Kyle Richards Continues to Work On TV Project, American Woman


Kyle Richards is hard at work on her TV project, American Woman, which is based on her childhood. And as you can see from the photo above, Richards is confirming that she will be working with actress Alicia Silverstone.

“I’m so excited & proud to be doing such an exciting TV project with the beautiful & talented @aliciasilverstone,” Kyle wrote, adding the hashtags, #americanwoman #dreamscometrue.

Alicia will play a fictionalized version of Kyle’s mom. As Bonnie Nolan, she’ll have to face the challenges of being a single mom in the 1970’s. It was also revealed that Mena Suvari will also appear on the show as Kathleen, Bonnie’s single BFF. Kyle is producing the single-camera comedy, which will give viewers a closer look at her family life, including her two older sisters Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton.

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3 Replies to “Kyle Richards Continues to Work On TV Project, American Woman”

  1. Alicia Silverstone is a beautiful woman and always has been, but her lip liner in the photo above looks very strange. So who is going to play Kyle and Kim, I wonder? I guess they will be children in this show?

  2. I wonder what spin they’ll put on the Richards’ girls childhoods? They weren’t really famous – Kim was, sort of. Their mom was screwed up as a mom. She pushed her girls to marry rich and be in the spotlight, which sort of worked. Kyle made her fame hanging onto the skirts of her reprobate niece (as her “family spokesperson”). Their childhood wasn’t bad enough to be interesting, but it wasn’t good enough to be inspirational.

    1. I don’t know just how long this show will last. Unless it is embellished, I don’t know how much of a show this will be. I am surprised Kyle is going to do this. Why in the world does she think that people would be interested???? We all know what Kim is and has done. With Kathy (Hilton), the only thing here she could do is something about her kids. I think we have all read enough about them to know what that storyline will look like. Wonder what station is going to put this show out for the public??? Bravo???? I hope not, we get enough of Kyle on RHOBC. Personally, I don’t need to see it! But, that is just me…………..oh mercy!

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