Kyle Richards Apologizes For Accusing Carlton Of Being Anti-Semitic


Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to discuss her ongoing feud with Carlton Gebbia on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle believes that Carlton is just looking for something not to like about her, and says it’s just getting ridiculous at this point. Kyle does apologize for asking if Carlton was anti-semitics, and says they will never be friends.

Kyle writes, “Walking into Lisa’s, the party looked gorgeous. Every detail was perfect. I did feel bad for the pool dancers. It was freezing and the water was ice cold. Plus, they didn’t know they were going in the water and they were worried about getting their dresses wet. Luckily Kevin saved the day with his awesome underwear act. Haha. I don’t know if I will ever get that image out of my mind.

Also, Keith Chagall always makes the party with his guitar playing and the songs he makes up on the spot. Love him.

Brandi and J.R and really cute together. J.R. works at The Agency with Mauricio and is always a stand up guy. I mentioned the self-defense class and how Brandi really was hurt but didn’t want to say, because I learned a lot about her that day. It explained a lot to me. I saw that she is very guarded and doesn’t like to appear vulnerable and that a lot of her tough girl persona is maybe just that. I hope that Brandi and J.R sticked together.

Ok, well here we go again. . .Carlton. I don’t even know WHAT to say except that it’s ridiculous at this point. Once again she says that the mention of a nipple when we first met was offensive. I mean, the things that I have seen her do and say certainly do not indicate someone that would be offended by anything. She can build a “sex room” or whatever that is and show her masks and gadgets for all to see and hear about, but the mention of a nipple is not acceptable? Okayyy. Clearly she is not being honest and is just looking for a problem with me. I don’t even know Carlton. They only times I have ever seen Carlton are what you have seen. I have never had lunch, dinner, or even a coffee with her outside of what you have seen. The girls and I had never met her before the Chamber of Commerce party and don’t know anyone that knows her. SO what IS she talking about?

However, I do feel bad that I accused her of being anti-semitic. It occurred to me that MAYBE that was the reason she never liked me. But, in this town, if you’re anti-semitic, you might as well pack up and move. So I should have been more cautious with my words. I have no idea what her real reason is for not liking me. All I know is her “reasons” just don’t ring true. Why is she so offended that I asked if it was a Jewish star? And why does she continue to take advantage to deny that her microphone was covering it? She obviously knows it was tied onto her bikini. I know the difference between a Star Of David and a Pentagram, and if it wasn’t blocked, I would have seen it clearly. I’ve explained that. Why can’t she explain why she found it so offensive?

Carlton is not someone I could ever see myself being good friends with, but I have been nice and did try to make an effort to get to know her. At the dinner, Carlton told me I was nasty and disgusting. I honestly do not care what Carlton thinks about me. What other people think about me is none of my business. I am done making any effort with Carlton and will not subject myself again to her negativity.”

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10 Replies to “Kyle Richards Apologizes For Accusing Carlton Of Being Anti-Semitic”

  1. Yes Kyle the anti Semitic comment was a mistake. I think you were just taken aback by her attack. This witch is crazy and I don’t think she belongs on this show. I hope she gets canned.

    1. I was going to stop watching this show simply because of this witch, I don’t care who she is or where she came from, get her off the show please, we watch Brandi curse and swear for an hour, do we really have to sink any lower and be subject to witch craft as well, or the dark side and her pretending to be a ‘good witch’ is Carlton for real, please get rid of her before she hexes everyone, including the viewers.

  2. Carlton needs to, as she would say, get the F**k off the show. She is really a fanatic who thinks her religions needs constant credit. Maybe Kyle should start giving credit where credit is do..GOD!! Judaism, Cathloic, Christianity, even Islam believe in GOD. Carlton can share her religion like everyone else..respectfully. She is foul mothed, gutter slinging, rich misfit who proclaims her morals are superior to the others. Get her off the show. I can’t watch and won’t watch if she is next season. Why is she constantly defending her views, jamming them down our throats and Kyle’s?? sounds like she is being defensive and maybe thats because she needs to be….doesn’t fit in and brings absolutely nothing but Wicca to the show. Get over it Carlton, most of us already are soooo over you. I’m offended that Kyle has to be on guard and defend herself, over nothing except what Carlton brings on herself. Kyle, you are looking phony by kissing her a**!!! Yuck!!!

    1. well said,
      if this witch, and I mean that literally, is on even the rest of this season I am considering switching channels,………… as it is now, I switch channels every time she starts her bs, and now if Brandi the foul mouth, sailor, is going to be her bbf, well doesn’t that pretty much say everything,
      do we really have to be subject to this sort of shit, I watch this show to get away from all the serious bull shit, this is like a comedy to me, now they want to bring some sort of wicker into the mix, which I believe is very real, and if anyone was a God fearing Christian they would understand how offensive this sort of thing really is, to us common folk, the people who actually count, because without us , they would be nowhere, and nothing,
      I think that we should all stop watching this program until they revise their episodes, and take out the ‘religious aspect’ if that is what Carlton is trying to call it,

    1. this women (Carlton) should be ousted be ousted before she puts hexs on all the audience and the people in the show, maybe Brandi has already been hexed by Carleton, this witch craft is nothing to be played with, it is a very serious thing, and if your a Godly person you would understand that,
      what is wrong with the people who pick the housewives for this show, their motives should be revaluated, and investigated, if they want to keep their jobs, just my opinion

  3. I like Kyle, but I’ve never heard anyone call it a “Jewish Star”. It’s a Star of David (as she states in the blog).

    As for Carlton…the hate is strong in that one. Look at her eyes. I won’t be watching if she comes back next season. I can keep up with the others via the internet.

  4. I think Carlton is crazzy! And ugly in all aspects. Ella envidia a Kyle porque es mas linda. Y Brandi siente envidia de Joyce.

  5. Kyle, poor constantly-insulted Carlton is a loser and showing what she is made of…VINDICTIVENESS and STUPIDITY! I can’t understand Carlton because she gets offended at the dumbest things. She is a hypocrite although she tries to convince everyone how in control, non hypocritical; and strong she is. I couldn’t believe how she accepted your gift of a necklace, even going as far as being cordial, then wash it. To me, that is the height of a hypocrite. Please don’t feel you need to apologize to her for anything. She surely doesn’t deserve it.

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