Kyle Richards Dishes on the RHOBH Reunion


This season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was one of the most intense ever, and Kyle Richards is dishing on the reunion that is just days away from airing.

“This season seems more complex than other seasons to me. There was definitely a divide. There was different groups that you feel, like a clear-cut [division of] these two, these two, these two. The truth is this season, I can honestly say, I really like all of the women,” Kyle told The Daily Dish of the Season 6 sit-down. “That doesn’t mean we have not had our moments, but I do like all of the women. Not everyone can say that and I can’t say that every season. There was just a lot of tears, there was yelling, there’s a walk off. When people start getting up and leaving then you know there’s a problem, you know it’s a crazy one.”

For Richards, there were two topics that she wanted to clear up going into the reunion. “For me, [the Lisa Vanderpump drama] was something I really wanted to be able to clear up,” she said. “I think there was a lot of people who misunderstood things and there was a lot of talk in the media about, ‘Oh the women are questioning if [Yolanda Hadid] had Lyme disease.’ I don’t know how things get so twisted out there, but nobody questioned that, nobody questioned whether Yolanda had Lyme disease or not. I think it was more reading into her exploring what could be contributing to it with all the different procedures she was doing.”

“I really wanted Yolanda to know, ‘I know you’re sick. I just want you to know that,'” Kyle said. “‘And I do support you, even though there were moments where it might not have felt like that or things go twisted because Lisa Rinna said some things that were not accurate,’ so that was important to me.”

During the reunion Kyle also had a chance to address her relationship with her sister Kim Richards. “Watching that was very difficult. My sister and I both cried seeing that. Actually everybody cried seeing [when we sat down with each other]. People were texting me. And I think a lot of people can relate to that. Apparently that’s what people tell me. People tweet me all the time saying, ‘I can’t tell you how much I relate to this. I’m the Kim in the relationship; I’m the Kyle in the relationship,’ so it’s very emotional watching that,” she said. “But sitting down at the reunion, I kept thinking, ‘Thank God we’re in a better place than we were last year,’ because last year the reunion was by far the worst for me.”

Watch the reunion preview below.

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  1. I love Kyle. I’m glad she stuck by LVP and I hope Lisa Rinna and Eileen realize they’ve over-dramatized their feud. This season seemed forced to me and I was disappointed to be honest. Eileen no longer serves a purpose as long as I’m concerned and Rinna needs to stop creating drama for the sake of the show.That is what ultimately is going on here.. Rinna and Eileen need story lines and they dug as far as they could to keep the altercations going.

    1. I don’t like saying this, but I fear I agree. What bothers me about saying it is that it includes Eileen. Ashley Abbott has always been one of my favorite characters on Y&R since the Abbott’s moved to Genoa City but it often seemed that little conflict existed for Eileen so she had to try to create some or become a piece of the draperies.

      Last season they could have used the glass of wine scene between her and Brandi develop into a real hatred for each other, thereby causing a bonding between Eileen and Lisa Van…and it could have returned this season with her telling stories about Brandi saying all sorts of nasty things about Kim and Lisa Van and had her on like they did this season only there would have scores to settle. And what exactly did take place with the kiss between Eileen and Vince when they met in Genoa City. Just a couple of ideas.

  2. I’m so excited to see the reunion! I am not a fan of Kyle’s and definitely not of her sister, Kim, either, but I will be interested to see how Kyle, who considers herself a ‘leader’, reacts to the whole LVP thing. I think Kyle is a true LVP follower.

    1. Kyle is always figuring out which way the wind is blowing and she joins that side. She’s got the fence so far up her butt it’s a wonder she can speak at all.

      I’d sooner stick needles in my eyes than hear one more word about her sister and their relationship. People think the Munchausen story is old??? This one has been going on since Season 1.

      1. Absolutely PJ, I am blind from sticking needles in my eyes listening to these two, same thing over and over and over…….

        1. Kyle Richards, the used Kleenex in the pocket of you winter coat that you discover when you put it on for the first time in the autumn

  3. So now we know! It was LR who told Kyle 1st at dinner (& I’m sure ED already knew), & then they brought it to LVP.I always believed it was LR & Kyle. Also, it makes sense, because LR said LVP heard about their talking & called LR. At one of their dinners, LR told LVP, “you texted me about Yo,” & LVP said, “no I didn’t text you.” Right then LR & LVP shot a look at Kyle. I knew then & there it 1st started with LR & Kyle. That is why LVP asked LR “if she was going to bring Kyle into it.” It makes sense. We definately can’t trust the word of LR, because she lied the whole season. Even on the reunion clip LR is clearly wrong (she said LVP said “I never call you,” when in fact LVP said “I rarely call you.” I wonder why LR & Kyle haven’t brought up all the text messages? I think the text/picture message are much worse. I didn’t believe for a minute that Kyle was protecting LVP. I still think that when they left the Hamptons, that’s where the gang up on LVP started. Why all the lying this season? They completely ruined this show.

    1. It was a bad season. Maybe, hopefully, they learned from their own mistakes. Anyone wanna take on a bet that I’ll be first in line for next season cuz y’all know I’m already waiting!

  4. Kyle is my favorite housewife. I really could give a fig if she is a “LV follower” LV is her follower also. She just doesn’t admit it so freely. I would rather be thought of as openly loving someone, than a vile, foul bitch like Rinna. I think Kyle is absolutely beautiful, and her Daughters are too. I don’t care what others think of my actual friends either, although I don’t find it necessary to staunchly defend them very often. Kyle and Lisa are the only 2 on BH I never zip. I did zip Lisa once on VPR, during the cast trip to Hawaii. And now I don’t zip Erika. The rest are either head banging boring ( Eileen, Kathryn, Yolanda ) or so evil I am afraid to be tarnished = Rinna. Garlic necklace anyone?
    Looking forward to reunion. I hope Lisa and Kyle annihilate Rinna and Eileen. I don’t care much what happens with Yo anymore, after Kyle being sweet to her after the stupid argument at Frida’s and going to her benefit, then on WWHL Yo’s lukewarm answer about Kyle. If I was Kyle, I wouldn’t really give a sh** what Yo thought of me. I believe Kyle truly forgives little things. Maybe not with Kim, but that’s a lifetime of crap. From the photo of the reunion I am so happy to see Kim isn’t present for the entire thing. When I heard she was going to be there I was so disappointed. But I see maybe it is only a guest appearance. Kimmy’s voice grates my brain. That’s the one HUGE mistake Kyle makes, IMO. Always listening to the “you are going to feel bad if you don’t reach out and something happens.” BS. Yes, something is always about to happen when someone you love is a selfish bitch. If Kimmy didn’t feel the need to stay sober when her children were little, what makes anyone, including her family/friends think anything is important now. Because Brooke is pregnant? Well, I hope I get proven wrong, I really do.

    1. Can I just reiterate 3D, how much I detest Kathryn??? I know you and I are amongst the few who don’t like her lol

      1. And I so much wanted to keep liking Erika. But if she is back I will give her another chance. She said in Dubai she didn’t judge, but that wasn’t true. The most important thing one shouldn’t judge is another’s friendships. I continue to be surprised every time Yo expresses that she is disgusted that the ladies discussed her health. Really? I would be hurt if they hadn’t if I was her. I would have been genuinely worried had she been my friend, even if not a close one. Discussing and gossiping are 2 totally different things. Rinna gossiped, Lisa and Kyle discussed.

        1. 3D’s.Happy belated Birthday, mine was earlier this month. Go Aries!

          Regarding Erika, she is in a tough position. She is Yo’ s friend. I feel she is in” A damn if u do, Damn if u don’t situation.”. She has been a loyal friend to Yolo. If she didn’t have her back, feel people would crucify her for that.
          I think she is cool, calm, intelligent lady.

          1. Thanks, SP. MY only problem with Erika is her judgement of a friendship she never saw and over two exchanges, neither of which she was present for. Pretending she s so above it all but right in there running to Yolanda. I very much dislike a friend who doesn’t give the other one the benefit of the doubt. And I mean every time.

      2. You’re not alone. She’s a zero minus, watching what will make LVP happy. Kathryn is delusional if she thinks LVP give two swan turds about her.

    2. I said this on an old thread so maybe you won’t see it so I will say it again, Happy Birthday 3D, love you xoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Oh I didn’t know it was 3Ds birthday!!! Happy birthday sweet thing!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo ❤️❤️❤️❤️

            1. Thanks, Janelle. It was a pretty day here so that was nice. I had some of my favorite Jelato, Fudge Brownie by Talenti.
              If you ever have the chance, and you like ice cream, it is the most decadent ice cream ever. Really few ing. too. When they do a flavor, they go all the way. If it’s Vanilla, it isn’t just sweet and cold, it’s VANILLA baby. All the flavors are like that, I had my grocery start ordering it regular since they had a bunch of the other flavors. Anyway, another year older, 62 now. 🙂

              1. 3Ds, you don’t look a day over 61. 🙂 I kid , I kid, my lovely! Lots of love and blessings for you as you start this new year and I hope you live it fully and fearlessly xoxo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          1. I hope you had a lovely day and enjoy your new espresso machine! I wouldn’t survive without my coffee in the morning! I’m not human, more like a bear with a sore head! I did think about you until I fell asleep wondering what you were doing! Xoxoxoxoxox

  5. Happy Saturday all.

    I cannot wait to see the reunion. As far as Kyle & Lisa V’ s friendship, believe it is a ” Leverage Relationship.” I do enjoy their banter,& they are fun to watch.

    Kim,& Kyle’ s relationship is complicated but its real. I understand, & empathize with Kyle, because my deceased sibling and I had a similar relationship. Wish them the best.

    EG/ EJ was the best addition ever. I hope she is back for S7. Katryn, still on the fence with her. Smart lady, who befriended LVP, to secure her a spot on S7.

    ED,& Rinna, will be interesting to see, if they come back.

    1. Clearly I’m not a big fan of Kyle but I think she and LVP are genuine friends. The have their ups and downs like normal people but they seem to care about each other. There may be a business component to things (eg. Mauricio acting as real estate agent for Ken and Lisa) but that is pretty normal I think and I always thought it was unfair that people called them out on that.

      1. I think it’s genuine, they have had their ups and downs because of the show. They have both turned on each other but come through it! Good for them. I don’t think I can watch the reunion I will wait to see what everyone says here before deciding.

      1. Suuuuuuuzzzzzzeeeeeee!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Happy Saturday , my lovely Scottish flower xoxo

          1. How are you doing lovely lady? I didn’t sleep well but high on caffeine lol. I may take a nap later. I’m trying to think about what to have for lunch. How was your daughter’s visit last week?

            1. I think I confused everyone, she is coming on the 8th with her partner and all of her belongings. Her guitar, harp, and about half a dozen other musical instruments. Her partner will drive her up they have hired a van, or we have, she will stay a few days and my daughter will stay three months with visits to friends in between. She is finally going to have driving lessons, she did start just before going to Uni but then lived in London so no point in driving. She takes her theory test at the end of the month. It will be lovely to have her here but she is so bossy so we might have to have words! Xoxoxoxo

              1. Poop! Posted to soon, you take care and have that nap! I had one this afternoon and feel human tonight! Just look after yourself! Xoxoxox

                1. This was when she was supposed to be cycling through the Pyranees! It’s a shame for her but I’m glad we will have this time together even if it will be fraught at times! I think we are too much alike! That’s apart from the tattoos! At least her dad knows now so she won’t be walking around with giant plasters as she had in the past. Some I hope he doesn’t see! Horrendous! Xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Not commenting on the story but Kyle looks super gorgeous in the reunion! That color is so beautiful on her. And while her rack is not as spectacular as mine lol, I salute dem tay tays 🙂

    1. She does look good but stop bragging! Not fair on some of us that are challenged in that region! Xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Truth is, it’s not bragging, at my age it’s more like reminiscing about my glory days LOL 🙂 denial with a bit of wishful thinking lol. But if there’s a hot ginger lad who likes em saggy, I’m his momma ❤️❤️❤️

        1. Hahahahaha! There are plenty in the highlands not so many around here! Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

            1. I will pop up there and choose three in kilts with big muscles (from wrestling with sheep!) Then I’ll put them on the next flight to SF! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

              1. Wrestling with sheep? I’m incredibly turned on right! My husband can blame you for what’s about to happen to him lol❤️❤️❤️❤️

                1. Lucky lucky man! They all wrestle when they are shearing! I know one shearer and his muscles are huge!!! ❤️❤️❤️

                    1. You know now why I married a Scot! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    2. Oh is that why??? And here I was thinking it was because he’s the best bagpipe player in town lol

                    3. Poor man wouldn’t know one end of a bag pipe from the other, doesn’t even like them. I do coming back from Arran once years ago a lone piper piped us in to the dock. I loved it. There is always one near Waverley Station in Edinburgh, I always like to give him a big tip!!!!! No truth to tell my Scot isn’t that Scottish, not like the rest of his family! He has wrestled with a few lambs when they escape onto the golf course and they have to be caught and put back with their mums. That’s as close as he gets to wrestling! Never mind I can dream! Xxxooo❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    4. Suze!!! He’s Scottish enough to be your lovely husband and that’s all that matters ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    5. He is Rain and I wouldn’t swap him for anyone, I hope your Hubbie survived the onslaught yesterday xoxoxoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    6. My hubbys a little sore but he can’t complain 🙂 lol. He says to tell you thank you , also to Scotland ❤️❤️❤️

                    7. Hahahahaha! Scotland is proud of you both! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. LVP and Kyle have been friends forever, before the show started. Nothing is going to destroy that, no matter how many bi-polars, fake witches, psychos, addicts, users, ho-bags or narcissists they bring on the show. I sure hope LR and ED, aka Sudsy and Soapy, (God I LOVE those names) get the boot and I hope LR gets some backlash for her vile tweets which she deletes once she “levels” out. Why would QVC have this freak on? I’m emailing them also. Meds? If not, she needs some and if so, she needs them adjusted. Ho is always gonna be Ho. Here everyone…read this little ditty about the great Mohammed Hadid
    I am super impressed that he “allegedly” got a lot of his financing from arms dealers. And that he was never faithful to the first wife, dumped her, married Ho and then couldn’t be faithful to her. (Duh.) And then he dumped her off on Foster and Foster did the same. I know there haven’t been any factual accounts of this, but a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots and Foster always had a hard time being faithful also which would explain why Ho claims she was shocked by his wanting a divorce. Nothing about them is real. It’s all a big smokescreen.

    This reunion should be interesting…….


    I think it was 3D’s or Skeptic that commented somewhere on one of these blogs about why ED was so pissed when she was leaving, and that it was something Kathryn said to her. the link above is the midseason trailer and at about 2:45 minutes in Kathryn yells that she doesn’t care to Eileen and then I forgot what ED said ( I think my mind is just on auto filter when it comes to anything that woman says). Anywho, not sure if this was what you were referring to, but it’s just a few seconds worth of conversation that if the rest had been shown would have probably told more about what they were arguing about. (I’m guessing it was LVP – no long shot there!)

    1. Thanks for the link, Janelle. I have the season, but it doesn’t have that little spot unfortunately. But everyone can get youtube, so that will be cool. I really would like to see the in-between stuff during seasons. I zip so much, and I watch very little actual tv, so the episode takes about 1/2 hour to watch. Even on Amazon with no adds, I still drag the arrow past those I don’t like, which is a lot of housewives. My fave will always be the first 3 seasons of BH, and the first 3 of NY. First 2 of NJ. I did like the season of DC, very weird. I also liked the Bethenny spin-off. Potomac was stupid, IMO, and Dallas, well…..the 2 little friends puts me in lecture mode, which isn’t good since my kids are long grown up. Good thing too since I am 62 today. I had mine young. 21, 23, 25.

    2. For some reason never works for me. I have never been able to get the video to play. Thanks for the link tho, I tried again. I used to think it was my computer, but I have a new one now with all the bells and whistles. I have all the required stuff downloaded and every other vid works. It bugs me tho, because Bravo has the only ones with stuff that isn’t found any where else. Maybe I will e-mail them. Amazon videos won’t play on Safari, which is obviously Mac’s Browser. So, I had to get Firefox which is fine. Maybe I will try to open that and look! Hassle tho, and I am not as patient as I once was. Good thing I had my kids young.

  9. She is such an idiot, we saw her and vanderpump question yolandas disease in Tuscany when the season started. They literally do it on camera

  10. A lot of the stuff is still confusing to me. Just does not hold much weight to my mind. Why would Rinna wait till the end to shoot her long time friend in the heart? She’s sitting & regretting now, especially since she pulled Yo aside & put all blame on LVP. The cunning one got the ammo she needed then ended the conversation. Then the cunning, 2 faced liar questioned LVP & of course did not believe her. Why? because all Yo does is lie, so in her sick mind, everyone else does too. Erika is a hypocritical B, She took it all back to Yo in a heartbeat, who was elated that LVP was being attacked. She, Erika accuses Kathryn of the Kool-Aid drink, when she’s done even worse with Yo all season. It’s a do as I say, not as I do mind set. Cant tolerate her at all, or Yo or Eileen, the puppet master. Yo is upset that she was the talk of the town, She started it all by her sick self. Rinna was used & wanted to be used, no sympathy from me. Yo is praising her self as she is elated to be once more seated in the victim seat, a place of honor for her as she loves playing victim. She lied about her ending the marriage & not David, a lot of inconsistinces in all that was portrayed by her all season. I hope things are clearer at the reunion, especially why Rinna did what she did.

    1. Yes, yes, yes. I didn’t think of the liar part of Yo being behind her belief in Rinna. Yo is the one who doesn’t like Lisa, I honestly don’t think Lisa “hates” Yo. I thought that was just over the top out of line for Rinna to make an accusation like that. She is so filled with psychobabble that she can’t see. Maybe the suds are blinding her? When Erika asked her if she liked Yolanda she said “that is so INTERESTING.” Like they were talking THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY, FGSakes. She somehow believes everyone does everything they do because of SOMEONE ELSE. That another person drives their lives. That is what was bugging me all season. As if it were true that Lisa had some grand plan to get Rinna to say Munchies. That whole talking head where she went on about everyone backing off when she said it! Yeah, I would back the hell off too. Speaking about Yolanda and all of the treatments, Lisa and Kyle never denied that, it was on camera in Italy. That has exactly NOTHING to do with saying Fictitious Disorder. I don’t care if she told Kyle at lunch before or what Lisa said on the bridge, if it is off camera, it didn’t happen. Reality or no reality it ruined the entire trip and finale because Soapy and Sudsy believe everything to be a soap opera. And that the fans could not possibly be able to figure out for ourselves what the hell is going on. I would be so incredibly pissed off if someone ruined a trip like that, money or the royal suite notwithstanding. The one thing Erika was so on about was “can we get on a camel, or do anything BESIDES FIGHT on the beach.” “I look to good to be fighting on the beach!”

    2. Starr, I would love to thnk they will be clearer but I very much doubt it. I have hated this season, the worst ever, controlled by Yolanda! and she has loved every minute of it! Ughhhhhh!!!! Xoxoxo

  11. You know what really made me mad? I am most vocal about this city since it has always been my fave. But all the wonderful things like when Kyle and Mauricio were dressing and he said “wow, you look great, and from the back oh” and the way he sat by Kim and she is so tiny next to him and he was all happy she was there. All of the great moments first from the trip and now a lovely party were overridden by petty lies. I mean, I don’t agree with Kyle always letting Kim back in, but it looked so happy. Camille looked so cute with her ruffled skirt, Faye and Kyle’s other friends were there at their beautiful new house. The stunning view.
    As soon as Lipsa comes in she has to start her retaliation. She gets Yolanda the second she walks in just in case her lie might have already have been outed & starts in with how her world was “rocked” by Lisa. That was to get Yo’s alliance, the enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of thing. Then how Lisa was looking at the instagram an saying “what do you think of this?”
    ( Which, BTW, so? ) What do you think of this is not a sordid statement or question. So Yo says “so it was Lisa Vanderpump who started the convo that I wasn’t sick?” Rinna just allows that to sit there. And that was a TOTAL LIE. There is nothing similar about that and starting the psychobabble about Fictitious Disorder.
    I don’t know what having Yolanda’s back has to do with the ladies on the show looking at pictures she herself posted on public social media. I mean who thinks it is just a normal occurrence for someone who has been really ill to travel all over the world, to third world countries even, and within a few days of arriving having stem cells or …. shot into HER SPINE? Taking literally hundreds of pills a day, having fillings removed, decompression treatments like a diver who came up too fast, cryogenic treatments, a nurse who’s only qualification is that she has suffered hardships, IV’s of unknown origin, weekly colonics, and Lisa asked Rinna what she thought? How awful of her, NOT. All of the treatments she had filmed, why would it be disloyal or a betrayal to look at it and discuss it? Things do not add up no matter how Rinna is spinning them. Not with the Erika connection, and not with the fact that because Kim and Yolanda are close that Kim would allow Yolanda or Brandy EVER to side with someone against her own sister. That always gets me when Kyle is bashed with the whole “stand up for family bullshit. ”
    Why would someone who professes to have a 10 year friendship with Yolanda, believe Rinna? From the beginning Rinna was saying SHE “engaged” in a convo with someone about Fictitious Disorder. Rinna was the only one who constantly brought up Yolanda and her own problems with Yolanda being ill. Not until she started seeing the back lash from not only Yolanda, but the public, did she change her story. Rinna is the one who brought up Yolanda at every single effing meal they sat down to that was filmed. Now if she was manipulated to do that whoever did it was was pretty damn silent. But Eileen wasn’t silent. She spoke for Rinna several times like on the yacht. My passion in this has very little do do with defending Lisa or Kyle. It has to do with petty lies. Petty lives. Empty lives and soulless maneuverings by a person who I see to be truly without kindness. Nothing Rinna did was for the benefit of anyone except herself. And I hope it blows up in her face and ruins her “career” for a very long time. Any offers she got because of her exposure on RHOBH should be rescinded. I haven’t seen someone so totally devoid of good in a long time. She is a vulgar, empty piece of trash.
    With so many real things happening to real friends these hateful empty bitches need to go do some volunteering in a children’s cancer ward, and give a bunch of their money to someone else. It sure as hell doesn’t do them any good.

    1. ITA! LR has no compassion. I think she is actually cruel. Yo, Erika, ED, & LR are all cruel. Look at how she lied to ED after talking with Kim. ED didn’t witness any of these conversations & yet she acts like she was a witness. Erika has not been been able to answer 1 question about what she actually saw or heard LVP do. I can’t stand Yo, Erika, ED, or LR; they all need to go. Team LVP, Kathryn, & Kyle all the way!

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