Kyle Reveals Lisa Had Dinner At SUR The Night Of Kimberly’s Graduation Party


Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle clarifies that Lisa’s lies are what hurt Kim’s feelings, it wasn’t the fact that she didn’t attend Kimberly’s graduation party. Kyle says their hairdresser saw Lisa at SUR the night of Kimberly’s party having dinner. Kyle also says Brandi and Joyce will never be friends and she’s tired of the “she said, she said.”

Kyle writes, “This episode really made me laugh out loud. Going to the nail and waxing place with Kim and our girls was so fun. Not only are we laughing , having fun, and genuinely enjoying each others company — but our kids are so happy that we are all able to have fun together once again.

Brandi and Carlton have become quick friends. I still am taken aback at how Carlton acts towards me, and Joyce for that matter. When Brandi said in her interview that Carlton is not judgmental I was thinking: “Is she talking about the same Carlton I know?” So far she has ONLY judged me without getting to know me, and while I have tried to get to know her I have been shot down.

It seems Carlton and Brandi wanted to maybe have a few drinks before they got to Kim’s party for Kimberly’s graduation. Kim wasn’t serving alcohol. While she attends events that have alcohol, I respect the fact that she doesn’t serve it at home. Plus this was a party for Kimberly who is a minor.

Other than Brandi getting sick, it actually was a great night! Kim was so proud of Kimberly and she was beaming. Lisa had told Kim she would be out of town and if she came back in time she would come.

We all went to Lisa’s house to drop off dresses for a charity. When Lisa told Kim she had been away all weekend and that’s why she wasn’t at Kimberly’s party, Kim knew that wasn’t the truth. Kimberly’s party was a Saturday night and our hairdresser saw her Saturday night having dinner at SUR.

It is fine if she didn’t want to go but the fact that she wasn’t honest is what bothered Kim the most. Lisa was at first trying to put off that she had been away ALL weekend. Kim may have missed some of Lisa’s parties in the past but she also has gone to plenty. Lisa has never gone to any of Kim’s events, and I think it hurt her feelings.

Clearly Brandi and Joyce are never going too be friends. Every time there is an argument we ALL hear both sides and end up having to piece it together. Lisa kept pulling me away while they were arguing and I was laughing AND trying to hear them. Enough of the “She said, she said.” I can hear first hand! Haha! Because in this group, we often hear “there are three sides to every story. Yours, mine, and the truth.””

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  • DebBrenn

    Oh for God’s Sake, Lisa explained she wasn’t expecting to be back that early, and we all saw that Kim’s party was NOT held at night. Alcoholism or not, it’s tacky of Kim to confront Lisa for this when she bailed on promised attendance and let people down right and left for years. You can’t expect people to forgive years of flaking and turn around and hold someone else accountable for RSVPing no and following through with that. It’s just as rude to show up at a party after you’ve declined an invitation as it is to not show after you’ve said you’d be there.

  • Barb

    Amen DebBrenn.

  • yaya

    Kyle, just STFU! Stop meddling in arguments that You Have Nothing To Do With! You & Kim need to worry about eachother.period. Lisa did everything correctly when she said Ahead if time she & hubby weren’t attending graduation party. Geez, what is wrong with you two???? Be thankful the Vanderpumps’ gave your niece a gift!

  • Liv

    It’s a party. It isn’t like it was a funeral. Jesus, get over it…. people don’t show up to weddings and birthday parties all the time. It doesn’t mean they do not care… it’s just not as important to everyone else as it is to the people who are throwing it. Grow up, everyone had a great time, who cares.

    • Liv

      Also she sent the girl a gift… jeeze it isn’t like she just blew the whole thing off… in fact no one is obligated to go to anyone’s parties…