Kyle Richards On Her Confrontation With Lisa Rinna

Kyle Richards is reacting to last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her run-in and confrontation with Lisa Rinna. In her blog, Kyle asks who should she trust and comments that Eden Sassoon is not a reliable source.

“I was worried about how to handle the situation withLisa Rinna after hearing what Lisa V. had told me.

I’m glad Lisa told me, because if stuff like that is going around, then I need to know so I can try to help clarify things regarding my sister. I know for me personally, when something is being said about me that isn’t true, it’s extremely hurtful and frustrating. You can attempt to get your truth out there, but inevitably there will still be people that will believe those lies no matter what. In Kim’s case, I was most concerned about her kids hearing about these damaging words.

It’s also hard when the person who said these things is someone you like.

We all got ready to go to The Agency Punta Mita launch party at The W Hotel. Mauricio and I were really excited, and I was planning to just enjoy the party and talk with Lisa Rinna later.

When Rinna came up to me to talk, although taken aback, I was a bit relieved.

I didn’t know any other way than to just come right out and ask, “Did you or did you not say these things?”

She looked shocked, but it seemed obvious to me that she did. However, unless you hear something directly from someone’s mouth, it’s hearsay. So I wanted to give Lisa R. the benefit of the doubt, as difficult as that was. And at this point I had not seen what we all saw in the episode. To me, Eden was not necessarily a reliable source since I barely knew her, and our short history hasn’t exactly been the best. It certainly would explain Eden expressing concern about Kim. However, in this episode we also see flashbacks of Eden saying “Kim is a bitch,” “I don’t see Kim being the problem as much as Kyle,” “Kyle speaks for Kim.” She also went on to say I “have an attitude” toward her. I don’t know what she expects when she put me on the defense from the moment I met her. Asking where the drinking issues in my family came from and firing so many questions off regarding Kim’s and my relationship. Not to mention I really liked Eden the first time I met her at Game Night. Then she later went on to tell Lisa Rinna that I wasn’t welcoming to her. That couldn’t be further from the truth. So who do I trust/believe?

I felt sad watching Lisa Rinna crying outside. I don’t like to see anyone upset. If it wasn’t true I can only imagine how she was feeling. But seeing what we now saw, I think maybe she was feeling embarrassed or guilty.

After Lisa R., Eileen & Erika went back to the house, and we tried to make the best of the rest of the party. The ride home provided much needed comic relief! Between Lisa suggesting “wife swapping ” and PK teasing Lisa about her “big underpants,” I died laughing. HAHA! Of course I had to chime in.

Back at the house Erika tells Lisa Rinna to only tell the facts and to be honest. Lisa R. says she just “doesn’t know” if she said those things or not. As Lisa V. and Erika both pointed out, those aren’t really words you forget saying. The next day we all headed out on the boat. It was a perfect outing considering how awkward things were. It was easy for me to put everything aside while out in the middle of the ocean on this beautiful day.

It wasn’t as easy for Rinna. We watched as she discussed with Eileen what happened the night before and continued to express that she did not remember. Time will tell what really happened and who really said what.

The day ended on a good note with Lisa Rinna putting on a show that was giving Erika Jayne a run for her money.”

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4 Replies to “Kyle Richards On Her Confrontation With Lisa Rinna”

  1. Lisa Rinna, what a tangled web you’ve weaved, when first you practiced to deceive. Let’s see how she gets herself out of that cobwebbed mess she’s created with her black mouth & heart.
    As for that dance?!!! vulgar & repulsive. Attention seeking insecure mass of mess.

  2. Soooo inappropriate but a good show. I wish we could have seen PK’S face because “it” was right up in his face….it had to have been……lol….

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