move on. I’m tired of BRAVO selling ratings with family drama. I have enough of my own family drama with a 13 year old daughter. Lol

  3. OMG, seriously, can’t these sisters put aside the drama about THEMSELVES for one day to honor Monty’s life, and just be there for Kim and Brooke? They need to especially be sensitive to Kim’s feelings just now, as Monty was her ex-husband, (Brooke is the daughter she had with Monty) and Kim is a recovering alcoholic. Surely Kathy and Kyle could take the high road, especially during a family funeral when emotions are already running high, and bury the hatchet. If it were me, I would feel compelled to (first discuss it with my husband privately, get in agreement with him) and have him there with me, I would say to my sister and brother-in-law something like, “You’re my sister and brother-in-law, and I love you. I hate that our husbands had a disagreement in business, but one thing’s for sure — wherever there is business, there are going to be some differences of opinions now and then. I strongly believe this business disagreement between them should be handled in a business setting — for example, at one another’s offices, during working hours. The rest of the family, whether it be spouses, children, aunts, uncles, siblings, etc. — should not be involved in it at all. It’s not right — those relationships should not have to suffer, for the children especially to be missing out on family occasions that are very important in their lives, like a wedding or milestone anniversary, etc. When family events are being held, all family should be invited – siblings, their spouses, children, any aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. Could the two of you (direct to the two husbands) simply “agree to disagree” about business, etc., shake hands and be cordial with one another, for the sake of keeping peace in the family, family functions, and making sure that no family member is missing out on events in the future to avoid hurt feelings? That would be wonderful.” Then hopefully all would comply…life is too short…I’d probably add that children shouldn’t be missing from family events just because adults are uncomfortable… If Kyle and Kathy would just do that, and their husbands agree, then at least everybody would be invited to everything — and it would be one less thing to stress them all out, especially Kim…the last thing Kim needs right now is this kind of drama…I hope and pray the two cackling hens don’t just go on and on about THEMSELVES and all of the drama with the squabble, etc. Btw, what grown men keep a disagreement going with their brother-in-law? And what grown women go along with keeping it going, and don’t invite a sibling to a family event just because their husband had a disagreement with the sibling’s brother? All while their other sister is grieving the love of her life, is a recovering alcoholic, etc. all they can think about is DRAMA FOR THEMSELVES…..oh yeah. I remembered what grown men and grown women we are talking about. Ugh.

    1. Beautifully said. I agree 100%. I just wish they, or their PR reps, could see this post, so some common-sense can be knocked in their head. I find Kathy and Rick at fault here. First, Nicky’s wedding, and, now, Monty’s funeral. Really!? What kind of businessman is Rick, anyways? He sounds like such a child. I would never want to do business with a man who is so immature. So, big deal, Mauricio left your firm and started his own business venture and has become successful at it. Wish him well and get over it. And, Kathy, really!? Control your husband’s childish behaviour. It just doesn’t make either one of you look good. But, of course, who are we dealing with here!? The parents of spoiled children always in the press for their bad behaviour, be it Paris or her crazy brother (remember the airplane incidences?), etc. Nicky seems to be the only one who has her head on straight. Yes, Kyle should have made a quick appearance then left. But, I like the idea Mousie presented much better. I hate it when adults act like spoiled children!!!

  4. It is all just so sad! This show AND this family has split itself apart! Not inviting Mauricio again is just so tacky! I don’t think at the moment I have anything else to say as I have just woken up but maybe later I will have more.

    1. ITA! To me the Hiltons are the instigators here. They invite Kyle but not her family. Don’t blame Kyle for not going to the funeral. Kim was married to Monty for what, 3 years? The Hiltons are making it sound like they were married for 30 years. I believe Monty had a relationship with somebody else when he was sick from what I have read so don’t try to make Kim out as a grieving widow.

    2. Right, my husband and I are one and I would never disrespect him by consorting with ANYONE who is treating him unfairly. However, we have an agreement that if either one of us has unfairly or offended someone, an apology is to be extended to the offended party and we move on.

    3. This would be more believable coming from Kyle if she hadn’t just gone to Nicky Hilton’s wedding in spite of her husband not being invited a few months ago. The difference here is obvious – there were no press, celebs, or European aristocrats at Monty’s funeral.

  5. This show EXACTLY who she is.

    If your husband isn’t invited to a funeral you still go to funeral, put your crap aside. If your husband isn’t invited to a wedding though that’s the thing you take a stand on and don’t go to.

    But not much chnace of press at the funeral like there would be at a Hilton daughter wedding, so I’m not surprised she’d go to a wedding and skip a funeral.

    1. I agree 100%. Should not attend the wedding (chance to party and have picture taken?) — but do attend funeral out of respect for sister and the child they had together. Conduct yourself with grace and maturity at the funeral. Skip the parties and frills.

  6. I dont know about the USA, but in the UK you dont get invited to a funeral. You are informed of the details via the local newspaper, social media or word of mouth and you choose whether to attend and pay your respects or not.

    1. TOA, as a fellow UK resident I can confirm this! Courtesy you let the family know you are attending but that’s it!

    1. God, thanks. I wondered if she would catch a break. I could only just skim the commentary. Kim has never been anything but cruel and thankless toward Kyle. Kyle is still catching shit for Kim hiding the crutches at game night. When Kyle saw Kim that night, her entire psyche became about Kim. Protecting Kim. I could feel the loss of her sense of self. When Kim was saying she didn’t like Brandy as a team member, I don’t think Kyle even heard her. Kim’s sense of entitlement grows from that exact sickening relationship. I hope against hope that Kyle removes Kim from her life. It is very much like cutting a tumor out of your body, it hurts for a few days but blood flow returns to normal and relief ensues. Also, it can be done without the loss of Kim’s children. They know better than anyone who she is. Loving their Mom is not diametrically opposed to having a relationship with Kyle.
      As far as the funeral goes and her respects to Monty she loved Monty and respected him in life. If he was the great guy everyone says he was, he understood and so did his family.

  7. Yawn!! These 3 sisters and their constant drama is just tired and stake. Do we need examples every week as to how dysfunctional they are ? They need to be dropped so they can work out their issues away from cameras . Or don’t work out their issues, without annoying us

    1. Imagine being her and embroiled in this constantly sick, constantly impaired existence. This kind of article takes unfair advantage of that relationship and as tiresome as it is she didn’t put these stories out there. Nothing short of a miracle will fix that nauseating kinship, and nothing less than ending the relationship will allow Kyle to have true happiness in her life. Minus that miracle Kim won’t be the one changing, it is always the other half of the dependency that evolves and changes to try and suit the other. I believe it is that constant evolution of her temperament that lends itself to her seeming fake to outsiders. She can’t find who she really is until the tapeworm is removed.

      1. I don’t honestly believe this story anyways but we will see. I think a hiatus from tv for these sisters us in order, just to sort things out

        1. Rain, I agree and as things stand right now in my opinion there is no hope for these sisters unless they get off TV! I’m sick of reading about the ‘feud!
          I’ve missed you all I’ve been without broadband all day!!!! But I shouldn’t moan as it was thousands of households affected!

      2. I just have a hard time believing Kyle is completely innocent in the family drama. I don’t think it’s Kyle who is always embedded in all the drama, I’m sure she creates her fair share where the sisters are concerned. I know you are a Kyle supporter, just as I know there are Kyle haters and both are so very passionate. I neither hate or love Kyle. However if we are honest she has probably been both the victim and the instigator. This story makes me sad because this is not a tabloid news worthy story, this is the passing of a loving father and friend where truly it is not about the sisters drama.

        1. Oh, I absolutely don’t think Kyle is innocent, if that is even the word. Personally I don’t even see, and don’t take this wrong, why it looks as though anyone could ever be completely “innocent” in any relationship unless it is a child vs an adult. I am simply saying that I see Kim as way, WAY more than an alcoholic. She has a passive aggressive way of being. There is always an out or a weave and bob in any confrontation between those two. It has been said from the beginning that Kyle is the instigator as much as Kim and things like we can’t see the bad side of Kyle because Kim is so evil. Well, it is one of those things that can not be separated. If one or the other wasn’t there we would never have known about this. I do not believe Kyle had bad intentions when she wanted Kim to be part of the housewives. And as I have said many times I don’t believe any of them had ANY idea how big it would get. But Kim made the decision to become part of the cast and stated herself that she knew she was hiding this deep dark secret (not that it was really a secret) but she said the show saved her life. SHE said that. So the entire part about her liking how others looked to her for sobriety (which I can hardly type W/O laughing) and how it helped them. That is why she went to the lengths she did to hide her relapse. She didn’t do the clean and sober movement any good by behaving so shamefully. Relapse is built into the disease and like any mistake or fall in life it is how one handles the failure that shows who they are. And Kim sure showed me who she is.

  8. She should have gone to the funeral, & paid her respects to both Kim ,& Brooke.

    A funeral/ wake is not about one’ s ego, pride, or picking a side; its the complete opposite. Its a time of humility, & being empathic . I’m sure Kyle had a relationship with Monty,& she should have honored that relationship.

  9. She went to Nicki’s wedding when her husband and 2 of her children weren’t invited! Why not go to Monty’s funeral?? Maybe because it wasn’t held at Kensington Palace?? Hummm

  10. I’m truly disgusted by Kim and Kathy. They treat Kyle so badly. I totally understand why Kyle didn’t attend if her family wasn’t invited. You people who defends Kathy and Kim is so disgusting. Girl bye!

  11. lol if I’d be Kim or Kathy I wouldn’t want that in my family gatherings, even funerals. She’d do the split on the coffin to get attention ^^ #byekyle

  12. Well, I don’t think that this is all true. At least not that none of her children went. Her oldest dauther Farrah posted a picture of Monty and kims daughter and montys exwife commented saying ..”thank you for spending time with all of us..” I don’t know, but seems to me like at least Farrah was there.

  13. Something tells me there is more to the story with these three….other then the bad business deal and the little bit we know. More than Kim sobriety, more than the mom…lots more. None of them are healthy – mentally or physically.

    Or is this all for publicity…seriously…?

    Enough already…take this sick family off the air, I don’t want to see any of them anymore!

  14. It was a funeral not a party. Kathy Hilton, since when do you “invite” people to a funeral? You don’t. I can understand not wanting people back to your home AFTER THE SERVICE but you don’t dis-invite anyone to the funeral service. As for this stupid fight between Rick and Mo, it’s between them, stay the hell out of it and let them work it out.
    Kyle, you should have gone to the service with your husband, period. You were friends with Monty and his daughter is your own niece so if anything you should have been there for them. If your sisters do not like it then it’s time to cut the cord.They are adults and they need to act like it.

    1. I agree…that is the first thing I thought…funerals generally do not require invitations….maybe security, if you are famous. Makes me wonder if this is true.

  15. My things is “it all started” because Rick Hilton wouldn’t make Mo a partner but got super butt hurt he pulled Jerry McGuire and started his own ! It’s not his fault he’s prob better at the job than Rick Hilton and Co!

    AND I DONT EVEN LIKE KYLE…so write it down I never take up for that crew!

    For her to even think about attending a wedding that 2 of her kids weren’t invited to and the other 2 were in the wedding is manic in itself! Now a FUNERAL….damn! They basically put their you can’t sit with us …AT A FUNERAL!!

    I think these sisters all hate each other and at any given time it’s 2 vs 1 and will take any opportunity to make the other look bad in the press! They r the leak but clutch their pearls every time something is said and always replies….respect our privacy! That family would die if their name wasn’t mentioned on a daily basis!


  16. It amazes me that Miss Kathy and Miss Kim are giving Kyle the cold shoulder…. Guess they are upset/jealous that their family isn’t as grounded as Kyle’s…. Kathy’s son is a prime example of skank – look how he acted and spoke on the infamous plane ride. He got off – money talks – anyone else would have been branded as a terrorist. As for Kim – well it’s obvious … problems problems and more problems…

  17. ok Twinkle…. If my husband/family is excluded…. then I’m not going either…. it’s called respect for your husband/kids/etc…

  18. I think it was so petty to not invite Kyle’s husband and I can totally understand her refusing to leave out her husband again she had already picked them over him once. The Hilton’s are in the wrong and they need to grow up! You don’t help out a family member then expect them to be your slave forever, Rick Hilton is an idiot!

    1. Me too, Sherry, I fully agree as well. Maybe Kyle felt if this was done to them again, she would put her foot down once & for all & not allow to be walked all over by her mentally sick & deranged sisters. We all know what a people pleasing weakling Kyle is. Maybe this was the last straw for her. And, if she had a close relationship with Monty, I’m sure she gave him the roses while he was alive. Now is her time to show her husband & her kids that her loyalty is to them & not to her sisters who are spiteful one to another & does not deserve anymore from her.

  19. I wonder if it wasn’t that Maurieco was uninvited or not invited but rather he is not welcome at Kathy’s home ever. None of us know the true story between Rick and Maurieco, I’m sure they both carry equal parts of the blame, but the story would make much more since if he is just not welcome at their home period. You don’t invite people to a funeral, they may have chose to not go so there wasn’t drama at a mans memorial, so to make sure his kids could mourn and say good bye in peace they probably choose to stay away. Shoot for all we know Monty and Maurieco had beef too. I find it comical everything is Kathy and Kim’s fault and Kyle can’t win for loosing she shouldn’t have gone to a wedding her husband wasn’t invited to but should have a funeral?

    1. I do believe there is so much more to this story…but we will probably never know the whole truth…because all three of this ‘ladies’ are so good at spinning the truth as they see it. Drama, drama, drama!!!

  20. Everyone is so ready to believe everything they read on gossip sites and make negative comments . She went and so did her husband and kids.

  21. I don’t know, it’s just so sad so toxic. Every tribe has their issues, some long simmering and lethal, some not so much. And I wish there was but there’s no one size fits all solution. All I know and understand is the little history I’ve read online and in like People magazine. The mother of these three girls raised them up in such a non traditional manner with fame and fortune as their focus in life. Just like the mother, they call big Kathy. Evidently, this mom was very much into the nightclub scene and imbibed often and heavily. She had her own stool basically at the BH Polo lounge where she cruised and try to catch the eye of any wealthy suitor. I read that observers found her shameless, embarrassing and pretty much a spectacle. And she was mocked for this. These girls know this. Can you imagine they must feel some unspoken shame even inner anger about that. And perhaps it’s misdirected at those closest to them?

    I think it would be hard to navigate through life with a role model that didn’t seem to focus on much other than that. I feel sad that they were groomed like this, but that’s the environment they grew up in. I don’t suppose there was much emphasis placed on good old fashioned wholesome virtues let alone how to problem solve in healthy ways, when living an adult lifestyle at such a young age. I don’t know, I’m rambling I don’t know if any of this makes sense but in a nutshell…it’s like they’re living they’re lives backwards. They’re grown up women acting like children because, well in essence they are. Very sad, is all. They all have a heavy burden of learning how to do things now like “getting along” in the face of adversity and a big audience. Can’t be fun or easy for any of them honestly.

      1. Well howdy there, neighbor so good to see u 🙂 thankyou, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even answer the question above, I just get into my own head and ramble like I do in real life. I’m not surprised Kyle didn’t go, no I’m not. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did either. The only thing that would surprise me by any of them is if they all agreed to go into family therapy. I’d be so happily surprised. They need to break this horrible pattern for their kid’s sake, and their grandchildren and so on. I wish they’d all have a come to Jesus moment simultaneously, damn it. 😉 How much snow did you get in total!? Send some our way pleaseeee?!

        1. I am not sure but it has snowed 6 or 7 times this last 30 days. And it hasn’t melted in the side garden at all and the rest of the yard either but side yard gets no Winter sun whatsoever. The roads are fine but snow is piled up along the side. They are pretty good keeping the roads plowed around here. Last winter we rarely even got a freeze, and that is actually not at all healthy for my garden plants. Or our water supply here in the desert Southwest. Trees and shrubs need cold stratification to leaf out and bud/flower properly. So, when that happens the large shrubs like Viburnum only leaf out on like half of the branches and it looks weird to say the least. I wish I could send some for the peace and beauty. Either way I am trying to send peace!

          1. I wish you lived closer to one another so you could come help me with a garden….to say I don’t have a green thumb would be an insult to people who don’t have a green thumb. More like I don’t have thumbs at all.

            1. Cassy, I didn’t until twenty years ago, once you start you get hooked as Jane Bond says its blood sweat and tears but the joy when plants are established or flowering is worth all of the work!! It is an addiction gardening!! Just not a harmful one, well to most, I have had a few accidents!!!

            2. There is a site from on FaceBook called GardenShare. I post there and have photos, friends etc. If you truly want to learn some stuff and have some cyber fun, you should go look. I forget at the minute where you live, but I will look back and see. I killed every plant anyone gave me till we built our house to retire in. I bought some Petunias and Marigolds at the grocery and literally stuck them in the ground under my new bay window. They thrived and it was ON!!! The red and violet of the Petunias against the gold of the Marigolds was spectacular, and not just for a first try either. I have used that combo every Summer since. I now have a gardening library to rival the library of congress and have obsessively planted, purchased, sown, ordered and joined for the last 16 years. It is a great healthy hobby. And the beauty of trees and shrubs and flowering plants is unrivaled with any in home decorating. I bet you would enjoy it and so might the kids. Kids take to it really well a lot of the time.

          2. You are so lucky, it’s now early February and my roses are shooting my magnolia stellata has white buds all over it! It’s going to be a nightmare this year! If we don’t have a hard winter we get these bugs that eat all the leaves on our trees and the beech hedge! I think they are wooly beech aphid but will check if back this year. I can’t spray as hedging all round our garden and its three quarters of an acre. They are followed by crop flies!! So hoping for late cold spell! I would love to be in your dry cold! Not like our cold in Scotland which is wet cold! Not good for my arthritis!! Oh well it’s coming up to greenhouse time once this weekend is over I’m staying put until early March so I can get my seeds started!! Once I get the heater back out there!!! The wind was so strong two nights ago it opened the sliding doors of the greenhouse!!!

            1. Another gardener! Oh joy joy joy! We’re gonna have fun this growing year boasting and cursing our tomatoes and Japanese beetles. Yes, Bonnie, I’ll take the water, Ty! CassyJ, you’re a gardener when you dig in the ground the first time, and it’s a lifelong hobby of aching failure and happy successes. Mother Nature is responsible for a lot of heartaches that gave nothing to do with your green thumb! Just keep at it and watch a lot of YouTube videos on gardening have gotten so many excellent tutorials on everything. 🙂

              1. And books too. I LOVE garden books and magazines. Fine Gardening is one of my favorites along with Birds & Blooms. I not only learn so much from them, but they inspire me. I have a couple favorites like “Undaunted Garden” by Lauren Springer. I could go on (and on and on) But I will stop now before I get chewed out by someone.

            2. I forgot to mention the arthritis….dear Lord, me too. Please don’t tell me you have severe arthritis like rheumatoid ?? : / mine is Osteo and fibromyalgia. I have days I feel like I’m going to shatter like glass from stiffness and pain. Meds are helpful only to a degree.

              1. Luckily mine is Osteo as well. But also two discs removed three more out but the can’t get at them due to vertebrae collapsing! I just thank goodness it’s not rheumatoid! (Oh and throw in sciatica us for an extra!) I guess you do too! I know what you mean about the pain at times. If we could sell this house we would move somewhere warmer but until this is sold I try not to think about it too much! Just enjoy the good days and hibernate for the bad ones!! Getting old sucks!!

                1. Talkng about weather, there are some amazing photos online today of Mull, the waterfalls due to the last storm went back up the hills!!!

                    1. My husband cut the grass yesterday! Not normally until March! He mentioned, kindly, how many weeds were in one of the lower level flower beds! I hope my gardener comes back I don’t think I can cope with the bending now!

  22. You love to garden?? Me too surprise surprise ! I live for the spring until I can start digging in the ground. I hope your Viburnum makes a nice show for you this growing season. My hydrangeas can be real fickle if they don’t get enough ground water and by the looks of it so far this winter with no snow to shake a stick at I’ll be hosing early and deeply. :/ such is the life of a gardener….blood sweat and tears, right?

    1. Jane can I send you some good Scottish ground water? We have had more this year than in the whole of the ten years we have been living here!!!

  23. Because I am always on catch up as in UK and don’t stay up late these days! Also not having broadband most of yesterday it’s quite sad the Kyle haters jumping on this tragic event to stick the knife in! They did all go! A few of you should be ashamed of yourselves! This was a funeral of a loved member of the family! He was Brooks father! I’m not a Kyle lover but there is a time and place for this! I’m done now!

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