Kyle Richards Confronts Lisa Rinna Over Gossiping To Eden Sassoon

On this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna arrived in Mexico to celebrate Mauricio Umansky’s opening of his second location of The Agency. However, Kyle Richards had just learned that Rinna had said some controversial things about her sister Kim, including that she was close to death, mostly sober and that Kyle enabled her sister.

Kyle played nice with Rinna until Erika Girardi told Rinna that she needed to have a conversation with Kyle about some things Eden Sassoon had said. When Rinna went to ask Kyle what was going on, Kyle confronted Lisa about what Eden had said. “Did you or did you not say that my sister is close to death and that she is not sober and that I am an enabler?” Rinna claimed she couldn’t remember.

“All I can say to you is I had a very deep conversation with Eden about Eden,” Rinna explained. “I really don’t think I said that.” Shocked by what was going on, Rinna kept claiming she never remembered saying these things about Kim or Kyle. “I said I do not want to talk about this. I do not want to have this conversation,” Rinna said when Kyle continued to question her. “This is Eden! I’m sorry. I’m not going to take this.”

Rinna went from saying she didn’t say these things to saying if she said them, she “didn’t say it in a hateful, mean way.” Then, Rinna started blaming Eden. “I got close too soon,” and said “now it’s a big f*cking mess.” She walked outside in tears, “I am so mad at Eden Sassoon right now. My life is too good for this f*cking bullsh*t.”

Lisa Vanderpump took the opportunity to point out that Rinna didn’t own any of her mistakes. “Rinna does have rage-and-regret syndrome,” Vanderpump said to the camera.

The next day Vanderpump had to leave for a prior engagement and the rest of the group went on a boat for the day. “I’m feeling uncomfortable because of what happened with Lisa Rinna,” Kyle said to the camera. “But I also feel bad that she left in tears.”

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15 Replies to “Kyle Richards Confronts Lisa Rinna Over Gossiping To Eden Sassoon”

  1. This was an interesting episode. So much bullshit. Lisa Lips is lying and I feel badly for Kyle and Eden because of her lies. She had an opportunity to sit down with Kyle, alone, and come clean. Everything would have been okay if she did that. She knows what she said and why. It’s a mess because of her denying. And, good for Erika to stick up for her friend Kyle and telling Lips she needs to speak to Kyle. Way to have your friend’s back, Erika. LVP was drooling too much over all of this and I didn’t like that. I’m not an LVP fan, never have been (snob and manipulative), but it makes you wonder if what Lips said last season was more lies.
    The party was lovely, the money these people have is immense, everyone looked gorgeous (Kyle’s red dress was stunning) and really seemed to have a good time together. I have to admit, I even liked Dorito this episode. She was fun and caring. How about that boat? Wow. More fun, glitz, glamour, and over the top parties please, no bullshit, thanks. Peace and Love.
    Hey, why and I the first one blogging? Where are my blogger buddies???

    1. Hey gorgeous ❤❤❤❤ love what you said! Kyles dress was AMAZING

      ERika shut down Pervo about why Eileen and Rinna are always talking alone! What a creep!
      Stop crying Dorito and pretending you even care for your kids when you’re home! Your team of nannies does that

      1. Hottie!!! I did find that scene to be fake. It was adorable how her son did say Mama. Her kids are just too cute for words. And, when Pervo said to Lips you have to be careful around strangers…well, WTF are you to her…she just met you. Yuck! I was ROFL when they were in the bus on the way back to the estate and Pervo was teasing LVP about her undies. That was funny. But, then my hubby, who I thought was asleep on the couch, piped up with, “aren’t they the ones who were talking about Erika’s undies”. Gross.

  2. Hi Rain, I was wondering if I was the first one, but here you are. How are you today, San Fran hottie? All is good here, lots of snow and cold, ugh! I actually thought the scene with Dorito and the Birkin was funny. OMG…I forgot about that scene with Eden and her mom. She got sage advice from her and I hope she listens. Yes, that hug. I did find it a little strange that her mother would want her to stop hugging her. I would always hug my mom like that, smell her, kiss her and hug her some more. Eden is figuring herself out after being sober for a short 4 years. I like her and I’m rooting for her. Lips is a fool. Did you like Erika’s dress at the party? I didn’t. I didn’t like the way it seemed like there were circles around her boobies, but the bling was great. I love her anyway.
    Good to be blogging with you today. I hope you have a great day. Love you!

    1. Hey hottie! When will your snow end ? Lol. We are having so much rain and I’m ready for it to go ! Sounds ungrateful I know

      The more I think about Dorito. I find myself wondering if I would like her more if Pervo wasn’t on the show. He reflects badly on her. But she’s not smart and I’m tired of dumb women. We have kellyanne Conway filling that niche and bringing the national woman IQ down to zero!

      I liked kyles dress the best. Then Eileen. I didn’t mind Erika , her team seems to be whimsical at times and dress her in theee kind of dresses. It seemed a bit too costumy for me . But she’s always styled so impeccably! I liked that even though she knew Rinna was wrong. she went to check on her and didn’t just join the massacre

      Love u Mary ❤❤❤

      1. Whenever I see the news and more rain is coming to San Fran I say to my husband, that I hope you’re doing okay. Just the mudslides and now that dam situation, very scary. I’m glad that the drought is over for Cali.
        Good point about Dorito. She seems very nice, but Pervo is her mouth piece. She was very concerned for Lips and that was really sweet. Agreed about Erika. She is also very caring and it was nice that she left with them.
        Do you think our girl Erika brought her glam squad on the trip. How does she do her long hair in all those styles?

    2. lol… regarding hug. I can’t stand someone hugging me and not letting go whether it be the grandkids or my daughters… I immediately get a trapped feeling.

  3. LOL… your killing me right now. OMG that was so good. And, now every time I see the little dough boy, I’ll think of Pervo, thanks for the vision, friend!!

  4. My first thought about the boat party…. PK should wear a shirt. Actually most men should wear shirts just like many women should not wear bikinis…. spare us please. There is no way Lisa R. doesn’t remember.. it’s written all over her face. She should own it! As for Eden – she is a real piece of cake. Bravo must be replacing Kim with Eden with the alcohol/drug stories. I’m firm in my belief that Bravo should stop highlighting Kim’s struggles.

  5. What some women won’t do for a Birkin. That just shows how PK won Dorit’s heart…through his pocket. He has to buy her things to keep her, most likely. Why else would anyone stay with him? Sorry, but I don’t get it. He is actually not too much older than her if you look at his real age (I cannot believe he is not older), but he looks terrible. When he was sitting there with his gut out on the yacht, I was thinking the same thing, Where is your shirt? Cover up, puleeze.
    Oh, and the obsession with undies is now transparent. That is all the man thinks about. I would not be surprised if underneath, he is wearing women’s undies or knickers or whatever they are called. Pervo is a good name for him.

  6. Karma, it’s called karma. LVP was in heaven as she got her day in court after the way Rinna constantly accused her last season. Rinna is guilty & it would be wise on her part to “Own It” as she loves saying. Both herself & Eileen are 2 big negatives & do not bring out a single positive in each other as all they do is enable one another. Yes, support one another but not at the expense of others as they both do with their snide remarks.
    Truth will show it’s face, it always does.

    1. ITA! LVP has every right to bask. LR did this to her last year. LR was caught flat out. ED trying to insert herself again when she wasn’t there. LR & ED are boring.

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