Kyle Richards Dishes On RHOBH and Her Body Struggles


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards may always look stunning on the small screen, but in a new interview she is opening up about her body struggles.

“I don’t usually parade around in a bathing suit. I’ve just never really been like that,” she admitted.

“I have four kids. I’m 47. I just thought, ‘Fine, whatever! It’s certainly not going to get better, so I might as well.'”

Kyle shared that she puts a lot of effort into staying in shape. “I work out really hard,” she told The Daily Mail. “It’s not easy for me. My body tends to want to be curvy naturally so I have to really fight hard to stay thinner. I have to eat really little, two or three hundred calories every two-three hours and then I work out six days a week.”

Richards has previously admitted to going under the knife for a nose job and liposuction and admits she’s not opposed to more plastic surgery in the future. She said she would consider the idea of a facelift when she gets older.

“People say, ‘You have this, if you plump it up it would go away.’ But I’m like, I think I’d rather leave that and maybe one day pull it up,” she laughed. “The truth is, I’m really scared of those things, but I did have my nose done. And I was terrified but it wasn’t that bad.”

Kyle also dished about her new TV series. “It’s inspired by my life growing up,” Kyle explained. “It takes place in 1975. We kind of played with the years a little bit because I was actually younger than the character plays me in 1975. TV Land bought it so we did the pilot and then we wait to see if it goes to series actually pretty soon.”

Richards says she hopes her big sister Kim Richards will be able to be part of it. “If the show gets picked up and we go to series I would love for her to be involved in some aspect, absolutely,” she shared. “She has more memories of our childhood than me because she’s older.”

And as far as the new season of RHOBH she promises “travelling, glamour, fun and parties” along with “problems and issues as always.”

But she admits she’s not sure she’ll remain part of the cast until the show has run its course. “I don’t think it’s anything we could say for sure in it for the long haul,” Kyle said. “At this point I take it a season at a time. We’ve all quit a million times. And then we come back. Lisa and I always joke like, ‘Are we doing it again?'”

She added, “But the truth is we love our production company, we’re close to everybody. Our crew is like family, so it’s part of the whole package. It’s not just the show but it’s a part of our life now.”

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  1. Oh Kathy Hilton would really love Kyle to reveal their “lives” on a TV show, especially if it portrays their nasty monster of a mom, or Kim’s sad life exposing herself unwillingly to those perverts who took advantage of her as a child.

  2. It’s nice to hear someone admit how hard it is to stay in shape as you get older! She looks good being curvy! Far better than being scrawny like some of the HW, (Rinna) You need those extra few pounds as you age or you just look like an old hag! (Rinna)

    1. Very nicely put. I have always thought Kyle is beautiful, really lovely. And her children are all beautiful, polite kids, too. They have their moments, and anyone who says theirs didn’t or don’t, are fibbing. Yeah, Rinna and a few of the OC girls are way, way too thin. Skelly looking IMO.

      1. Hello Suze and 3Ds ❤️❤️❤️ Kyle is gorgeous in my opinion and as I’ve said here before, she keeps getting better and better looking lol

          1. She sure does! I would say if all the HW , I love her clothes the best in terms of what I personally would wear ❤️❤️ Of course LVP and others have exquisite taste too but not things that I personally would wear or that would look good on me. Kyle always looks lovely AND comfortable xoxox

            1. You know I love Lisa and would love one of her outfits but just to sell! I like some of Kyle’s clothes not all but I don’t know who I would chose if I had to pick one. None of OC, NY or ATL for sure.

              1. Oh the OC ladies look horrible in my opinion lol. I don’t watch NY and only watched one season of Atlanta ( wasn’t impressed) . So the BH ladies are hands down the best dressed

      1. Apart from not being boobilicious I guess I could be described as curvy and I’m quite happy that way! Xoxoxoxxo I hate these people that shame a woman for having curves as Shannon in OC does. So what I say!

        1. 🙂 actually as we get older , it’s healthier to have a little meat on you, ask any doctor. I don’t know how any women who criticize Shannon are not aware of this phenomenon called MENOPAUSE:)

          1. Why do they call it menopause? Maybe by the way I felt at that time all men (including hubbie) were on a pause button at times.

            1. Good question Suze!! 🙂 I think men go through Mano-pause , they just call it ‘midlife crisis ‘ lol. When will society admit that men can be as moody and temperamental as women ? The only difference is that men internalize that moodiness while women express it (maybe a bit too much at times) xoxo . But since we live in a sexist world, it benefits men to paint women as insane , insufferable , unreasonable moody cows LOL .

              1. I think men are far moodier, my hubbie is or was, when I am I get over it quickly, he didn’t speak to me once (in the early days) for three days because we ran out of Heinz baked beans! 36 years later and I still remind him about it. XOxoxoxo
                What would we do without them that’s the problem!

                1. Wow, that seems petty. Let’s hope he got better with age. I feel for you.
                  I think I might have never bought beans again after that! XOXO

                  1. Wow Suze ❤️❤️❤️ Hello Sandy xoxo
                    The only way my marriage survived this long is because my husband is very mellow . He had 4 sisters so he is used to the perils of estrogen lol. I admit that most of the time I’m the one starring shit , not proud of that , just a fact. When he’s in a funk , he goes to the quiet room and I know he wants to be alone and not to be disturbed. When I’m in a funk , I take it out on him LOL . I kid, I kid xoxo
                    Luckily my husband grew on a farm so he’s used to dealing with moody unreasonable cows 🙂

                    1. LOL…oh dear god, Rain, I swear we are cut from the same cloth. I rant, rave, go all pyscho on my hubby. He just looks at me and has learned not to say, “are you done”. I’m all better after I let it out and all is good. He knows it’s not him, but stupid mentalpause. Oh, and by the way, I would give a gift of a case of beans as a birthday gift to him every single year. Teach him not to play that shit. LOL 🙂 Love you all. This made my day.

                  2. He learnt the hard way that it didnt get him anywhere! Luckily he doesn’t do these things any more. I think he started the manopause at 30 but has grown out of it now!

                    1. LOL…oh goodness, Suze. Mine still gets cranky if we don’t have dinner by a certain time. Then again, we are Italian and food is everything. Still, some days he’s lucky the wooden spoon doesn’t end up where the sun doesn’t shine 🙂

              2. Good Morning all you gorgeous ladies…Yes, Kyle is very pretty and always dresses nicely. Woman have curves, embrace it, enhance it, show it off, never hide or try to be something else just for a man! I’m only 5′ tall and have boobies. Yup, good ole menopause (my cousins and I call it mentalpause) makes you gain weight. I just eat less, walk more. Gravity pulls on your muscles too. Eventually, I’ll be able to put a piece of gum on one of my boobs and be able to pick up a penny on the sidewalk. All good in my world!! You go Kyle. Stay gorgeous and be you. And, all my other HW bloggers you bunch of hot ladies, keep on rocking it.

                p.s. yes, men go through it too. I finally convinced my hubby to let his hair grey as he was coloring it, oh, please. He looks so much better. Though he’s a cutie pie anyway (today…tomorrow, I may hate him—mentalpause)

                Peace and love

                1. What The ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Suze and I were the shortest women here so now we have a sister 🙂 . I’m 5’2 and yup with knockers to boot. At my age , as I would around my hair, my boobs sweep the floor 🙂
                  Who even started that thing where women should be like boys ?? I’m sure a fashion designer somewhere who doesn’t know women’s bodies
                  And yes let your hubbys grey hair shine though!!! Love you ❤️❤️❤️

                  1. I knew you would make me laugh too! Love ya!
                    I have a new one now. I kept having wet spots on top of my pajama top…not always, but at night before I go to bed. I realized as I rinsed my teeth after brushing them and leaned over the sink, my bosom touched the wet sink and became wet. Now I try to hold them up with one arm as I lean over. Maybe if I was taller…I am 5′ 5″ …

                    1. That’s funny Sandy, not a problem I have ever had! Compared to Rain, What The and myself you are a giant! Xoxoxox

                    2. Gravity has that effect! Things are lower than they used to be! LOL!
                      I won’t wear a bra to bed, but I have a relative who did just that for years! I was stunned…still am! (And she is probably an A cup?!)

                    3. Or, the crumbs that seem to accumulate. I always turn my back to people when I have to get off the subway, but my boobs will press up against someone. I tried sucking them in and almost fainted from the lack of oxygen.

                    4. I am all torso…not leggy. Also I have not measured myself lately. I probably lost an inch by now! That WAS my height?! 🙁

                    5. Sandy, I hate wearing them anyway so the thought of wearing a bra to bed is boggling! I could understand it if you were huge but not with little ones!

                    6. I know! I don’t get it, but the thought was that things would stay in their place and not move if supported. Wearing a girdle (yes, my mom always did) is something my sister always did for years, and she is a size zero and never more than a size 4. No jiggling…at all.

                  2. Morning my HW friends!!!! As I’m reading your posts about height and boobs, I realize I’m the exact opposite almost 6′ and can stand facing a wall and my little boobies would never even come close to the wall….and yet….you love and accept me….! My sweet sweet HW friends…I hope all is well with each and everyone! XOXOX

                    As far as the show, I’m hoping to see a more sassy side of Kyle…I think I see one in there – if she can get past “what would Lisa want me to do”…

                    1. True kt, we want what we don’t have lol. But usually big boobs are a NO NO on super modeles so you fit perfectly ❤️❤️

                2. You made me LOL! You are petite and sweet! Your comment sounded like one of Rain’s about your boobs! 😀 Gravity has that effect…yes!

          2. How true, Rain. A little extra is good to have. It seems all we see are anorexic looks on the screen, and it is nice to see healthy once in a while. Some are lucky to be naturally thin, but that is not the majority, and many feel like skinny is the only way to be, especially with all the body shaming that is out there, sadly.
            How are you Rain? Any protests near you after the election?

            1. Yes lots of protests last night but I’m sure it will calm down. Amongst the concerns is that LGBT will lose marriage Rights and equality. I sure hope not ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                1. I just wish these social issues and rights were not part of political tug of war between the parties. Focus on economy and other major issues and make your arguement , and leave the social issues out of the platform . Don’t need government in my bedroom , thank you very much . How has gay marriage affected anybody else’s marriage really? ZERO!!

                    1. Thank you Sandy ❤️❤️ And the protests will stop in a day or 2 . I think people are just venting. I wish he would reassure LGBT, Muslims , immigrants that they are safe and have nothing to worry about. I think there is genuine fear amongst certain groups .

                    2. ITA Rain. Alienating any race, religion or group in any way makes for very unhappy people. It is wrong, and something should be done to reassure these people that they have nothing to fear. I hope no one retaliates in a big way, really.
                      Hopefully there are advisors who will advise the president elect to deal with this in a good way and get his priorities in order. We shall see.

                    3. Democracy is hard work !! Every cycle half the country feels defeated and bitter for a while. Sadly, ugly rhetoric keeps escalating each cycle . The irony is that voters say they want clean campaigns with no mud slinging , but of course that’s nonsense because quite a few of them live for this drama and cheer for more. Nobody’s hand is clean in this cycle but let’s leave election rhetoric behind and try and unite. As I get older , im finding myself disagreeing with some of my party’s platform and not just willing to sign on the dotted line. However , I did it this time because the other option was really NOT an option. I’m finding aspects of Libertarianism quite encouraging , as a valid 3rd option . The idea of a party that’s socially liberal but fiscally conservative should be appealing to some people. Next time though, I hope they nominate someone who stayed awake in Geography class.

                1. Agreed. I’m afraid that strides we have made in the past 50 yrs will go backward. But, we have to keep the faith. I say love is love. Be with the one you love and be happy. It hasn’t affected me only warms my heart.

              1. They have protests in NY too and elsewhere, like L.A. Hopefully, the house and senate will keep things in order and not have any marriage rights taken away or anything.
                This has been a difficult election. So much was said. I hope it all calms down.
                Now people in NY who live in or near (the blocks surrounding) the Trump Tower where Donald lives are not happy about all the police presence and protesters either.

  3. I’ve read so many posts by people in another ‘private” reality forum tearing Kyle apart year after year for “weight gain”, usually based on nothing more than the strength of not liking her. It’s silly . To see her in real life (you can at her shop), the woman is practically an elf. A size four on her will obviously photograph larger on film, but she’s actually miniscule. It’s not lost on me that her critics have often been people well into the double digits in size and don’t look anywhere near as pulled together as she does. As much as I love the traditional model or ballerina physique I also love real life, curves too. I grew up watching tv where we had the Ann Margrets, Sophia Lorens, Bernadette Stanisis (Thelma from “Good Times” ) being loved just as much as the ultra slim Lauren Huttons and Diana Rosses – there was a lot more room for various body types to be celebrated back in those days

    1. Sophia Loren is a Goddess. She has said that she keeps her figure by eating pasta everyday. I say just be you, be healthy and happy. The airbrushed models in magazines are human clothes hangers. They don’t represent what every day beautiful woman look like. Kyle is a gorgeous curvy everyday woman. She’s beautiful as we all are.

      1. I have a cousin like that. She is gorgeous and not young anymore, but still sexy, curvy and very Italian American. 😉 She was always gorgeous too. Sophia looks great.

          1. Mynsister has better skin than me. She is more olive and avoided the sun a lot in her youth, so she looks great…and she is naturally thin…and leggy…but only about 5’1″. She used to look like Susan Lucci, but Lucci never aged yet!

      2. Do you know that when I used to live in Milan I ate pasta freely and would LOSE weight after 2 months or so? I discovered it wasn’t necessarily the pasta that was a problem (I generally stay away from refined carbs to avoid Type 2 diabetes which runs in my mom’s family), but it was the combination of things I ate WITH the pasta that could make it problematic or not. Add that to the normal city life requiring you to walk around a lot, and that exercise really kept my metabolism on point! I always remembered Sophia’s quote about eating pasta every day and smiled a lot every time I thought of it at lunch time!

    2. I was on a cruise years ago and I was a lot lighter then. Probably 135 lbs. Regis Philbin was ahead of me in line at the Buffet. A couple of days later I had my picture taken with him. I am 5’3″ and I looked like Hulk Hogan beside him. His wife Joy was smaller. After seeing how tiny he was I could only imagine how small Kelly Ripa is.

            1. I’m ok sweetie, just getting to grips with the new treatment but feeling a bit better today! You are so sweet xoxoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Daisy, is your hub on Thyroid medication? He should make sure his levels of thyroid hormone are normal. If not, he may need adjustment in his dose.
      I wrote it here, since there was no reply button.

  4. Hi Sandy lovely , yes he is on meds. It’s almost time for his check up. Last time his levels were good . He also has ckd . So at this point he is just a grumpy butt. Oh well I’m sure that I would be too . I hope everything is going good for you and that your hubby’s treatments are going smoothly

    1. It sounds like he has a lot to deal with, Daisy. I hope he feels better and not so grumpy. The CKD can affect the mood a bit as well.
      Hubby is doing fine, thank you. Only 5 more radiation treatments to go, so he will finish them next week. He is in good spirits, and just tired a lot more lately. He gets moody a times, but he is taking hormones to suppress the male hormones, so he gets hot flashes at times…real men opause. That will be for two more years. We will get through it.
      My young son is moving back home, so they can talk sports and that is good for him. It helps!

      1. Sandy sweetie , I’m so glad he’s responding so well to his treatments . That’s nice that your son is moving back . I will keep you all in my prayers . Sandy sweetie please don’t forget to take care of yourself . I know how us women tend to be caretakers to everyone else and put ourselves on the back burner ( so to speak ) love you dear , take care

        1. Thanks, Daisy, Rain and Suze. You are all awesome! I pray you will all be well and only happiness and good health for you and your families. ❤️
          Yes, children can help a lot! I love having my boys home, though only one will live here now. My other son is very set and lives in NYC.
          Our little dog is great therapy too. He turns 2 on Nov, 27. He was born on Thanksgiving in 2014. He really is special and still thinks he is a puppy…and just about ten pounds…looks like one. 😉
          Love you special ladies here. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Loved the bra and boob discussion. When I worked the bra was undone the minute I was in the door. Now I only where one if I have company over or am going out. Mine aren’t big or small they are just long.

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