Kyle Richards Dishes On RHOBH and Her Body Struggles


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards may always look stunning on the small screen, but in a new interview she is opening up about her body struggles.

“I don’t usually parade around in a bathing suit. I’ve just never really been like that,” she admitted.

“I have four kids. I’m 47. I just thought, ‘Fine, whatever! It’s certainly not going to get better, so I might as well.'”

Kyle shared that she puts a lot of effort into staying in shape. “I work out really hard,” she told The Daily Mail. “It’s not easy for me. My body tends to want to be curvy naturally so I have to really fight hard to stay thinner. I have to eat really little, two or three hundred calories every two-three hours and then I work out six days a week.”

Richards has previously admitted to going under the knife for a nose job and liposuction and admits she’s not opposed to more plastic surgery in the future. She said she would consider the idea of a facelift when she gets older.

“People say, ‘You have this, if you plump it up it would go away.’ But I’m like, I think I’d rather leave that and maybe one day pull it up,” she laughed. “The truth is, I’m really scared of those things, but I did have my nose done. And I was terrified but it wasn’t that bad.”

Kyle also dished about her new TV series. “It’s inspired by my life growing up,” Kyle explained. “It takes place in 1975. We kind of played with the years a little bit because I was actually younger than the character plays me in 1975. TV Land bought it so we did the pilot and then we wait to see if it goes to series actually pretty soon.”

Richards says she hopes her big sister Kim Richards will be able to be part of it. “If the show gets picked up and we go to series I would love for her to be involved in some aspect, absolutely,” she shared. “She has more memories of our childhood than me because she’s older.”

And as far as the new season of RHOBH she promises “travelling, glamour, fun and parties” along with “problems and issues as always.”

But she admits she’s not sure she’ll remain part of the cast until the show has run its course. “I don’t think it’s anything we could say for sure in it for the long haul,” Kyle said. “At this point I take it a season at a time. We’ve all quit a million times. And then we come back. Lisa and I always joke like, ‘Are we doing it again?'”

She added, “But the truth is we love our production company, we’re close to everybody. Our crew is like family, so it’s part of the whole package. It’s not just the show but it’s a part of our life now.”

Photo Credit: Bravo