Kyle Richards Admits Brandi Has Affected Her Relationship With Sister Kim


Kyle Richards is sharing her thoughts on Brandi Glanville’s behavior at poker night in a brand new interview. Richards says she believes Brandi is using her sister Kim to mask her own problems.

“I feel like that I don’t want to respond to any of her comments,” Kyle says. “I don’t want to dignify any of those ridiculous things with a response. She’s going to do this all the time. Believe me, this is going to be the mild one. Who knows what’s coming after?”

“Starting at Eileen’s that night, everything kind of took off and started going crazy from that moment on. Obviously, I have my sister and our relationship, which we had worked so hard on and come so far with. That was what was the most upsetting,” Kyle tells Mr. Housewife. “Having that play out with the cameras and having Brandi try to interfere and come between us and obviously in my sister’s ear, putting things in her mind, it’s really frustrating and it’s not just a TV show. This is our lives and this is my family.”

“The truth is up until that night we were great (Kim and me). I kept saying it’s so fun, we can enjoy each other’s company again.’ We were laughing and being able to speak openly and everything was really good between the two of us,” Richards recalls. “Ever since that night, you’ll see in the show and in this season, it really affected our relationship.”

Kyle continued, “Like I said in my blog, I didn’t realize that they had this relationship that Brandi claims to have. I think she’s using my sister to look like she’s caring about her while she’s masking her own issues. I think Brandi hopes her issues get lost by trying to look like she’s caring for Kim. She keeps trying to say that I wanted this to play out in front of the cameras to hurt my sister. She’s hurting my sister, me, and our relationship by saying that. I walked away, my sister followed me into the bathroom. I was whispering and telling her, which you did not hear, to take off and cover her microphone to protect her.”

“If I wanted to make a scene, I would have said something at the table,” Kyle insisted. “I walked away because I was uncomfortable and I didn’t want to have anything happen in front of the cameras. Even when Kim followed me in there, I didn’t know if the cameras were going to be on or not. That’s why I kept saying cover your mic over and over again. She didn’t want to because she felt like she had nothing to hide.”

“I really didn’t know what was going on,” she said of Kim’s behavior. “I just knew Kim was off. I wasn’t sure. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I’ve only seen Kim sober since she left rehab before Eileen’s poker night and since then. Overall, I was trying to stay away from the cameras while figuring out why Kim was upset with me.”

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my heart aches for kyle its very wise to not respond to her nonsene. brandi is a waste of life and she is such a loser she is trying to bring anyone she can down to her level. unfortunately kims weakened state has made her an easy target. if things played out the way they were shown all kyle can do is walk away. kim is not mentally stable and being manipulated by this psycho. kyle has to rationalize in her mind that she cannot fix any of this her sister needs help and in the long run with therapy… Read more »

Total bs. She could have turned off her mic if she REALLY didn’t want to make a scene, she pissed off Kim by saying what she said and Kim wanted away from her, Brandi got involved after that. The issue still came from Kyle.

Totally agree. Kyle loves to stir shit and has jealousy issues with her sister. Doesn’t Kyle remember that she herself has had issues with several of the women? First season was all about the Kyle and Camille drama. Kyle has fought with Camille, Lisa v, Yolanda, Carlton and Kim. It’s pretty obvious that she’s trying to make the issues between her and Kim seem like it’s because of Brandy, when in reality they have been fighting since season 1.

Sorry for you Kyle. Brandi is out to ruin you… like last year she was out to ruin Lisa. She is mentally unstable and a dangerous woman. She is the worst. She is jealous of anyone who has a good happy life… probably why she is jealous of Leeann/Eddie – where her kids belong.

I think Kim is behind this. She needed a storyline so she went to Brandi knowing that Brandi would deliver. Kim is so worried about losing the money from this show she will do anything to stay on even sacrificing Kyle. And BrandiSlamvill will say and do anything she can to keep the camera focused on her.

I find it hard to believe someone would purposely jeopardize their own sobriety to keep a storyline for a reality show when they have a family that is as wealthy as Kim’s. Kim will always have the financial support of her family, children’s fathers, and I can’t imagine Big and Little Kathy not being wise enough to have helped her manage her money so that she can live comfortably. Also, keep in mind that Kim went back to work during this last year as an actress on legitimate, scripted SAG projects: her relapsing publicly would make her an insurance liability… Read more »

Right on Aunt Bee. You nailed it girl.

Sick, Sicker & Sickest–all 3.

Kyle is fake and ACTS concerned about Kim when the cameras are filming her – – –

Team Brandi & Kim all the way! ! !

And just how would you know how Kim and Kyle are when the cameras are off? If you are relying on what that known liar Brandi says then you need help.

Truly fed up with Kyle’s (perfection cover): You are so terrified of peeling layers. You want everyone to think your perfect. Your husband’s perfect. Your children will not be brats. You have now stepped up into big money. You are scared to death that Kim will tell secrets to Brandi and you’ll be humiliated. You used Brandi when you wanted to pull Lisa down last year. But when Brandi sticks up for herself after you jumped her you run crying to Lisa V, because you knew how she felt about Brandi. Lisa R, is a breath of fresh air! She… Read more »