Kyle And Kim Richards Celebrate Brooke’s Birthday After Filming RHOBH Reunion


Sisters Kyle and Kim Richards have had their relationship tested this season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but just days after taping the season 5 reunion, Kim and Kyle were spotted together celebrating Kim’s daughter’s birthday.

Monday Kyle shared a photo from her niece’s birthday party. In the photo were several members of the Hilton/Richards family, including Kim, Paris Hilton, and Kyle’s daughter, Farrah.

“I hope you had an amazing birthday @brookewiederhorn I love you SOOO much!” Kyle captioned the photo.


UPDATE: Kyle tweeted and said this is a photo from last year.


Photo Credit: Bravo/Facebook


7 Replies to “Kyle And Kim Richards Celebrate Brooke’s Birthday After Filming RHOBH Reunion”

  1. Brooke probably invited Kyle. Brooke is great friends with Kyle’s daughters. One of Kyle’s daughters is dating Brooke’s husbands brother. Plus Brooke is a victim of her mothers alcoholism too, and she has seen the games Kim plays.

    1. Yes, and Brooke isn’t fooled, she’s put up with Kim’s behavior her whole life. I’m pretty sure just because kyle and her mom are fighting, doesn’t mean she stops talking to kyle or her cousins. I always liked Brooke, just not Kim lol.

  2. i really hope kim sees how she was being played and how B*tch (i cannot even say her name ugh) was trying to cause conflict between her and kyle, she is trying to get in with the hiltons she is a fame whore and she will do anything to stay on the screen. kim kim kim wake up !! lisa r is a far better and caring friend to you than that skanky B*tch

    1. I don’t think Kim is bring played by Brandi, I think Kim and Brandi are two nasty peas in a pod. Kim is just as mean and destructive as Brandi, and have zero,zip, nada, NO sympathy for her.

  3. When reality sets in & Kim feels the wrath of Brandi, Kim needs to be on bended knee before her sister. If that is in fact a recent photo of Brooke’s birthday celebration, then that’s wonderful. And I totally agree that Brandi is trying to get in with the “big-wigs”, wrong side of the road for you Brandi. One cannot take filthy garbage & transform it into diamonds.

    1. Totally agree. Brandi has never fit in with these women and she knows it too. So all she can do is lie, start trouble and manipulate.

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