Kyle Richards Defends Sister Kim Over Bunny, Talks Lisa Rinna

Kyle Richards went through a lot of drama this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and now she is breaking it down in a new interview on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro.

Kyle actually confessed something fans may not know after the dramatic season one finale with her sister Kim. “I did go to therapy after season one and the therapist put me on Lexapro because I was having panic attacks after the limo thing with my sister,” she shared. “It was too much. And I’m a very emotional person. So it was really, really hard.”

Kyle went on to say that the drama can be “really, really challenging, way more so than, you know, acting or remembering lines for me – one hundred percent. It’s very emotional and you carry it with you and it’s very anxiety provoking. ”

Kyle also explained where her sister Kim was coming from at the reunion when she tried to give Lisa Rinna back the bunny she had bought for her grandson. Kim “did not feel it was sincere from Lisa Rinna. It was on camera, she felt like it was like trying to look like she was, you know, trying to make amends,” says Kyle, “but it wasn’t authentic is what Kim felt, so she didn’t want to give her grandson this bunny that she felt like had a bad… juju… so she brought it back at the reunion.”

Kyle insists she had no idea Kim brought the bunny, which is why she shut down. “I plug my ears when she pulled out the bunny – it’s so funny, I go like this and I plugged my ears, but it was first ‘Oh my God like Kim has balls.’ She does. And I knew that she meant what she was saying and I was like ‘Oh my gosh.’”

As for Rinna being upset at Kyle’s jokes about her lips? “I’m like you joke about your lips all day long, you know you have all these emojis with the big lips and the zipper with the lip, I’m like, I mean…sorry!”

Thank you to RealityTea for transcribing Kyle’s interview!

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Kyle can actually do good if the meds she announced to help her anxiety can benefit others–IF SHE ACTUALLY SHOWS HOW they help her behave while filming!

That might be difficult since it was at the end of season one, 6 years ago.


Kim did it, Kim can explain it….and she can also suffer the consequences. Stay out of it, Kyle.

Cannot stand Kyle !!!

over it……

Truth be told, I am likely the only person in the world who didn’t give two hoots that Kim gave back that bunny. I find it overblown and not nearly as egregious as other shenanigans that have been pulled on the show, e.g. someone implying their cast mate’s husband was an adulterer (Camille vs. Kyle), having your Psychic Friend gleefully declare at a dinner table they can predict your enemy’s death (Camille vs. Kyle), hiding someone’s crutches at a party (the Richards vs. Brandi) publicly outing a cast mate as not being the biological other of her children (Brandy vs.… Read more »
I LOVE “The Amityville bunny” reference, very nice! I have never liked Kim, but I agree with every word you just said accept it was Kim that hid the crutches, and Kyle didn’t know till the end of the night. She wasn’t there when BG was looking for them. I think that night she was so concerned about Kim, nothing else mattered. Kim came to that stupid party looking to me like she just got out of bed. Her make-up was smeared all over her face, and Kim always hides in bathrooms when she is using and boozing. I think… Read more »

Fair assessments all (nodding head with an “mmm hmm”)!

I agree with everything you said Wine and Roses. I wish I had your memory. I forgot half the incidents you cited. Good job.

When my husband and I met and got married over 37 years ago he brought to our shared house some wedding gifts from his first marriage. Some pieces of furniture and decorative stuff. I only got rid of the last of those wedding gifts (crystal glasses wine, sherry etc) 7 years ago. It never bothered me. I thought they were nice and we couldn’t afford nice wine glasses etc so I kept and used them. Can you tell I don’t really believe in the bad juju? I’m being a bad West Indian for feeling that way. Since I grew up… Read more »

Goodness Michelle, Did not know you’re from Barbados, my sister lives there & I’m from Trinidad & Tobago originally myself. Do you still live there?

Oh wow Starr….I was born in Trinidad but grew up in Barbados. All my fathers family are Trinis and my mother’s family are Bajans. I still have an aunt in Port of Spain though everyone else have pretty much left.

No, I live here in the States now. South Florida. From my family I’m the only person living outside of Bim (God’s retirement home). I’m actually going down next Thursday for the weekend to celebrate Mother’s day with the whole damn gang.

Sweet you’re born in Trinidad. When did you leave?

Oh, enjoy with the family. I love B’dos myself. Dont travel much anymore–health. I have tons of family in Trinidad & I mean tons. It was a wonderful place to grow up in, I have so many happy memories. Everyone so friendly & helpful, always will be. I love West Indian food, stewed chicken, rice, provisions, kalaloo soup, sancoche soup, saltfish & dumplings & all curried dishes.etc: Unfortunately my family does not, so I rarely ever cook the above. Plus, I am a vegetarian because of my deep love for animals. We had the same experience when the Queen visited,… Read more »

Oh I forgot to answer your last question. I left the day after I was married & moved to Boston, but returned many times thereafter.
In the early years we lived in Wood Brooke & then we moved to Good Wood Park. Both in the P.O.S area you could say.

So nice to know there is a fellow Ohioan on here. Here in NE Ohio we have had quite a few thunderstorms yesterday and today. Have a good daySunshine.

I find it suspect that Kim returned that bunny on National TV. She couldn’t just throw it away and be done with it? No way! She used the bunny to bring attention to herself and provide possible story line material for future appearances or a permanent spot on the show. For something she felt was “bad juju”, she held on to it long enough to bring it to the reunion. Kim needs to focus on her recovery and quit carrying around resentment for someone she can choose not to have in her life. Don’t like Lisa Rinna? Stay away from… Read more »

This is a test…only a test…

Good morning hot mama

You mean you can ‘see’ me???? I don’t know what happened…I had to do a new profile!! I’ve missed my friends!!!

We missed you to sweetie. Rain and I named you queen of the hot mama’s

Awwww….y’all are too kind!!! I’m so far behind, I haven’t had a chance to watch the last reunion. We went to Nashville or Nashvegas and had a blast!
How are you?

You didn’t miss much. How was your vacation. Sounds fun

It was a lot of fun! We did it up right! Too many drinks, too much food and too much fun! It rained more than not (which is why a beach trip is necessary), but didn’t stop us! I was a little skeptical going to Nashville and now I’m hooked!!! Loved every minute!

You work so hard, I’m glad you had a great vacation. You deserve it. We live about 30 miles from a beach and I never go

Daisy…I’m jelly!!!!!!!!

Don’t be babe. Our the beach around here are nasty

That’s too bad….

It’s ok. Not really a big fan of sand in my crack so it’s all good

They lost you? That is weird. It is great to see you again. We were all wondering if you were on a long vacation or something. Was that gala in Nashville? I know it must be a great town with a lot of very musical and artsy types living there. I only stopped at the airport in Nashville once or twice on the way back to NJ from PR, as a country star exited the plane, many years ago. Funny, the flight attendant told us we could use the bathroom in First Class because ours was not working or something,… Read more »

The system wasn’t allowing me to post…so I made a different profile?! The gala was in Dallas, it was beautiful. A lot of ‘fancy’ people with me and the hubs – ha! We always feel a little out of place just because we choose to live a more simple life.
Eddie Rabbitt that’s great. We missed Brad Paisley at Tootsies by 30 minutes.

kt! You made it! Welcome back!

I don’t know what happened..thank you!
How are you?

That happened to me too a while back, I couldn’t post. It was so frustrating if I had something to say. When it is days later, people are over it and no one to discuss it with. So glad you made it thru the weird and treacherous winds of the internet. Welcome back.

I tried to reply below after the offer of a ride, but it did that disappearing act, then it won’t post. So, thank you SO much. It has been too long, my kids were early teens,and my Pit Boss rode his Harley to the work party. He took me puttin’, and I think it was the first and only time my hubby was jealous. We have to keep those husbands on their toes, right? Haha.

Kim’s actions were totally a stunt move, but I remain confused as to why people think that Kim embarassing Rinna by giving her back a gift on television is anywhere in the same ballpark as Rinna spreading rumors (or since Rinna had no knowledge and made them up, lies) that Kim was not sober and was near death. Those two things are not even close to being on the same level. Rinna had much worse coming, frankly.

Hi baby doll. How are you

I’m lazy too. Ugh but I have work and Dr today so ya know

Rainnnnnn… are YOU?

Good Morning Sunshine. I am sorry I missed this until today. You are so sweet. We are doing well here, thankfully. Hubby had surgery Monday and was checked by the eye doc yesterday, and all is well. He went back to work today. His vision is so much better in that eye now. He sees the doc next week, and they will discuss his other eye…which was the clearer eye, but it does also have a cataract. He has to wear those dark sunglasses when outside but not forever. It is bright and sunny here today, and I just took… Read more »

Hey Rain! What happened? kt was here and then she disappeared? Maybe she was busy.
Nice to see you kt! It is great to hear that you had a great time in Nash Vegas. 🙂

Haha I don’t know about that. I just got dressed and I look like a 20 pound Turkey stuffed in to a 5 pound bag

I don’t know about that – there were a lot of hot chicks – with bigger boobs who filled our their dress. LOL

Hi again Sunshine! I am keeping my fingers crossed about the kidney stone. He is to have lithotripsy for the remaining kidney stone that is three times larger than the last 2 stones in the last few months. They will use ultrasound to blast it to bits…that hopefully will pass more easily. That is next on the agenda, later in the month, since they would not do it so close to the eye surgery. It is no fun getting older.
Thanks for your concern. XOXO

So the Lithotripsy (I’m assuming that’s some kind of lazer?) is to blast the 2 larger pieces into smaller bits so they can pass easier? Lordie Lordie….no such thing as passing easier at all! By the way, drinking lots of coconut water will help them pass faster along the way (as per the Caribbean doctors). Your poor hubby. Good luck.

You’re too sweet. I’m hot and a chunky monkey

I think I just wrote that to Sunshine at the top of this page. He went back to work today. He had the surgery Monday on the one eye and sees so much better already. He was at the doc’s yesterday for a checkup and he is doing even better than expected, so he is very happy. Now he will have to have the other eye done…not sure when. He sees the doc next week. The kidney stone is the next thing to have blasted…near the end of the month, and I need to get that date, myself. It is… Read more »

Hi Sandy. I’m so happy that the hubby is doing better. I hope everything goes good for your sister. You guy’s are in my prayers

Thanks so much, Daisy. You are sweet. My sister is so concerned about her husband, she sometimes just does not think about her own health. She was on her way, with him, to one of his doctors today when I called her. He usually drives, but he has a world of health issues, and she is the one with better health. Then she has “a friend” who had heart issues and surgery, and now she is worried about surgery. I told her not to worry herself sick listening to stories from friends. Well, she did have some big disagreement with… Read more »

Sandy, this is not my business to be sure, but we give my mom a small dose of citalopram every day for anxiety since Dad died, a very small dose, and it has made a total difference in her health and nervous energy. Again, not my business, it just helped so much.

Thanks, Sunshine. It is hard for me since I don’t live too near her, and my niece does talk with me about her, but she is too self absorbed herself to do very much and she also has been very difficult at times. My niece did go to the doctor with her, anyway. I cam talk my sister, but I cannot talk with her doctor, due to privacy laws.

That’s so sad Sandy. We as women tend to put everything ahead of us. I hope she can get some answers soon. It’s very sad that some children forget everything that ones parents do for them. I hope that they will work it out

I think the money and power went to his head. He has become cold as a result, and that is worrisome. I also think, by what I am hearing, that he has a drinking problem. I told my sister that you cannot reason with someone who is drinking like he is, and then she says alcoholism is not in our families? She is some sort of denial, saying alcoholism does not run in our families. She did say she knows he drinks a lot, and even said his speech was slurred when he last called her in a rant about… Read more »

That’s all so very sad. Alcoholism doesn’t have to run in family for someone to have it. Sometimes you just have step away and let them figure it out. My sister spoiled her children beyond belief and yes I see things in them that will be problematic in the years to come. I tried to talk to her about it but that didn’t go over well

Daisy, I understand. She would tell me how difficult her children were when younger, and I would say that you cannot reward negative behavior. She went on doing the same thing and did not listen. Even when we could afford more, we did not just buy lots of things for our boys. They had to earn them, like with a good report card, or for a holiday like a birthday or Christmas. We never just bought them things like new cars. They drove older cars after high school that we chose. They got summer jobs. They did very well in… Read more »

Sweetie trust me I do understand. I can’t say too much here but I do

It sounds like you did a great job mama

We are so alike in our parenting beliefs. All one can do is our best, and good parents do that. It comes natural to some, it was for me. I had a friend who said to me she would have more kids if they behaved like mine. her little girl ran her Mom, and what a little brat she was. She, the mom, said to me one day “do you just MAKE them do it?” I was confused, and said, “Yes.” I had the chance the next day to be an example. My 2 year old had a little tantrum,… Read more »

Vent all you like. That’s what we are here for, and we care.

Why, I wonder, like the weird Eden, do people think it HAS to be in the blood? If your ( the universal “your”) drinking causes problems in your life, then you have a drinking PROBLEM. Only the person themselves, and maybe the closest ones know if they have an alcoholic on their hands. I wondered what you thought when Eden was being so strange when Kim said she was getting a little anxious about her daughter being pregnant. That she felt a little like when she was herself pregnant. I didn’t think like Eden did and said in talking head… Read more »

He’s my arm candy! He’s way hotter than me!
Yes…can never find pants long enough.
So…what did I miss?

kt , I’m not sure you were around but our lovely Sue passed away! I’m sorry to be the one to tell you sweetie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’m so sorry, Rain! I know you were such good friends. I wish there was more I could say, I am speechless and have a broken heart. I loved Sue, I will light a candle for her as I listen to her songs!

Kt, poor Suze was in so very much pain toward her last days, and she was dyspneic as well. She became bedridden at her home and she was on oxygen. She still wrote me a short one a couple days before she passed, planning her next week with visitors.
The only thing that helps to deal with her loss is knowing she is no longer in such terrible pain. She is sorely missed.

Me too with the pants. My Daughter was 1/4 inch shy of 6 feet, and could never find the right jeans until her big sister turned her onto “True Religion” jeans. She bought a bunch of right fitting expensive jeans and all for her back when she made lot’s of money. Nan looked so good with her hair down to the waist of the jeans…. Nashville sounds fun. Garth Brooks came into the restaurant I worked in way back. It was on the Airport, the private air field was outside the windows that were all along one wall. It was… Read more »

Yes, they are about the only jeans long enough.
I have heard Garth can be a jerk. I’ve heard the same of Reba – which is shocking, but it came from a reliable source. My mom met the 2nd President Bush when he was Governor, she shook his hand and said ‘you’re more handsome in person and I’m never going to wash my hand again’ He smiled and said something like aren’t you sweet. She also met Reagan.

True that. In all fairness I went up 4 sizes in a year

We’ve all been there ❤️❤️❤️❤️

It’s a reason to go shopping

Thanks Sunshine but my curves are in all the wrong places

Thanks, Rain. I know my hubby was surprised they did not admit her because her heart rate was quite rapid. I just don’t get it. Her doctor did a lot right and then she just called the cardiologist and she has an appointment tomorrow? Years ago, the cardiologists I knew would see her in the ER and admit her for observation at least overnight and run the proper tests. She is not young, and that is even more reason to observe her. So, I had to tell her to not overdo it. She is quite thin and runs around a… Read more »
I bet you do need a nap. All the worry makes a girl tired. Emotional tired is harder, IMO, when we feel helpless like you must do right now. The worst day with Suzy for me was my BD, just 3 days before she passed, and she sent me one of those e-cards. God, I cried my eyes out all day, because I knew, she was down to writing words, no punctuation or wrong place, she was just too tired to fix it and that was the sign for me. God will take good care of her now. Rest In… Read more »

Yes it does. I need to go to the Harley shop. Those guy’s are great for a girl’s ego

I would go puttin’ right now if a Harley pulled up, chopped or stocker, sissy bar or not. Nothin’ sounds like a Harley, putt, putt, putt……..damn, no motorcycle emoji.

Lol and nothing feels like a Harley

I’m not a dude but I’ll take you, 3D’s and Rain on a ride any time! XOXO

Sounds fun baby. Two chicks on a Harley together…. Hottt

Ummmm that could be taken out of context – (Rain) – I mean on my HARLEY!!

Haha now that’s funny!!!

I need coffee

Hi, I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner. With the hubby home and then my niece all worried about my sister, and my sister’s health scare, I was not online as usual. I agree about Kim watching any child or animal unsupervised. She cannot be trusted. I wrote animal, since I believe a lot of what happened with Kingsley was owner related. If you raise a dog to be mean, it will be mean. She also did not deal with the problem early and let him bite others. Well, anyway, there is no way I would… Read more »

Thanks so much Sunshine. XO

I think my well went dry years ago

That sounds like a nice idea. I have never had a real massage. I chickened out years ago when I received a gift card for one at a present.
Thanks, Rain. XOXOXO

Haha haha. You’ve made me speechless again mama

Oh holy shit, Rain, do they realize they’re like chihuahuas chasing a greyhound? You’re not being fair, hahaha!

Yes, I felt I would not be comfortable with a stranger massaging me. I should try it…maybe.

You’re too sweet, Rain. Friday is my granddaughter ‘s senior night at softball. She wants us to walk with her on the field with her momma, because she said the three of us raised her. What a kid she is. When she was little, she used to hate going by cemeteries. She would hold her breath. One time she asked if her Opa and I would be buried there. I told her, no we are going to be cremated. She said that was so great, and could she please have our top halves, the part where are hearts are? She… Read more »

Yes, you know how I loved and miss my gay friends SO much, you are blessed. I keep them in my heart.

Wow! That was deep for a child, or anyone now that I think on it for a minute. Yes, we are all going that way in my family, too.
That is so wonderful to hear about her wanting you both to walk the field with her, what an honor and what a special young lady she must be. I am so happy for you.

I will go back and read all I missed. Next time I’m on shift, I will have all the firefighters, EMT and Paramedics dance to her song in her memory. I think that’s the best way I can honor her. I’m sorry I wasn’t here with y’all during that time.

Kt, Sue would have loved that. Such a perfect way to honor her memory. Can you record and post it here? A guy in uniform dancing around….. Too hot

I will try…I tried once for Sue – the guys suddenly got shy and wouldn’t perform! And some are hot and others yeah, not so much. LOL

Almost any guy is hot in uniform. I grew up by Ft. Hood lets just say it was fun

I guess it’s cause I spend too much time with them…haaaa…I know all their gross habits. But you’re right!
So Kileen area huh?

When you know their gross habits that does take the fantasy out of it. I lived in Belton in my younger years

It’s like having 10 brothers….which is probably why I was HW to have some female drama. Pretty area, I lived in Austin for a while – Georgetown is family base.

Ugh brothers. One sister is more than enough for me. Austin was always fun. Almost like being in another world

I have one brother, 4 boys and 1 husband…I’m surrounded!! My sis lives in Austin – nice to visit but…always nice to come home!

In my family it’s almost nothing but bitchies. I’d prefer more men. I normally get along much better with guys. Most women just don’t get me

You are hilarious – nothing but bitchies!!!

Funny but true… me

I agree with Rain (again) we all love you and so did Sue but even more important we ALL have mad respect for you and everything that you do to help others

I love all of y’all!

Yes, I’ll wear it again and either trade with a friend or resale. I shopped while in Nashville too…yikes!
We really did…who knows we could have seen the next Garth Brooks?!

You are very special to me!!!

Oh Sandy…..nice! Sandy Lane…how long ago was that? I watched Elton John playing tennis on the tennis courts there with a girlfriend. It was one of my hanging out spots as a teenager. It was knocked right down to the ground a good few years ago now and rebuilt and unfortunately, the local rif-raff can’;t gain entry so easily any more. I have been since it was rebuilt (for dinner) and they did a fabulous job of it. As far as the Queen….I have a Queen story… Bajan grandmother just adored the Royal family and since Barbados was a place… Read more »

OOps” Elton John with girlfriend”, meaning my girlfriend not his….

The front entrance of Sandy lane back when and now is still the same except spruced up beautifully. I can absolutely see the waiter bringing his hot dogs on a silver tray. That’s funny. We’ve seen many starts. I saw Mick Jagger with Jerry Hall, Paul McCartney and Linda walking the beach (he was a pretty frequent visitor until I think he got charged with possession of marijuana…..joke, right?!). We watched, now this is old “Tamarind Seed” being filmed on the beach with Omar Sharif. He was so lovely. He would take like a million pictures a day with locals.… Read more »

Wow Michelle, none of the above ever happened my way except for Robert Mitchum & Rita Hayworth that was filming there & actually had lunch at my cousin’s home. Oh & Rock Hudson as well–I got to see him having lunch at Simpson’s hotel as we went to swim there every day during our summer break. You have definitely opened up some old memories for me.

Starr, I think we’re close in age……did you ever go to the Yacht Club? In P-O-S. I remember my grandfather taking us there to the HUGE swimming pool. I can even remember the changing rooms and everything. Then we would have lunch after swimming. Robert Mitchum……I love that guy. He reminds me so much of my hubby not in looks but in personality. A no-nonsense strong character one you have to beat around the head often so he knows who’s really boss?! Rock Hudson….wow! Love. Rita Hayworth….I wonder what movie they were filming. Do you remember? I would to find… Read more »
Hi Michelle, actually we lived right next to the yacht club. I would take my kids walking along the shore & it was there we found an abandoned pup that we took home & called ‘ PollyAnna’. The love of the family. R. Mitchum, R.Hayworth were in T’dad filming “Fire Down Below”. Somehow, my cousin invited them, they accepted & was there for lunch. You know how it goes there, everyone knows everyone, so my cousin must’ve known someone who knew them & that’s how that happened. But no, never swam there as by that time, we had a pool.… Read more »

Yes I have an accent. If you don’t recognize West Indian accents I sound like I come from a lot of places, apparently…….British (though that’s not far off since the Welsh accent is very like a Trinidadian accent), South African, Australian most of the time. Thanks for letting me share ’em. 🙂

Yes, alcohol or pills, using and/or boozing, either way she is a risk I would NEVER take with my kids. They’re grown now, but I remember my own sister and the one time I left my 6 month old with her. She had her for 4 hours only. Never again. She let her get sunburned, which was unfuckingbelievable to me, being in the Sun can kill a baby. People looked at me like I abused her, as her little skin on her cheeks turned brown and flaky. God, it was awful, for her and me. I took her directly to… Read more »

She was one of a kind!!! Always life of the party!

R. Sandy, so sorry. Another death in the family yesterday, a well known, well respected icon. So, been a bit off. Will respond to Michelle now. Thanks for the holler.

Goodness R.Sandy, I hope your sister will be okay. You’re dealing with so much, your husband’s cataracts & Kidney stones–so painful. My hubby suffers with that as well. I will be keeping you & yours in prayer.
At this point on my end, since Jan.2nd, we’ve lost by now over 23 members of our family–all in Trinidad. Rough.

I hope you all don’t mind me butting in, have enjoyed these beautiful stories that are warm and lovely memories. I would like to thank you for sharing, and offer my condolences, dear Starr.

First, I keep on missing stuff and here we are 4 days gone! Why do you even HAVE stitches? By now I am sure, barring infection, that the pain is a tight itchy feeling, crossed fingers. Mine were also good at restaurants. When I came to Reno, I got a job on the first day. I worked 6 days a week, which was good since 2 days in every pay period had overtime. Anyway, my husband of 32 years in July worked there until it closed, maybe 15 more years. We always went out on Monday night. The kids were… Read more »

Sorry I missed this too. I was busy with my sister in the hospital and she is still there since Thursday.
I was thinking of you tonight and wanted to send you kisses and hugs and saw this from you. I felt you needed some hugs or maybe we both do. ((((((H U G S)))))). XOXOXO

Thanks so much 3 D’s. Unfortunately your one great loss is the biggest of all & something you’ll never get over. But have the comfort that one day you will be re-united. I truly know & believe that. My relative who will be buried tomorrow will bring in crowds of thousands. The family is setting up live the entire thing for us who cannot be there. Wow, the president came to the house to pay homage as well as the Prime Minister. This is going to be a big one & well deserved. May his much deserved soul rest in… Read more »

Thanks so much R. Sandy. Just got through attending live the funeral. Thank goodness for modern tech, all the family, not there, far & wide were able to share, so grateful for that. It was a life well lived, RIP Tony.

Hi Starr. Yes, it was nice you could share that time with your family from afar. I know it helps with all that you are feeling right now to have that closeness and to be a part of it.

Oh Starr, I’m so sad for you. I do hope that one day soon you’ll get to go back down to Trinidad for a visit but it will be a happy time of reuniting. Not so much for a funeral, eh?

Starr…..I just figured out who your family member is? I knew Tony many years ago. I worked for him. My first job actually for one of his businesses in Barbados. I actually worked for the managing director and the CFO but when Tony visited, I being the secretary, had to take the minutes of the meeting (in shorthand…ugh!). Yes of course Tony got a huge funeral. The man was Trinidad! He’s almost damn near Barbados too! You must also know Steven E? That’s who I worked for. Sorry I only just put it together. I found out about his passing… Read more »
Michelle, 100% correct. Wow!!!! what a tiny world. I would never have have known that, you worked for him. What a sherlock Holmes you are. You’re right, Tony was Trinidad & a great part of our family. Very humble man for all his money. He was my husband’s relative. I love his wife & grew up with his kids, so I’m family as well. Who is Steven E? did not know his workers & am presuming he was one? Trinidad has lost a great man & the family even more. 2 of his grand-daughters are married & live in Barbados.… Read more »
Lucky him. Hubby had two stones pass in as many months…terrible pain and he gets the nausea and vomiting with it too. My young son gets them the same way and had three events from age 18 to 22….and fingers crossed no more at almost 26. Hubby never had them until he was hospitalized with colon issues about ten years ago or so and just that once, and then recently so many all at once. We are not sure if radiation that he had somehow contributed to this or what exactly. My father in law is 92 and quite healthy… Read more »
My husband was prepared for the worst and luckily it turned out really good for him. That was …………….oh gosh………………..32+ years ago?! and since then (knock wood), nothing since. The doctor I called that night to pay a house visit (yes they still did that back then even in Barbados), said to my husband, “well now you know the pain your wife suffers going through natural child birth”……….that wasn’t nice but I did feel a little vindicated. No laughing matter when see them suffering though. When I took the hubby the next day back to the doctor he shot him… Read more »

I said that to my husband after he was over the episode. I said that is the closest thing to labor pains and childbirth you will have, and he said at least labor pains pause between contractions…but kidney pain is constant.
He never had a baby squeeze out of him either. I had one natural childbirth and one Caesarean after 26 hours of intense induced labor that led to a uterine tear….Men. Sorry, but he does not get it.


So sorry Michelle, began to respond to you yesterday, then my computer decided to not allow me to get in. My son just came & reset everything for me.
I am surprised with each of your posts & I will tell Norman. Now are you’re with a company of their’s again or some other from the family?–which is so large one can never tell.