Kyle Richards Dishes On How She Keeps Her Marriage Strong


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is dishing on how she keeps her marriage to Mauricio Umansky spicy and strong after being married for eighteen years and being in the limelight.

“I think that respecting each other as individuals and just making each other a priority for date night, I know that sounds like such a cliche but it’s true,” she tells Parade. “We just like to keep our family tight and together all the time, I think that really gives you a strong foundation. I think it also has to do with the planets aligning, too.”

“We usually just go for sushi or Italian food and just sit in a booth together and talk,” Kyle said of their date nights. “We try not to make everything about the kids and talk about other things, work, whatever’s going on in our lives.”

And when she’s not focused on being a mother and a wife, Kyle reveals she makes time for herself by indulging in The Real Housewives shows.

“They’re fun to watch,” says Kyle, who has known Bethenny Frankel for decades and also considers NeNe Leakes a friend. “It’s interesting to me not only as a viewer, but as a fellow housewife to watch these shows. I also like Fargo and Shameless. My favorite other Housewives are probably Orange County and New Jersey.”

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  • Lia

    Kyle I think Maricio is eating his sushi without you!!!

  • DebBrenn

    Really, she should just shut her mouth if she doesn’t want to end up embarrassed. It’s kind of common knowledge among people who know him.

  • Teresa

    Kyle tries hard to do the right things with him. And her children. Still I also think she is embarrassing herself too. Love is blind.

  • Jo

    I love her! She has a happy marriage for now, so be it. Haters gonna hate.

    • DebBrenn

      Jo, It’s not “hate.” It’s fact. And if she still doesn’t know it, she should at least realize that she brings it to the forefront (like she accused Lisa of doing) and she reminds us all of his infidelities by consenting to an article on how she keeps her marriage strong. I frankly don’t understand her. She had a great opportunity to laugh it off as rumor when Lisa brought it up. That would have been her best opportunity to end the speculation on how she reacted. But she made it a bigger deal and a bigger story line by freaking out over it on TV. Now she accepts an article that is basically a how-to on keeping your man faithful when it’s well known to many that he isn’t.

  • Lisa

    Looking the other way can do wonders for your wallet, so I have heard!