Kyle Richards Announces Plans For Second Book & Reveals She & Brandi Glanville Are Doing A Movie Together!

Kyle Richards

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Kyle Richards appeared at The Resorts Casino in Atlantic City Friday night where she hosted a Q & A session and signing for fans. While in Atlantic City, Kyle spoke exclusively with Starcasm about RHOBH, Season 4 casting rumors, the controversy surrounding Taylor Armstrong not knowing where Kennedy was, and reveals a new project she is working on with her co-star, Brandi Glanville!

Kyle also addressed the rumors that her friend Faye Resnick was or was not invited to Lisa Vanderpump’s tea party. Lisa stands by her word that she didn’t invite her. “Faye was invited to Lisa’s tea party contrary to how it appeared,” Kyle said, adding that because of her status as on official cast member, Faye is required to attend certain events. Kyle says she feels responsible for the heat Faye has taken from fans. ”I feel guilty because she got sucked in because of me.”

Kyle says that the phone conversation between she and Taylor Armstrong was blown way out of proportion. “On the phone, Taylor explained why she didn’t know Kennedy was with me but that part wasn’t aired,” Kyle revealed.

Starcasm reports that when a fan asked Kyle if she or her sister Kim would ever do  the show without the other, she replied, “I think we’d stick together no matter what.” Kyle also addressed the rumors that Sylvester Stallone and Lionel Richie’s wives would be joining the fourth season, and said that it has been the “running joke” for a while now. As for the return of Kyle’s friend Marisa Zanuck? Kyle said, “I don’t know.”

Kyle also revealed exclusively to Starcasm that she is working on her second book and will be appearing in a new movie with Brandi Glanville!

Photo Credit: The Resorts Casino


7 Replies to “Kyle Richards Announces Plans For Second Book & Reveals She & Brandi Glanville Are Doing A Movie Together!”

  1. Vile writing another book — about what? How to use people for money and attention?? Thought her first book was a loser…..also, why would she be in a movie? Her voice is annoying, her laugh, gross, her walk – like a clunky guy, and that hair, so tired. How desperate or Z-list this movie producer must be.

  2. Then why did she act all confused about why Taylor didn’t know where her daughter was, if she already had it explained? I think she likes her ‘friends’ to look bad, as if it makes her look better.

  3. Does KYLE really think that we cannot see throughout the season HOW calculating she is, can cry on demand. Just because she was born in BH, does not mean she belongs, let alone #( I / OWN THIS TOWN….. Bull(cough cough)Sh%#, EVERYONE IS ON TO YOU KYLE…. PRETEND NOT TO KNOW KYLE….. 2 F A C E D.. #Check~Mate~Bitch!

    1. You know what I notice every time her tag line comes on? That her grammar is more Brooklyn than Beverly Hills. “I’m born and raised in Beverly Hills…” should be “I was born….”

  4. Deborah Brenner that is EXACTLY what I was going to say! That kills me, and I have only ever heard people from New York speak that way.

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