Kyle Richards And Brandi Glanville Becoming Good Friends Because Of Feud With Lisa Vanderpump


In the wake of a surprising feud between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump, it seems Brandi has found a shocking ally in Lisa’s former BFF, Kyle Richards. RadarOnline is reporting that former enemies Brandi and Kyle are becoming quite chummy. While the ladies were in Puerto Rico Yolanda Foster confronted Lisa about being two-faced, and Brandi reportedly sided with Yolanda, and exposed dirt on Lisa. “Brandi revealed that Lisa had told her to take magazine articles about Kyle Richards’ hubby Mauricio Umansky cheating on her on a trip the ladies took several weeks earlier to Palm Springs,” an insider revealed.

Since Puerto Rico Kyle and Brandi “have become a lot closer after the Puerto Rico incident,” a show insider says. “The two have been spending time together.”

“Brandi felt bad for her role in going after Kyle about her husband allegedly cheating on her. She had gone through hell when her hubby, Eddie [Cibrian] hooked up with LeAnn [Rimes] while they were still married. Kyle has been very receptive to Brandi,” the source adds.

Kyle and Lisa “had been attempting to mend fences before the Puerto Rico trip, but Brandi’s revelation was a slap in the face to her,” the source explains. “She has since stopped talking to Lisa because she is just so disappointed in her one-time friend.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    How these women can call each other “friends” is beyond me. Friends don’t do this kind of stuff to other friends. I have many good friends and we protect each other. The only thing I tell my friends are only the good things I hear others say about them. If they were ” friends” before Bravo got ahold of them, then shame on Bravo for letting them tear each other apart.

  • DrewH

    Love that it looks like Lisa will finally be exposed next season.

    • Tre Chopper

      always hated Lisa. Americans fell for her cute British accent and British wit, but it’s all a cover for her nasty personality. The bitch makes the bitchiest women look lovely. Live in London and you’ll find out the truth to Lisa’s reputation – a desperate wanna-be TV star. After her one appearance on Baywatch ended, and her dreams ended, she rode on Ken’s coattails. Suddenly Lisa thinks she’s fabulous because Ken is dripping with money?? Ken cant’ stand Lisa and the arrangement between the two is mutual – he cheats, she turns a blind eye and doesn’t divorce him and take half HIS money. Lisa hated Adrienne because Lisa’s HUSBAND was worth over $30M, but Adrienne is worth over $300M!!! Lisa DID sell stories to the rag-mags. Hell, $25 grand for a lie pays for 25 MORE LouBou shoes. And Lisa filmed in her closet more than any HW ever… she’s desperate to show off what her husband bought her. Lisa did sell those stories, she’s a liar and a snake. I’m glad Brandi and Kyle see it finally.

      • kathy

        How do you know any of this?? I think you should preface this post with “in my opinion.”

  • Lizliz

    Big Friggin Deal!
    This crap is so childish, really is this all you ladies have?
    Is this supposed to be juicy gossip, drama, a secret?
    Get past this baloney already. All of you women act like middle school girls!
    Petty, petty bullsh*+!
    There are real problems in this world!
    Lisa is the only wise mature one here.
    Have you heard her add anything at all to this nonsense? NO!
    Take a cue from Lisa , grow up. It doesn’t matter if you live in Beverly Hills or Forest Hills, it’s all the same. Who’s the most popular girl?????
    Yolanda and Kyle are both “Pot Stirrers”!
    Brandi tends to tell it like it is and usually just brushes off the fall out.
    Kyle goes for the jugular.
    Kim is in la la land.
    Lisa is busy working and keeping her marriage strong!

  • Lizliz

    Oh and one more thing “A Man Is A Man Is A Man”.
    A Man is wired for sex and if the opportunity is thrown in his face, he WILL NOT walk or run away! Especially if there are no witnesses. He’s in!

  • Anonymous

    Kyle was surprised her husband cheated on her?? Camel exposed that 2 seasons ago!