Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton Pose For Christmas Photo Together


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards, who is reportedly in the midst of a huge feud with her older sister Kathy Hilton, posed for a photo with Hilton on Christmas Eve.

Kyle posted the photo on Instagram late Thursday of herself with Kathy and her good friend Faye Resnick. They all attended the Kardashian-Jenner Christmas Eve party.

“Twas the night before Christmas…” Kyle captioned the photo.

As we previously reported, Hilton was reportedly fuming that Kyle brought their family drama on RHOBH. “Kathy is mad that Kyle brought Nicky into the fight,” an insider told People, adding that neither Richards sister was invited to the Hiltons’ annual Christmas party earlier in the month. “There is so much drama in that family. It’s sad that even over the holidays, they still can’t get along.”

Photo Credit: Instagram


18 Replies to “Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton Pose For Christmas Photo Together”

  1. We still don’t know if Kathy was even “fuming” That was said by “an insider.” So as far as we know there is no problem at all. And it reminded me that the Hiltons and the Richard sisters have known the Kardashians for a long time. Hoping a great holiday for them.

    1. Hi, 3D, Who knows if these stories are right or not, usually not but they don’t look as though there is much of a problem there apart from Yuck in the middle.

  2. ITA about the yuck in the middle, but there are definitely huge problems in that family. If it was bad enough to only invite half of Kyle’s family to a family wedding and nobody to the Christmas party, it’s still bad. This family reminds me of the Kartrashian’s. They’re all gross and just won’t go away.

      1. I’m the only one that said that, so presume this is at me.

        I’ve never said Kathy was great, I don’t know anything about Kathy. I don’t presume they are friends cuz they are in a picture together, and don’t know if they are not. This whole family is disgusting.

  3. It’s FAYE that is disgusting…I know this is not in the Christmas spirit but I can’t even stand looking at her. She even looks superimposed in this picture like a scary ghost in a horror movie. Why is she so unlikeable…ughh:) lol.

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