Kyle And Mauricio Giving Kim Richards Tough Love


As we previously reported, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards went missing after her daughter Brooke’s wedding in Mexico last weekend. Now, TMZ is reporting that Kim’s sister Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umansky have “washed their hands” with Kim’s drama in effort to save her life.

“Kim stayed in Mexico after the wedding and was perpetually wasted,” the site reports. “Kyle and Mauricio had a security guard fly down to Cabo and literally force Kim onto an airplane where she returned home to L.A.”

Sources reveal that Kim is making false promises to enter rehab, but Mauricio and Kyle are not buying it. “They have done what they can do to save Kim, and the only thing left is tough love.” The site reports things are so bad with Kim, “Kyle and Mauricio feel Kim is actually in danger of dying. But they believe the only hope is for her to realize they will not be her safety net to constantly bail her out.”

What are your thoughts on this? Sound off below!

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  • sidewinderVX

    I mean sending a security guard down to mexico to get her back sounds like they are still being her safety net.

    Can a security guard even force Kim to get on a plane, like legally?

    What Kyle should do is tell Bravo she will only come back if her sister isn’t allowed to come back and keep her off the show, Kim can’t handle the show, Kim would be pissed at her but that would be real tough love.

    Probably be better for Kyle too, as we shouldn’t have to watch their relationship cycles anymore, really played out at this point.

    • One Rotten Egg

      Only problem with Kyle demanding Bravo remove Kim will mean Kyle will have to financially support her…don’t think Kyle would want that.

      • Fedupwithcrap

        Why would Kyle have to financially support Km, She is her sister not her keeper.

      • Amalu

        Why would Kyle be supporting her???

  • Aunt Bee

    Good point Sidewinder

  • Lisa

    I think this is long overdue. Kim is playing her family and using them to prop her up. She lies and manipulates. Kyle needs to pray for her sister and let her alone. They have done enough. It’s up to Kim now.

    • Karen’


      • Mel

        As much as we all agree this is the correct way to deal with the situation with Kim I’ll bek it when I see it. Kyle is afraid of Kim and she would not turn Kim out. Sorry don’t be it

  • Lisa

    I do understand them getting her out of Mexico. That is a very dangerous place. I hope now they do walk away.

  • Cin

    of course her sisters would send a security guard to bring her home. I understand that. She’s a US citizen in a foreign country – out of control – and who knows what could happen … she’s not in control of herself anymore than a 15 year old girl would be…. zippo control. I hope the courts force her into long term rehab and jail – whatever it takes to get her off the streets… at this point she’s a danger to herself and others.

  • DebBrenn

    Kim’s not going to be influenced by anybody withholding their support of her. She just wants to be left alone to drink herself to death. She can’t even pull herself together enough to lessen the suffering she’s causing her kids.

    • Lisa

      I agree with that but its time Kims victims start saving their own lives and happiness as best they can. How much poison must they allow into their lives. I am sure they have all been put through hell a million times over.

  • Sherry

    Her whole family needs to back away from her and stop all financial and moral support until she comes to her own conclusion she has to help herself, no one else can do that for her. Otherwise your just enabling her.

  • Jo

    lol, nothing new here. There was tough “love” since season 1… Vile Kyle

    • Are you male or female?

  • It states “the site reports”, and we know how reliable the sources can be as far as the security guard rumor. The relationship has been played out ad nauseam. I hope to see Kyle, Lisa V., Lisa R., Eileen, and maybe Yolanda if she is well enough. That last reunion and end of season was like watching a horror movie. That is not why I tune in.

    • CassyJ

      Not why I tune in either. I would love if they totally recast the show. I know we have our favs however I truly think without BG and Kim Kyle would have nothing appealing to watch, I also think Lisa R. Is actually just as vile as BG from watching her actions/reactions she was just sitting on the right side of the fence this season. I think after so many years the show gets boring and the drama too intense so it’s time for new ladies.

      • I don’t want an entirely new cast. I really would like the others to have a chance at showing us what we want see. I have always liked Kyle and Lisa and the other ladies without Kim and Brandi might just surprise us with a fun filled show with all the things we like. Homes, like Mohammed’s home is so magnificent, all of the homes I would like a better look inside of them, and on the property too. Just give it a try maybe to do what Andy originally planned for the show. I know real life gets in there but not that kind of stuff, please. There were a lot of things I enjoyed even last season that had none of the upset in them. If we, those of us who want drama but not the kind we have seen, get the show we want and it doesn’t do well, I will know I am in the real minority.

  • erin

    I think it’s possible that one of the reasons that they sent someone to get her out of Mexico is because of the possibility of her being arrested there. If she were to get caught buying drugs there, the consequences would be MUCH dire than here in the US. Mexican jail is not a place where you would want a loved one to go to. Cabo San Lucas is gorgeous and very much upscale in most parts, but it’s still in an impoverished country. Who knows what kind of shitholes she could have been hanging out in?

    Good for Kyle though. I know this situation way too well. The ONLY responsible thing to do is cut her off at this point. You have to make her realize how much she’s losing by continuing to use. Otherwise, she has no reason to stop. And Bravo should not offer her another contract. By allowing her to have a modicum of “fame” and a big paycheck, they are enabling her.

    • Karen’

      ITA- best thing they could do in the situation.

  • Shannon

    It’s about time….. They should have done this years ago, the entire family should have. Anyone of them that continues to bail her out, make excuses for her, treat her like a child, lie for her…. They are only adding to the problem and allowing her to continue on the wrong path. It’s way past time for Kim to grow up and stop blaming others for her actions….. I hope Brandi stays out of it and far away from Kim… She is nothing more than an instigator and will help Kim kill herself faster because she won’t act her she and stand up to her “friend” and tell her enough is enough

  • I feel Kyle and Mauricio have done the right thing. She needs to be in a locked facility for at least a year. The next thing if she doesn’t get the right help we will be reading her obituary

  • VaNonna

    Good for Kyle. If Kim didn’t stop because of her children, she needs to hit rock bottom. Perhaps her BFF Brandi could help her. Bravo needs to cut her loose too.

  • Joy Rengaw

    At long last Kyle using some sense. One cannot control another person. One can only control how they themselves act and react to a person. As I have said many times only tough love will bring about an outcome. Everyone close to her needs to step back and let Kim hit her own personal rock bottom. She will either get well or die. That is the reality of this disease. If Kyle had gone to Al-Anon she could have shared the tools she learnt. A lot of this anguish could have been avoided. Kims kids now to step back also and Pray for recovery.

    • I thought she did go to Alanon? But either way I hope she doesn’t get ripped apart by the press anymore. If this is any indication of the support she might have, since it seems people are showing kindness and support, there is a chance the haters will back off and let Kyle and HER family do their life without the burden.

      • CassyJ

        If you’re over 23 you don’t have haters anymore you just have adults who find you annoying. I read that on Twitter today and it made me giggle and wanted to use it somewhere. Lol

  • Donna

    Kyle should’ve stopped enabling Kim years ago. No matter how much one loves a family member, enabling them is the worst thing you can do. Kim needs to help Kim. Nobody can do it for her.

  • kt

    I hope everyone heals, it is a horrible disease which can tear down all involved!

  • Melodie

    She is going to end up in jail anyway….. her plea deal included her completing rehab. I hope the judge uses tough consequences on Kim and puts her in jail. I think she looks really good in orange right? All of the comments have been said over and over and over again. Same ole thing Headline is worded differently but the same same content. Kim is a mess and I hope the post about Kyle using tough love is true it’s about time they stopped bailing her out and just let her accept what is coming to her.

  • Ann

    It is sad that Kyle has had to take so much hurt from Kim when all along she has tried to help her sister.
    It is hard to walk away and that is why it has taken so long for Kyle at times it seemed she was going to make it.
    Your doing the right thing Kyle tough love. Pray for her let her kids know how much you love your sister but
    the ball is in her court.
    I think Kim needs medical help. She has all the symptoms blaming everyone but herself for the bad choices she has made. Down inside she seems to be a nice person but that changes quickly when alcohol or medication is involved. I believe she has damaged her brain. Anyone that thinks a dog regardless how much you love the dog attacks people and you make excuses your gone..

    • Melodie

      Not Medical Help Psychological help. Someone is going to have to go deep with her and bring out her childhood and what went on in that family. If she does not face that and learn to move on from the hurt she will never ever be sober. You gotta find out why she drinks and takes drugs. What is it that is eating her up inside.
      Has there been video of Kim’s behavior at the wedding? we want to see how bad it was. I really think it was probably exaggerated but the sober coach knows but she is under hippa laws

      • We have seen how she gets when she uses, just mean and saying anything she knows will cut deep. I can’t imagine doing that at my daughters wedding, hell, anyone’s wedding. We can probably imagine from all od the footage we have seen from the first 2 seasons and season 5.

  • starr sabga

    Kyle & Mauricio should no longer feel responsible for Kim who refuses to want to comply to rules &/or help herself. Their responsibility is to their own family. Kim is a 50++ year old woman & if she is not mature yet, she never will be. Tough love & just remove themselves from Kim’s scene.

  • Joy Rengaw

    How does one get sober and clean?. HOW, Honesty,Openminded and Willingness.
    Kim has the choice and using these 3 qualities in doing the 12 steps.
    she can turn her life around but it must be her choice to do so
    The alternative is death. Am Praying for all involved