Kyle & Mauricio Support Lisa On DWTS Despite Reports They Hadn’t Spoken Since RHOBH Reunion!


Despite reports Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump have not spoken since the women taped The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion, Kyle and her husband Mauricio were in the audience of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars Monday night to cheer Lisa on as she danced the Viennese Waltz. Kyle wasn’t the only RHOBH in the crowd rooting for Lisa; she was joined by Lisa’s BFF Brandi Glanville and husband Ken Todd holding Giggy, along with Kim Richards and Taylor Armstrong cheered and showed their support for Lisa as she danced to a beautiful Whitney Houston song.

The women of Beverly Hills were quick to boo the judges when they gave Lisa pointers on how to improve her dance skills and told her to stay in character!

Lisa, who was in the bottom two last week, got more positive comments from the judges this week, and they noticed how Lisa has improved. Lisa and her partner Gleb scored a total of 21 from the judges, which is her best score yet!


Tune in to Dancing With The Stars on ABC Monday and Tuesday nights and vote for Lisa by calling 1-800-868-3404. AT&T users can text VOTE to 3404 every Monday!

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6 Replies to “Kyle & Mauricio Support Lisa On DWTS Despite Reports They Hadn’t Spoken Since RHOBH Reunion!”

  1. I would expect Kyle and Morris to be there supporting Lisa – front row, cameras, look like they are the supportive friends – Kyle knows she is the least liked HW on this show and had better get her mug showing nice gestures because when she manipulates people next season she can cry and, again, be a victim and say to Lisa, “morris and i were supporting you on DWTSs!!! Kyle is the odd man out as is Kim. They know it and will do anything to be “stars” (in their minds)! Kyle and Morris are sleezy and were busted about their shallow friendship for money on the reunion. Kim is just so hard to watch – should not be filming a reality show.

  2. Kyle was all smiles for the cameras but was the only one to not tweet for people to vote for Lisa.
    She wasn’t even gracious when Lisa tweeted about the chef’s abhorrent comments about Lisa.
    Actions speak louder than words.

  3. QUESTIONABLE APPEARANCE BY Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umaskey…come on!?!? Kyla hasn’t spoken to Lisa…now after the real-estate mogul couple were called out, RIGHTFULLY SO! …AND they dropped Lisa and Ken as Friends….Mo & KYLE show they do hat they MUST to keep them in the $$$$ regardless!! No respect nor trust for WHO they support and back for the moment…..sad. LISA & KEN were spot on where KYLE & MAURICIO were clueless to fill their own pockets and sacrificed anybody, even family like Kim! Anybody with an ounce of loving a mother, the home you grew up in, shared with your siblings, grandchildren…..know $20,000 in Beverly Hils, CA… a joke, insult and KYLE TOOKNADVANTAGE OF … KIM…DURING A VUNERABLE TIME! SHAME ON YOU,..Kyle! You are a disgrace as a sister, friend, and daughter if you claim your mother TOLD YOU (or burdened you, as you screamed on air) you ar supposed to look out for Kim….bet Mom did expect you to CHEAT Kim out of HER EQUAL PROPERTY SHARE OF you THREE girl’s equal share, she left each!! WOW, KYLE, I’m more disgusted and disappointed than I imagined possible. I’m sooo glad YOU … ARE NOT MY SISTER!!!!

  4. I sure would not have after the way Lisa has treated her! I noticed the fake, Yoyo was not in the audience supporting her “friend”..Hmmmm..After watching Lisa be in the bottom two last week, I’m sure she has realized she is not the Queen Bee of this show. Some of the haters cannot give Kyle and Mauricio credit for anything and it is sad.

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