Kyle Richards Comments on Trump/Schwarzenegger Back and Forth

TMZ caught up with Kyle Richards over the weekend and got her take on President Elect Donald Trump going to Twitter to talk about how his ratings for Celebrity Apprentice were much higher than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s debut last week.

Kyle said, “If people don’t want to support Trump, then that is all more reason to watch the show because clearly it bothers him if someone gets better ratings than him.”

Interesting spin on a way to get more viewers to watch the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice.

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Photo Credit: Bravo


5 Replies to “Kyle Richards Comments on Trump/Schwarzenegger Back and Forth”

    1. This. I didn’t realize until I saw his name credited. I actually still like the premise of the show as well as some of the cast picks, but am not trying to give it any ratings… so I watch on the YT instead. Kyle, btw, made a MAJOR mistake for her team last week, so I’d like to see how she fares this time around.

    2. I am watching it because the Bachelor this season is a 3 time loser and skank. I hadn’t realized it was on Mondays instead of Sundays like it used to be.

  1. I think the show has run it’s course. There is no more “you’re fired” which really was the tag line we all waited for.

  2. Celebrities, musicians should not publicly comment on politics…there are alot of people I wont be watching anymore because of their views.

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