Kyle Richards: I Didn’t Make Lisa Cry, I Deserved An Answer


Kyle Richards stopped by Watch What Happens Live Monday night to answer some questions about the RHOBH episode and why she didn’t believe Lisa about the tabloid story. Thanks to RealityTea we have some of the transcript of what Kyle had to say when answering viewer questions.

“This came at a time where the women kept bringing up the tabloids over and over and over again and it was a sore subject with my husband and last year Lisa didn’t exactly take my word the first time I told her something. I’ve never lied to Lisa EVER. Yeah, so I’m being told, and everyone says “Brandi is the truth cannon! She tells the truth! She’s so honest!” Kyle explains.

Kyle tries to explain why she didn’t believe Lisa on the beach when she said she didn’t have anything to do with the tabloids. “What happened was we left that day, my husband Mauricio was really upset. Mauricio thought ‘If we’re hearing this, why would you sit there and be nice?’ I feel like he felt i wasn’t defending him as his wife. I signed up for this, he didn’t.  It was a sore subject and so we got back to the hotel and he was like “I don’t want to be around this crowd anymore. I didn’t sign up for this I’ve walked a straight line my whole life, this is not fair to me.” He did feel like I didn’t defend him. I felt like i needed to get to the bottom of it.  Here I’m being told Brandi’s the truth cannon, I don’t know. So I wanted to ask with them both there so I’d have a clear answer,” she says.

Kyle also revealed that she didn’t believe the women ganged up on Lisa. “No, honestly I felt like Brandi and Yolanda had their own friendship issues with her,” Kyle said. “I went over there not knowing what was going on. And then they told me. I did go back and talk to her about it but i can see where it would seem like that but everybody had.”

“I don’t think it was me who made Lisa cry. I deserved an answer, she would’ve asked me if someone told her that,” Kyle insisted.

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  • Andrea

    Yes Kyle! You deserved an answer from Lisa especially after her comments in the past about Mauricio.

  • One Rotten Egg

    Kyle did deserve an answer and was given it . problem is she asked again and again. If You don’t believe Lisa, then move on but why ask over and over. It is she said she said and actions do prove louder than words–look at all the actions by Brandi’s “truths” that have recently come out. Way to go Kyle and Mauricio.

  • She already had her answer. She just didn’t like it. Different animals and no justification for instigating another feeding frenzy.

  • DebBrenn

    Mauricio was desperate to change the subject. Kyle is desperate to keep him. And Brandi is desperate enough to say anything that will get her what she wants: to break up any chance Kyle and Lisa have at a friendship again. The “truth cannon” Brandi has now been caught in how many lies? How many times has she said something outrageous with the purpose of hurting someone? Who encouraged Kyle to believe Brandi over Lisa? Could it be Yolanda, Kim, and Brandi – the trio who are out to get Lisa any way they can over the pettiest grievances of their own?

  • Oh please, you got the answer from Lisa and Ken, you just didn’t want to believe her and you wanted to start more crap—-you talked on the beach and she told you, then you asked over and over at the dinner table (what did you expect? ), you and you’re equally vile sister have no bounderies, manners or respect–you both act like juvenile children when you don’t get your way—time for the twit sisters to grow up and get over yourselves. You will never be in Lisa’s league because you are too dim witted as is kim. brandi & yolanda are equally jealous and vying for queen b status—-3 seasons of “take down Lisa” haven’t worked because the majority of viewer’s have seen how awful you are—you only laid low this season because of the “cheating rumors”, which are true (or you & mo would not be soooo upset), and also because you have a new clothing line to sell (which the clothes look pretty awful and geriatric), polyester went out in the 80’s…..

    • Anonymous

      100% true!

  • kyle do you ever notice how hypocritical you and kim are ?? you go on and on about Lisa’s nipplegate (at parties when many people are around) and she is not suppose to get offended— however she mentions something about the tabloid rumors in jest in you’re home (when no-one else is around) and you come unglued. kim goes beserk over that stupid graduation party and beats that dead horse over and over—yet she is openly rude and out of line many times to Lisa and Ken and yet they are not suppose to get offended. Do you see how twisted you & kim are ??? The viewer’s see it……I guess you both are so blinded by your jealousy of the Divine Lisa V…

  • After all the backstabbing comments and shade you have thrown Lisa’s way–you’d be lucky if she only picked up those stupid magazines and threw them in a suitcase, you deserve way more crap you’re way–maybe you are getting it with mo cheating (which everyone already knows)–you both look stupid trying to deny “a rumor”,
    You are looking for “tits on an ant” when it comes to Lisa—-
    Get a clue, everyone can see you seething with absolute jealousy over Lisa V. (a real successful businesswoman) – who you would like to be when you grow up.
    Please Go away and take the other twit sister with you—she needs mental help ASAP……

  • Margot

    Ya know I do understand why there are some pretty harsh comments here towards Kyle. Because of her past mean girl behavior towards some of the newer women who come and go on the show, she hasn’t exactly warranted much sympathy. This is true.

    But I think she’s gotten a lot of payback, karma so to speak, that’s come around as it always does. And I actually think this has given her something to think about. I think Kyle actually does have a good heart at the end of the day. I think like all women on these shows, you have to play hard to be a viable commodity on the show. I just always remember this is a manufactured show first, made for entertainment. And at the end of the day, I have a feeling that we just don’t ever really get to see the ‘real honest’ out takes of their genuine self examinations, you know what I mean?

    It’s all a Hollywood game orchestrated by the puppet masters. Real people just can’t really behave this way.

    Can they?

    • Tibi

      Evidently Kyle and Kim can and do. Ken and Lisa have been friends with them for a long time and have always been there for them, Brandi and Kyle and Kim have nothing but animosity between them yet it was obvious that Kyle pretended to believe Brandi in order to chastise Lisa. Lisa told her NO and yet she kept bringing it up. I guess that Kyle and Kim figured that if they screamed, screeched, cursed and berated Lisa long enough they would make people believe bad about her. All it did was show how despicable Kyle, Maury and Kim really are.

  • cackfc

    Kyle was clearly confused as both Brandi and Lisa were at the table and they both said something different. Someone was lying. You could also see it was clearly hurting Kyle as she fought to maintain her composure. Remember Lisa did lie about the necklace/ring comment she made with Carlton. Brandi was clearly telling the truth in that ordeal. I know Brandi’s history is doing what is in her best interest, however, she has not been a loud unruly drunk these last few episodes. I may have missed why she changed so am not aware of the reason, but kind of like the new Brandi. Lisa has been stirring the pot on a few episodes this season.
    As far as Brandi and Yolanda, they have no loyalty to anyone but themselves. Kyle has shown to me that she is a true friend to Lisa in the past and she feels betrayed by Lisa. These rumors have to be hurting her about her husband also. I understand her repeating the question because she did not get the same answer from Lisa and Brandi at the table. She wanted one of them to come clean and it is clear that one of them is still lying.
    I feel BETRAYAL is a horrible thing to go through. Brandi does not have to accept Sheena’s apology, she had no business being with a married man. That is one area I agree with Brandi for. She did forgive Sheena, but she never will forget what she and her husband did. I don’t blame her!!! If you don’t have trust to me in a relationship; no relationship can survive. I still love Lisa though, I feel she has too much to deal with now with both shows.

    • DebBrenn

      Just a few corrections, cackfc. 1) Lisa did not lie about the necklace. She didn’t SAY it didn’t go, she ASKED if it went. I don’t remember the exact comment Brandi followed that accusation up with, but it was at best misleading, and more probably an outright lie meant to tick off Kyle. It was something like, “Lisa told Carlton she shouldn’t take it.” 2) Brandi has only turned down a drink in the last episode. And she told us why. She wanted to be sober enough to go after Lisa effectively. 3) Lisa is stirring the pot?!?!? Brandi has whined and made allegations about Lisa to Kyle, even admitting Lisa never TOLD her to say anything, she somehow did it through mind control, I guess. Kyle only added fuel to the fire. Brandi whined and put down Lisa to Yolanda, and Yolanda encouraged her. And the list that makes Brandi angry is that she doesn’t want Lisa to be friends with Kyle, she doesn’t want Lisa to be nice to Sheena, and she thinks Lisa shouldn’t mother her but she should have controlled Brandi’s mouth. Yolanda has been putting Lisa down behind her back, over what? Choosing to finish her business meeting rather than do arts and crafts with half the group, and scheduling her husband’s birthday party, even after she learned Yolanda couldn’t attend. Kim’s also making mountains over molehills to vilify Lisa, repeatedly harping on her not coming to a party she’d already sent regrets for. Interesting, when this is exactly Kim’s glass house. By contrast, Lisa has tried to get Carlton to let it go with Kyle, instead of adding to her list of affronts, like Kyle does with everybody. Lisa’s other sin? She won’t fire a girl who has worked for her for 5 years which would allow Brandi to get a little revenge. Not to mention it wouldn’t be right, but what these non-business owners in the cast (Yolanda and Brandi) don’t understand is she’d have a hell of a lawsuit on her hands if she did.

  • Shieldmaiden

    This is the best summary ever. The cheating rumors about Mauricio have been around for years and now it is in a book IRise by Terry. Newman