Kyle Richards Blindsided By Rumors Mauricio Cheated, Says It’s Been Torture!


Kyle Richards has been dealing with allegations her husband, Mauricio Umansky, is cheating on her. But on Wednesday, Kyle put the drama aside to host a charity event at her boutique to benefit The Children’s Hospital of LA. Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Kyle and asked her about the recent claims of infidelity. “There is no concern as far as my husband and me. Not at all,” Kyle said after kissing Mauricio on the red carpet in front of the cameras.

“When we signed up for the show, to be honest, we knew and people told us these things could happen but we were naïve and thought, “Oh, that will never happen to us — we’re happy, we have no skeletons.” And when it happened we were really shocked and blind-sided,” Kyle said of the rumors.

“We were completely like, Oh my God. And everyone’s like, “That’s part of the deal. That’s how it goes,” and I’m talking with my niece, like, “How do people deal with it?” She’s like, “You just have to live with that.” It’s torture and I think it’s unbelievable that people out there can live with themselves and look themselves in the mirror,” she said.

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  1. Kyle has been a bitch in past seasons, but I feel sorry for her for some reason. Brandi and Lisa are conniving and I’ve read they are being really mean to Kyle this year while filming.

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