Kyle Richards Discusses Working Behind The Scenes With Lady Gaga


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is dishing what it was like to work with Lady Gaga. The cast of the RHOBH just starred in Gaga’s new music video, G.U.Y. and Kyle is revealing what it was like to work with the pop princess behind the scenes.

“The first day on the set Lady Gaga came in to see Lisa [Vanderpump] and me and to thank us for being there,” Kyle reveals. “She said how excited she was that we were a part of the video and I was thinking “You’re excited?? Imagine how I feel?!”

“She went through the wardrobe that she wanted Lisa and me to wear,” Kyle says. “She kept saying she wanted us to feel beautiful. She had a very specific idea of how she wanted us to look. She was so sweet, thoughtful and engaging. The first day of shooting was supposed to be a few hours but ended up being more like 12 because she is such a perfectionist. I was so impressed watching her direct and the attention to detail was unbelievable. She was hands on 100% and knew exactly what she wanted all the way down to the smallest detail. She is truly a creative genius.”

“By the time we were filming at the Castle we were all laughing and joking,” she says. “My sister Kim [Richards] joked to Lady Gaga that she had created a monster in me and that she probably couldn’t get me to go home because I was loving it way too much. This was the most fun experience ever! I’m so grateful she wanted us to be a part of this.”

Kyle adds, “It was surreal for me when Gaga would talk about the show and discuss her take on things that have happened.”

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  1. Lisa, I love this look and it got me thinking… You should be in the next Bond Film! Maybe a new character alongside Q you could be V !!!

    OK Readers, what do you think?

    Oh and Lisa, if you should possible read this I would love your thoughts on this and I wish you and Ken the best. Team Lisa and Ken !!!

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