Kyle Richards Admits She Had to Block Eden Sassoon On Twitter

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is admitting she had to block her co-star Eden Sassoon on Twitter after all of the drama that occurred between the two this season.

“I had to block Eden [Sassoon],” she told The Daily Dish. “It’s not that I don’t want her to see my tweets, it’s that I couldn’t hear what she was saying anymore. I can take a lot, but the last, final straw was when she said something mean about my sister, and then did #Grandma, making fun of her, like that’s a bad thing. And I just thought, ‘You know what? I just lost every little bit of respect I have for you.'”

Kyle noted that she didn’t make a big deal out of blocking Eden, adding, “I don’t even know if she’s noticed. We’ll find out today I guess.”

She also said she’s only blocked one other Housewife in the past.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I would block this nutcracker too!

I believe that alcohol and drugs has affected her brain for real. Her judgement just isn’t there whether it was or wasn’t before I dunno but she’s on Neptune

After all that I have read, the Sassoons were a dysfunctional family. Dad was way too demanding and insensitive and mom seemed to be absent and lacking warmth. Vidal had several wives. Vidal disinherited his adopted son David. He criticized his appearance, and forced him (in his words) to get weight loss surgery. In a Sketch of the Past about Catya Sassoon there is this: However, Sassoon’s relationship with Catya was often strained, leading her to publicly comment, ‘He knows how to be Vidal Sassoon but he doesn’t know how to be a dad.’ Similarly, her adopted younger brother David,… Read more »
These women do not understand that shut-up means exactly that, so I do not blame Kyle from blocking Eden. Clearly no love lost there on Kyle’s end. Seriously though, something is totally odd & weird about the whole Eden person. She’s not altogether normal. Too intense, cold like an iceberg one minute, the next, overly emotional, feels too deeply she thinks, talks in a manner one cant decipher & on & on & on. Bottom line is, she’s trying way too hard to fit in & is failing miserably & because of that, I feel a tad sad for her,… Read more »

I think Eden & LR are two emotional roller coasters.

Yet she hasn’t blocked Rinna i’m sure. #assh*le

Jay, I have to say I agree with you on your comment, except for thge last word you said.

you know i’m right 🙂

thought it was caitlyn jenner on the right

Well, I think It is weird with trans not fitting into the gay category and maybe not feeling as welcome as a result by the community that is gay and not trans. I only say that because I read the book that Chaz Bono wrote a few years ago. Chastity/Chaz identified as gay for a while since she liked women, but always felt male, so it changed a lot when identified as a male and went through the process. He was no longer active in the gay community, not being gay himself in his eyes. Her own gf at the… Read more »

But trans is the T in LGBTQ! Gay marriage
encompasses of those. Jenner is just dumb! Was a dumb man , now a dumb woman

Thanks, Rain. I forgot to thank you.n
Actually I follow Scott on twitter, and he and I had a short chat. What a nice person. I can only imagine what ot must be like to be living in the wrong sex body…and to actually go through that change has to be difficult but gratifying as well.
I watched some of “I am Jazz” on tlc, and that is enlightening. Her parents are amazing throughout it all, though being on reality TV Has to be difficult at such a young age.

I didn’t know all this about Caitlin. I figured she was having some issues identifying with the Republican party but there are lots of people who identify as conservatives but believe in gay marriage, the LGBTQ community even pro choice. There is no ONE identity to the GOP. It is sad that she is not in support of a community that knows what it is to struggle with your identity. Maybe she will in time. It has to be a difficult process. I don’t watch Jazz consistently but she has opened my eyes to a lot. I believe she’s down… Read more »

As far as I know, they have not publicized Jazz’s hometown, but it is in South Florida. Her pseudonym is Jennings, so that is not her real last name. I don’t watch it too often either, but I have watched a few episodes. It is eye opening for sure.

What on earth is Eden tweeting to Kim about? That’s abrasive? That is just weird! What is wrong with that girl?!