Kyle Richards Admits She Had An Eating Disorder, Weighed Only 99LBS

After Lisa Rinna’s daughter, Amelia Hamlin, 17, admitted she suffered from anorexia this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards is revealing she also suffered from an eating disorder in the 1980’s and weighed just 99lbs at one point.

Richards, 50, got emotional when she told her cast mates about the subject in a recent episode of the show.

“Lisa Rinna opened up about Amelia, who was very brave to share her struggles with an eating disorder. I can’t just pretend that I don’t know what that feels like. So, guess what? I had an eating disorder when I was younger,” Richards confessed in an interview.

While vacationing in France, Rinna shared her pride for her daughter. “Because she’s so moved by helping people. After sharing her story, she’s become this activist.” Amelia had first gone public with her personal battle with anorexia in 2018, penning a lengthy Instagram message beside two bikini photos of herself: one from 2017 and another taken shortly before her posting. On a previous episode of RHOBH, Amelia admitted to her mother that her struggle with the eating disorder got so bad that at one point, she “could have died.”

Amelia inspired Kyle to share her own struggle.

“I feel really weird even saying anything, because I’ve never ever talked about this. Not even to my daughters, which is why I’m staying quiet because I feel weird,” Kyle began. “When I was younger, I had my own problems. But I never wanted to say because I had my daughters and I never even wanted that in their head.”

Richards explained that “it started when I was 17. I was on a TV show and I didn’t like — they kept putting me in these big things. And my boobs were big when I was young and my sisters were tiny and cute. Everybody was blonde and blue-eyed and skinny. I said, ‘I don’t like my wardrobe’ and they said, ‘Well, lose some weight and we’ll put you in cuter wardrobe.’”

“People would compliment me and the more they complimented me, the less I would eat,” she shared. “I would take V8 juice and put it in a bowl and heat it up and that was my food. I was 99 lbs.”

Kyle said that “it was like that for years. I can remember times where I said, ‘I’m only going to have six almonds today. That’s all I’m going to have.’”

“When I was growing up and my sisters were so skinny and all the models were, that’s what triggered all of that. But I was very self-conscious,” she told the ladies, adding she’s kept quiet about her struggle because she has four daughters. “Because I was scared that if I ever shared it with them that they would … I never wanted my kids to have that problem, you know what I mean?”

Rinna tried to comfort Kyle, saying, “Just because you’re saying it doesn’t mean they’re going to do it.”

“I know, but they’re older now. But I didn’t ever want to say it when they were little, you know, because I thought I don’t even want to put that in their head,” Richards explained.

“It terrified me to ever tell my children, ‘I used to have an eating disorder.’ I always wanted them to have a healthy body image and I never say things like, ‘Oh, I feel fat in this’ or pointing out anything about their body. I just wanted them to be healthy,” Kyle said in a confessional interview.

I have nothing but love and support for Kyle Richards, who I’ve met on a personal level.


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