Kyle Richards Admits She Was Concerned About Lisa Rinna’s Remarks About Kim Richards

Kyle Richards appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen earlier this week and answered some of your questions.

One viewer asked Kyle if she believes Lisa Vanderpump is jealous of her budding friendship with Erika Girardi. “A lot of people ask me that. Actually I don’t think so,” Kyle said. “She doesn’t care either way, but Erika and I are having a lot of fun together. And a lot of people love seeing us in Greece together.”

And for those viewers that think Kyle has been harsh on LVP in her interviews this season, she says, “I will never say anything in my interviews that I would not say to LVP’s face,” she said. “So I can live with that.”

Another viewer also asked Kyle if she was afraid that all of the chatter from Lisa Rinna and Eden Sassoon would threaten her sister Kim’s sobriety. “I actually don’t,” she told the caller. “But honestly, in the beginning that was a concern for me that she’s worked so hard to get to the place that she’s at, and to have people speak negatively or take her back to a negative place was a concern to me.”

“But I do feel that she’s strong enough and happy with her new grandbaby that she’s not threatened by that,” Kyle explained. “But that was a concern, honestly.”

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21 Replies to “Kyle Richards Admits She Was Concerned About Lisa Rinna’s Remarks About Kim Richards”

        1. People who have money from their work, like their work. They enjoy the work that they do. What should he do while Kyle is at the store, doing her new show, filming housewives? Sitting around by his pool. The money is enough when they say it is, God, they are only in their 40’s. I always enjoyed working. I mean, not every single day and minute, but I worked graveyard and felt much more of a useful human making sure my kids had money for ice skating, school trips, all those things requiring money. What a weird thing to say ( or think ) that the only benefit of work is money. I learned so much working, met some of my best friends, learned how to meet challenges, I guess that isn’t important to some^^^^^^^^^

          1. No one said they didn’t enjoy the work they do. I’m only saying that they’ll basically never stand up for kim in fear that Rinna (or anyone else with multi million houses) will turn their back and that Mauricio wouldn’t be able to sell her house if ever she decides to sell it, that’s all 🙂

        1. I know Kyle’s heart is with her family, her and Mauricio being busy is simply the way working people are. When her and Lisa started on this show, they had no idea what it would become, and one must move with the times or be left behind. Like Dorinda, Ramona, Lisa and Bethenny have all stated, they enjoy doing the show, it is comfortable for them, & they realize the opportunities for the future are much greater because of the show. When opportunity knocks, if you are smart, you answer.

          1. yes, they realized they had opportunities when castmembers decided they wanted to move and sell their multi million houses 🙂 that’s what I’m talking about.

  1. jay is not the only one to make that comment. didnt ken say same exact thing about maurizio when he was defending Paul and adrienne when they were threatening Brandi with a slander suit?

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