Kyle And Kim Richards Hash Out Their Differences On The RHOBH Reunion


Sisters Kim and Kyle Richards came to blows during part two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion Tuesday night. While discussing their fractured relationship, Kyle asked if she was going to be disinvited to Kim’s daughter’s wedding after the reunion.

“I feel like you have been very mean to me,” Kyle tells Kim of their struggling relationship. “I feel like I’ve been mistreated by you and I’m really just not at that place right now.”

“I actually feel the same way,” Kim says. “There’s just a lot of things coming up that I wanted to figure out before these things come up.”

“What so you can disinvite me to your daughter’s wedding?” Kyle asks. “That’s fine I don’t need to be there.”

“I didn’t want to disinvite you,” Kim insists.

“I don’t need to be there,” an emotional Kyle tells her sister. “The only reason I have tried to fix things with you when you’ve been so mean to me is because I love your children like I love my own and I want to be able to have them in my life.”

“I don’t want to not have you there,” Kim says.

Kyle continues, “I’m happy to support her and love her and all of your children. I will always be there for them! If you want to take them from me too do that!! You’re so f*cking mean! Just leave me alone.”

Watch the show highlight below.

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40 Replies to “Kyle And Kim Richards Hash Out Their Differences On The RHOBH Reunion”

  1. I just need to get this off my chest… Kim could be a loud proud crackhead and I would still like her more than Kyle! Kyle needs to go buy a dictionary and a thesaurus because if the best sentence a 40something can form to express how she feels is “you’re so mean!” then something in the milk ain’t right.

  2. That whole conversation was ridiculous. Kim calmly repeated that Kyle was not disinvited to the wedding and suddenly Kyle starts with the melodrama saying “you can take them from me too” boo hoo “you’re soooo mean!”
    You can tell she practiced that in front of the mirror before the reunion because it didn’t even follow logically from the conversation. I don’t blame Kim from distancing herself from Kyle. Kyle never misses a chance to try to make her sister look bad and play the victim. She’s got the bawling down pat. Get a grip and move on.

    1. Someone said to me on here that I was judging people and saying mean, out of line things. The way Kim defends Brandy who is sitting there saying she dreams of beating the shit out of Kyle, defending what she said to Yolanda, defending the slap, walks away at poker night and allows Brandy to push Kyle down the steps, sits there when Brandy CALLS HER SISTER A CUNT, and you all back her up, well it just proves water seeks it’s own level and sediment always SINKS TO THE BOTTOM AND STICKS TOGETHER. No one has ever shown what Kyle has actually said or done to have this rep. with them. Of coarse she does things, everyone does. Kyle doesn’t cry as much as Kim. Kim only cries when it has something to do with her dog and her “sobriety. The level of foul, base things she says just shows she belongs with Brandy. The ladies so outclass her it’s not even funny.

  3. I thought Kyle was an actress…please that was the best she could come up with. You’re so mean, leave me alone! She shouldnt have brought it up, attention whore, if she can’t take it. Kyle needs to learn how to play in the big girls sand box. She spews venom and then that…smdh. Bravo please no more Richards sister it’s the same crap every season and it consumed this season.

    1. Keep in mind that these sisters haven’t spoken in 3+ months so this is the first time they’re not only looking at each other, but discussing these matters that have transpired over the last few months, so I think the emotion is real. I was not a fan of Kyle in the past but the way Kim acts is making me understand why she is such an emotional mess.

      1. You have to remember kims dog bit kyles daughters hand which she ended up having surgery to make it right. It wasnt kyles youngest, but really that shouldnt even mattered, any kind of dog bite is bad, not only for the bite itself, but anytime a dog bites, the emotional side to being bitten is horrendous, even if you love dogs. I would be terribly upset if that had been my daughter who got bit from my sisters dog. The emotional scars are worse than the physical scars.
        Kim is also using and is not thinking clearly. Kim living with monty, (i dont know if its montys house or kims, &does kim even own a house), because monty has terminal cancer and from what ive read, they dont know how long he has, but now monty has his hands on any narcotic, and as much as he wants. Kim saying she only took 1 is a joke. She went in the hosp the next day, she got pain meds in the hosp, if she was in as much pain as she said. All of kims behavior since poker night, leads anybody to see she is high, and is so angry, and has so much rage, because of guilt using. Kim needs rehab, & mental health evaluation. Most likely so many addicts self medicate due to mental illness.

    2. I want to see all of the fun, wonderful things, and some conflict without the low class whores and drunks. They could all rise above and have a great show without Kim and Brandy. Brandy can’t stand that Kyle has everything she wants. Kyle supported her role on here time after time. If people see it as fake, well, polite society is often not exactly what people really think. Can you imagine what it would be if everyone just said every cruel, base, low class thing that came to mind. One can not make money on this show without being filmed at events and parties. Kyle was the one that continued to invite Brandy to every party, trip and event she had to support her role on here. She acted with class and Brandy just can’t get a foothold when someone acts properly in polite society. Kyle wouldn’t jump in the gutter with her no matter how much she goaded her and it just drives her crazy. Kim is mean. Of coarse everyone wanted Kyle to hit below the belt so they could point it out, so when she said what she said you have to find a way to make it look worse than it is. Anyone that sides with someone who treats anyone like that especially a sister who even now is trying to tell Kim that she wasn’t trying to hurt her. Kim wants to hurt Kyle and you all just think it’s great. You all should be great friends. If you want to throw a wonderful party in your home and be insulted and have your guests be insulted these are the people for you. Be sure you have never done anything that Brandy is morally opposed to though because she will use it to justify throwing a drink in your face and to take everything you do and malign it. You all go hang together and quit trying to drag us into the sediment.

  4. It’s very very tragic when a sister holds her children like hostages to try and manipulate other family members. I know firsthand about this particularly vike and intentionally piercing tactic as my sister did the exact same thing to me. She has some personalitydisorders, has always manipulated and mildly abused others. But my father kind of alway kept her in check. After he passed she kind went more rogue, for the lack of a better term. Anyway, she also, like Kim, always had a loose relationship with the truth, and LOVED telling (ahem) tall stories, usually in large crowds that were designed to not only falsely uplift her, but to not so subtly take a swipe at myself or one of my other sisters. In a way to humiliate or hurt- with a audience. So I “outed” her every time. Didn’t go over so well. She became enraged- a la Kim in Amsterdam, but she thought she could bring me “to heel” by holding her sons wedding invitation over my head. Long story short, my entire family wasn’t invited to her son’s wedding. Then, out of solidarity to my family, my 3 other sisters refused to go to the wedding either. The result, sad to say is a 3 year vompketely rift in the family. But like Kim, my sister had heaped abuse on the rest of us (there’s more test I haven’t shared), unlike Kyle, the rest of us just decided to stop putting up with the abuse. We all wrote emails to our nieces and nephews (all adults) and told them we loved them. We all sent Wedding gifts -which were accepted but not acknowledged. We have only had contact with one nephew. But the toxicity drips down into the second generation too. Anyway, there comes a point in your life when you have to let go of the sickness and the darkness because you realize they will and they WANT to take you down with them. Let her go Kyle.

    1. Oh Karen how sad for you. Losing touch with the nieces and nephews would be the hardest part for me and I am sure that will be hard for Kyle too. It is amazing how hard we will fight to keep our families together. I hope Kyle can cut the sister tie w/o having to lose the kids. I can tell what a kind person you are from your insightful posts and my prayers are with you.

      1. Thank you Aunt Bee- I feel more sad for her kids because they lost so much of their family. But, as Dear pointed out, they are all adults too, and can make their own choices. But it appears this is a permanent rift. Because eerily like Kim, my sister stubbornly clings to the lie, the negative and the destructive. The rest of us just won’t do that anymore, and truthfully it has been much more peaceful and serene for us all. But I pray for her. All I can do.

        1. I just bet it has Karen, been so much more peaceful for you all. Unfortunately, the toxicity pours out onto the kids & because Kim is their mother, Some of them will believe the horrid stuff she obviously says to them about Kyle & the rift will be there. Kyle has to cut ties like you have. Begging, pleading, crying is not working for her anymore.

    2. One problem with this “poor Kyle, evil Kim” perspective is that Kim’s “kids” are ADULTS so they are likely the ones choosing to distance themselves from their consummate victim of an Aunt. I can’t say I blame them.

      1. It’s very hard for them too though- even as adults. A. That still is their Mother they feel a certain loyalty to her, and believe you me, she is still actively manipulating them too. B. Those kids have grown up in a very toxic environment and have grown up being manipulated and emotionally blackmailed. The pressure is enormous for them to do what she wants. Seen that all my life too. The one nephew we do talk to and see does it on the down low out of fear of the fury of her retribution and he is 32.

    3. I agree Karen. I just watched the show. It was horrific. Kyle is crushed over her fractured family and I feel nothing but compassion for her. I have been estranged from family members and it is agonizing. And then people are calling her a liar and a fake. That is tough stuff. Kim is a nasty, heartless, spoiled brat, washed up child star and we know what trainwrecks they are from being worshiped at an early age. Anyway this was painful to watch. I hope Kyle heals and can move on.

    4. Me too, Karen. I have been vocal that I have a sister so much like Kim it’s freaky. One of the many problems with people like Kim and BG is that they are in a state of zanax with a wine chaser fog and in and out of consciousness. They remember snippets of conversation all out of context and NEVER ACCURATE to the point that it doesn’t resemble the truth whatsoever so when the other involved parties hear it it takes a while to figure out what they are referring to. My sister finally said something cruel after my youngest daughter died and that was the last time I spoke to her. I hope it doesn’t take Kyle something that tragic to see that Kim is just infested with hate. It has to do a little with her “disease”, but mainly it’s just who she is. I didn’t want my other kids to think it was ever OK to allow someone to treat me with such total disrespect and cruelty. They just don’t belong in polite society. Anyone that saw that reunion and/or the Amsterdam trip and sides with Kim or Brandy just belong in a different part of society. They are so outclassed that I can’t see their place in the bottom of the gutter.

  5. bunch of bull … blood is thicker than water…. definition of family in my eyes is being surrounded by people who love and care about you… Surprised that Kim has any family around. She’s been a ”mean girl” from day one on this show. Can’t blame everything on boozing or pill taking. Yes KIM you did relapse taking that pill – more than likely it’s plural – pills…. Bravo.. please take her off the show – for her sake and her childrens.

  6. I do not feel sorry for Kyle. I have watched Kyle use her sisters issues as her story line for to long. I fell these sisters have alot of things going on before this show started, but it was Kyle that opened the door to expose her sister in front of cameras and possibly hurt any future career she might have. Look Im not saying Kim dosent have a problem, but the truth is that they all knew that when the show started. I read somewhere when RHBH started that it was Kyle who brought these women together and pitched this franchise to Bravo. I also read that it took alot of convincing to get Kim to join the cast. Now she throws her under the bus! Not cool!!!! During the first several seasons Kyle would start arguments with Kim in front of the cast and cameras to be relevant. When Kim became sober Kyle had no storyline so what does she do? she turns on her closest friend Lisa and throws her under the bus, not to mention argue with everyone else. Now that Lisa Rinna and Eileen has many viewers believing that Kim’s lapse is an ongoing thing instead of a one time deal possibly hurting her future once again, viewerrs are attacking Kim and accusing her of falling of the wagon and what does Kyle do? She allows them to do this and gets mad at Kim for defending herself and frustratingly defending her sobriety. As for the Kim’s daughters wedding. I understand why she would disinvite Kyle. First of all lets make it clear that if Kim’s daughter wanted Kyle there , she would be there. Kim took the blame probably so Kyle wont say anything publicaly about her daughter. Kim’s daughter probably dosent want Kyle there because she wants her mom to enjoy her wedding with out tension. Her mom is her priority not Kyle. I f Kyle loved her nieces and nephews as much as her own children she would never allow people to do and say the things her castmates said about Kim all season with no thought to how it would affect Kim’s kids. Last thing. Why did Kyle even bring that up? It had nothing to do with the show. Kim stood on topic, Kyle did not! Kyle is a drama whore and her tears are disgusting and really bad acting! Kim was not yelling at her at that point. She was trying to get two words in to explain her feelings and Kyle went on a hormonal tantrum and called Kim mean and to leave her alone! Really Kyle?! You are pathetic!

    1. Are you kidding? Kim sat there and allowed Brandy to call her sister a cunt. You all go hang together somewhere. Brandy is so outclassed that she doesn’t know what to do. Kim takes every opportunity to go anywhere Kyle is surrounded by friends and make herself needy. Water seeks it’s own level and sediment sinks to the bottom and sticks together. Brandy couldn’t drag Kyle into the gutter with her no matter how hard she tried so she tried to go after her through Lisa V. That didn’t work so she is going after her through her sister. She can’t stand that she is never the one hosting any event, party or trip. Oh, wait, Las Vegas. Kyle said complimentary things about it, of coarse like anyone with class does. That and her housewarming to which Kyle attended and said nice things in interview. Never have I seen Kim or the whore say a kind word to camera about the person who has supported her role on this show more than anyone else. Kim’s entire repertoire of events hosted, let me see, a nose party and a trip to Ojai’. Her and the whore go and ruin the party for everyone. This season Brandy made sure to lie to Kim and say Lisa R. was talking behind her back, when in fact she herself said and implied way more about it to make sure she was good and pissed off for the trip. Then in their usual fashion they ruin Yolandas trip to her homeland. Every single event they attend is somehow spoiled with their low class behavior. Yeah, you all go have a show of your own. Bring Camille and Adrienne back, we will have some conflict still but it will be fun to watch.

  7. Brandi is the snake in the woodpile here. She is a negative influence on Kim. This has become unbearable to watch.

  8. When I saw previews – I would of bet that Kyle was talking to Brandi…all Kim can do is keep her kids away from Kyle…typical jealous behavior for Kim…but I’m seeing a really mean Kim this season – to everybody..! Hope she sees herself and realizes she doesn’t want to be that kind of person…I wouldn’t want to hang out with her…

    1. Very true. She’s been exceptionally rude and abrasive this year. Very aggressive and snippy- if that’s what being BFF’s with BG has gotten her – a BG junior persona- good luck with that.

    1. Kim will always be an alcoholic. ALL alcoholics will always be that: some are sober, some are sober sometimes & struggling, and the rest are drunks.

  9. Kyle needs to let Kim have it and finish with I don’t want u around me anymore. Then she needs to look at Andy and say….that includes being on this show with her, so take ur pick. I loved loved loved the part last night when Lisa said “is Kathy God”! I’m so sick of Kim saying how great Kathy and Brandi are compared to Kyle. That’s her one insult. Kim, take Brandi and go play at the Hilton with Kathy.

    1. I agree with you about the Kathy Hilton thing. “Oh, Kathy agrees with me and is SUCH a GREAT sister.” Its unfortunate that she couldn’t be as good of a mother as she is a sister. One child who made a sex tape and got arrested for Cocaine and another kid who was arrested after acting like a complete tool on an airplane and making violent threats. Meanwhile, you never hear anything negative about Kyle’s children at all. But Kathy is still the superior sibling. Probably because she continues to sweep all of Kim’s issues under the rug whereas Kyle will expose some of it.

      1. EXACTLY Travis. Kathy probably kisses the boo-boo’s, dries the tears & consoles Kim instead of doing the tough love. She enables her all the way. So, of course Kim is going to run to her & complain about Kyle & possibly Kathy agrees with her while rubbing her back & hugging her. If that be the case, some big sister she is.

  10. The way I see it is Kyle was so desperate to be friends with Lisa R she was willing to throw her sister away. Look at Kyle on the plane hiding behind her coat. Why didn’t Kyle step in and say, you’ve made your point she’s made hers, drop it…instead it was BG, from the best I remember. Lisa R is strange. She does as much deflecting as Kim and BG. I felt Kim owned up last night and tried to explain herself but was constantly interrupted. Even Andy shut Lisa R down! I wish the woman would not try and over talk each other.
    I didn’t care for Eileen at first, but she’s growing on me, except stating she had to tell her kids about how she and Vince got together, because of BG, please there is this thing called Google.
    Kim and Kyle need to take a break, just because your are sisters doesn’t mean there has to be a friendship.

    1. Yeah, addicts like to look back and rearrange the facts to make themselves look good but more important, everyone else, bad. A recovering alcoholic NEVER accidentally takes a narcotic. She took it to get hi. If she would have accepted Lisa Rinna’s apology on the plane and asked her not to mention it or refer to it at all, I think Lisa would have obliged. Why should Kyle have to say anything. Over the years the ONLY TIME IT LOOKED LIKE KIM WAS BACKING HER SISTER WAS WHEN SHE THOUGHT SHE COULD MAKE LVP LOOK BAD. It was just to make things worse. All of season 4 when Calston went after her she said exactly nothing. At the table on that trip with what’s her name people were being really cruel about Kyle’s husband and mean drunk Brandy was being herself, she sat there and argued with Lisa V. instead of backing UP HER OWN SISTER. the double standard is bewildering. It is never enough with people like Kim and she proved it once and for all when she made remarks insinuating her own niece had done something wrong. Making it sound like Kyle didn’t do what the doctor advised. It’s just too much. I can’t wait to see Kyle, Lisa, Lisa, Eileen and Yolanda with maybe someone new. Please, Bravo, choose from the top and not the bottom of the barrel. You all go play in the mud.

  11. At what point is Bravo going to step in and do something about Kim? If they aren’t careful, they will have another Russel Armstrong situation on their hands. Brandi even said to Lisa R. that she’s nervous to discuss any issues with Kim because she may kill herself. They should demote Kim to “Friend of the Housewives” until she can get her stuff together.

  12. This is some very serious shit here. These ladies need to take it off tv and take it home. I hate seeing anyone in the kind of torment these sisters are in and it’s not good entertainment.

    Kathy Hilton? You reading? Be a good big sister and counsel your sisters off the show for a while. This is too degrading for everyone.

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