Kyle Richards Dishes On RHOBH, Marriage, & More!

Kyle Richards is known for being very protective of her hunky husband, Mauricio, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She recently sat down with PARADE Magazine and talked about how she maintains a healthy marriage while the cameras are rolling, what we can expect on Season 3, the dark times the women have gone through together, and more! Read what Kyle had to say below!

When asked what the secret is to making her marriage work when so many others are crumbling around her, Kyle answers, “I think it’s really about not getting caught up in the show and making your family your number one priority. For us, we have our own personal ways that we like to stay grounded, like the spiritual aspect of our lives. Whether you go to church or temple, I think it’s important to have that in your life. I think that’s probably what keeps us grounded.”

As far as what we can expect this season on RHOBH, Kyle reveals, “Well, after watching us for two seasons, I know the fans know that it’s going to be a rocky season! There’s some new women in the mix, and there’s a lot of drama and real life issues that you’ll see all of us go through as well as a lot of fun and glamour.”

When asked why she decided to continue to do the show, after the negativity that can come with it, Kyle says, “For me, whether I came back or not this season wasn’t about my family because they’ve always been fine with it. My kids, they’re not impressed with the show. They come on if they walk into a room, but they don’t really care about being on the show and they’re not affected by it. It was a personal decision, but I also really thought a lot of good can come from doing these shows and we do have a lot of fun in spite of all the drama.”

Next, Kyle dishes on New Housewife, Yolanda Foster, “I’ve known Yolanda from around town over the years and she’s beautiful and glamorous and very together. I’m excited to have her join the show. She’s a wonderful addition.”

As far as the dark times some of the ladies on the show have been through, Kyle says that they always rally around each other in time of need. Camille’s divorce, Taylor’s husband’s suicide, and now Adrienne’s divorce. “We’ve all watched each other go through so many difficult things in the past few years, and we really do rally around each other, but obviously there are times that we clash, and we’ve had issues within our own group that we’ve had to work through, so it’s not always easy.”

Lastly, how does Kyle like watching herself on TV? She jokes, “We get the DVDs a week early, so we can write our blogs for Bravo TV, so my family always jokes when the FedEx comes and we hear it drop on the doorstep. We gasp for air and just look at it and stare at it a while before we have the courage to open the envelope. Sometimes there’s things in the episode where I go, ‘That was so much fun! I’m really glad we got to do this,’ and other times I dread what I’m seeing and I dread some of the things I’ve done or said.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images