Did Kyle Richards Confront Lisa Rinna While Filming RHOBH Reunion?

The ladies from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have filmed the reunion so many viewers are wondering what went down and whether or not Kyle Richards planned to go after Lisa Rinna.

In a new interview, Kyle is vowing to go after Rinna and sharing how watching this season has changed her perspective on things. “Personally, I think all that drama really changed everything for me and put me in an awful position. Kim is my sister, but Lisa Rinna is also supposed to be my friend. I mean how many times can she say she’s ‘sorry’ before it doesn’t mean anything?”

Kyle tells FemaleFirst that she believes her sister is an easy target. “With Kim, she’s someone who comes on the show and always says something funny. My kids even say she’s their favourite. However, she’s an easy target and therefore I think that’s why a lot of drama circles her, but she’s not someone to take it lying down which makes things a bit more interesting!”

“Lisa Vanderpump says to me, ‘How can you be so forgiving?’, and I’m like, ‘That’s easy for you to say because you do not like each other!’ I know [Rinna’s] a good person but it really changed a lot for me.”

Kyle also teased the cast trip to Hong Kong. “We’ve had seven years of going to interesting places and it’s really fun to share it with the other women. It’s kind of like watching your own home videos.”

“The trip to Hong Kong (coming up this season) was amazing; on the flight out everyone was laughing and having fun. It was such a different place and the culture was amazing. Seeing the Buddha and having to go on the Gondola was amazing, even though it was terrifying,” she added.

The only way we will know for sure what happened is to tune into the reunion ourselves. But I have a feeling we won’t be disappointed.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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When are we going to stop having Kim being a central issue at every reunion??!! How many seasons now?? MOVE ON !

It’s all they have…think about it…what would this season be about if once again they weren’t talking about Kim. NOTHING…NADA!!!! What – Dorit getting an overpriced car, LVP pink dog rescue (which is wonderful), Kyle’s show or store, Eileen sick in Mexico, Rinna girls competing against Gigi?? There has been no drama or interesting story line other than what is fueled around Kim (she didn’t start this one at ALL). They have nothing!!! I’ve enjoyed getting to know Erika and watching the ladies having fun. But, we are talking about reality television, it’s mean to be drama fueled…not snooze fest.… Read more »
I know it mostly centers around Kim, but I’d like to see some pressure put on the Rinna and Eden storyline/betrayal. Again, Kim was the reason for the gossip but in all honesty they could discuss it without Kim having to be there. The Erika/Dorit conflict needs a lot more air. There is so much tension there and I know we will see it surface but I’ll be very disappointed if they treat this conflict like they did With Erika/Kathryn. Erika is one of the most dynamic cast members they’ve had since the original bunch and I’ve been disappointed with… Read more »

Couldn’t agree more. I’m so sick of Kim and her sobriety story. The woman isn’t supposed to be a cast member any more and there she is. I say just get rid of Kyle and we might be able to get rid of Kim once and for all.

As soon as Renna and Eliene shut there mouthed about her. Those two won’t leave Kim alone and they have there little side glanced.

What has Eileen done ? Rinna , yes, she’s atrocious. But Eileen didn’t initiate that conversation , nor did she carry the gossip

Bravo and cast should back off Kim. On the other hand … Kim is an adult and can walk away if she feels the need to do so.

I’ve never agreed more with this! I’m so conflicted: wish bravo would leave Kim alone, but I wish Kim would leave bravo alone!!

Oh…forgot about panty gate – guess I better go put some on – HA…or don’t forget Erika wore a ‘t-shirt’ to Dorit’s party…that girl is so boring! Boy George gives me a weird vibe. Dorit is a pretentious…I’ll stop myself.
I still have to watch last weeks episode – I’ve never been so uninterested.
DVR is set for Dancing with the Stars!

Last week was a bit of a snooze fest. It was a clear set up to help us understand Erika’s life so we have something to go on when Dorit attacks her for it in Hong Kong.

So…no hurry to catch up! I haven’t seen previews for this week. Dorit attacks Erika?

Yes we are getting the classic “I don’t like bullshit and I think that’s what you are Dorit” line from the season trailer this week!

I think I’m getting fired of all of them.

I finally caught up last night…Dorit is still trying to stir the pot – can see with Erika is guarded. Kim talking about her grandson was heartwarming and adorable. I’ve never been a fan of Kyle’s but I see some strength…’pick a side LVP’. Erika visiting her hometown had me in tears, but she’s very strong and understands how/why she was raised instead of blaming her mom. LVP taking Rinna’s feathers was just plain odd – mean girl. If I were Rinna (which TG I’m not) I would have said…well several choice words! Eden brings nothing to this show…will she… Read more »

Had to drop Bravo and others from cable sure to budget reasons, so I don’t watch anymore. But, I love to read ATRH and the comments, yall keeping me straight

Ugh Kyle will be forgiving rinna by the end of the reunion and you all know it. Kyle just doesn’t care that much for her sister.

Yeah, I’m talking over the course of her appearance on the series. They did the same thing with Kathryn, they kind of brush over it like it didn’t happen, give it a little time but not too much. I’m interested to see how the thing with Dorit plays out. I really want Erika to give it to her after all those snide comments and I don’t want it to be brushed over in the reunion for more Kim time. I’m sick of this show picking one issue to beat to death and this is the third season they’ve done it!!

that’s the other irk with this and last several seasons – too many men involved, including Rinna calling Harry. (I refuse to use his first and last name)
I do not seeing Dorit being a strong woman – Erika will slay her!

Vince and Mauricio are the best husbands of the group. I love their support and the fact that they don’t insert themselves. The other husbands are guilty as charged, Ken and Pervo being the WORST

Ken is the best! And Vince is never around. He doesn’t seem to care about his wife and Maurico likes his air time to talk about his business!

Eesh. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t like the way Ken has put down some of the women on the show (Yolanda and Rinna- men don’t need to speak about women like that no matter who they are). And Vince clearly loves Eileen a ton. He’s always there when she’s at home supporting her!

Ken stands up for his wife, no matter what. That is love, pure and simple. And Yoyo was nasty to LVP and Ken. She had it coming. And I’m sure VInce loves his wife but you never see them together much. And I bet he loved his first wife too.

1. Standing up for your wife doesn’t require calling other women derogatory names.
2. No one deserves to have another man put their hands on them and call them stupid (in reference to Yo)
3. That was a cheap dig… we’re better than that.

100% agree. Vince and Eileen keep it real…

How I miss the fun and crazy times these shows used to have- remember the seance? Lynne not knowing if she had air conditioning? Lydia’s mom? Everything is so contrived now, it takes the real out of reality. Lisa Rinna and Eilleen? Pete and repeat. Enough already.

Oh, and P.S., Lisa and Ken are DONE, they are trying to showcase a worthy charity, imo. I honestly think Erika is a straight shooter, and don’t know how she can be friends with anyone in this group. Eden had no idea what she was getting into.
Much, much love to Suze.❤❤❤

Why do you think Lisa and Ken are done. They make the show. And EJ is just as shady as the rest of the housewives. She is just using the show to try to get her career going!

Hi, kshess, I just meant in my opinion Lisa and Ken are done with the same nonsense over and over, and stay on to showcase their worthy charity.

I just threw up in my mouth….

I had the biggest crush on Vince – back in the day. White tennis shorts, long socks and long blond hair – HOTTIE – for this little girl anyway!

You always have such a way with words!!! Can I be you when I grow up? XOXOX

Frank Van Der Heijden

Those broads are boring…except for Erika

I think Kyle has waited to see what the viewers think & then changed her opinion about LR. Kyle blows with the wind. She’s the one that needs to pick a lane. Out of all of the housewives, LVP is the most secure with herself & her life.

Agree 100% bluebell.

NBR- dear Gigicat your friends here miss you. We hope you are ok. Please let us know if you can that you are doing OK. Love, Aunt Bee, 3D’s, Daisy, Jane, Rain and Suze. ❤️❤️❤️

As far as Kyle and Rinna are concerned – I’ll never understand how Kyle can be so forgiving. I certainly wouldn’t be.

I like Dorit, I think Erika is way too sesnsitive to everything she says. I liked Erika a lot more last season and wish she would let some of that ice on her personality melt. Kyle is delusional if she still respects Rinna. Eileen needs walking papers, bye girl bye and LVP is still the queen. Eden who?