Kroy Biermann’s Ex-Girlfriend Claims He Was Dating Her When He Met Kim Zolciak!


Former Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kim Zolciak’s husband Kroy Biermann is being targeted in the press, by his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Stewart. Elizabeth tells In Touch Magazine that she was dating Kroy when he met Kim, and that he betrayed her!

“It was this whirlwind, love-at-first-sight thing,” Elizabeth tells In Touch, adding that she first met Kroy at a party in January 2010. After Elizabeth moved to Vegas, Kroy continued to pursue her and eventually flew her out Indianapolis where he ”told me everything you’d want to hear,” she reveals. “You’re mygirlfriend,” he allegedly told her, “We’re going to make this work.”

A couple of days later Elizabeth claims she came across photos of Kroy with Kim Zolciak at Cynthia Bailey’s wedding online, and when she confronted him he told her that he and Kim were “just friends.” Kroy eventually came clean about his romance with Kim, leaving Elizabeth feeling completely betrayed.

Elizabeth also provided In Touch text messages from Kroy. (See below.)


Elizabeth explains she wants Kim to know what happened. “I want Kim to know about it,” she tells the mag. “The manipulation and the lies. Obviously our relationships overlapped. [I felt] completely betrayed.”

An insider close to Kim reveals she’s “fine” with what happened but angry that Elizabeth is bringing this up so many years later. “She is livid that this woman is coming around after all these years. Kroy was never serious about Elizabeth, he was young and single and playing the field.”

“It wasn’t betrayal. It was just the normal thing that happens when someone is dating and finally falls for someone. The other people get left behind, and sometimes they get hurt,” the source added.

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35 Replies to “Kroy Biermann’s Ex-Girlfriend Claims He Was Dating Her When He Met Kim Zolciak!”

  1. Does anyone remember how on the tour bus and in Florida at that rich guy’s house, Kim made some negative like comments about Kroy – and of course she seemed to be an occasional screw for that gross old rich guy. Then she is pregnant and her x gay lover exposes some truths about how Kroy felt trapped and Kim asked that girl to help her raise the baby – then a couple months later – kim and kroy are the angels from heaven in love and ask, believe, receive crap. I think Kim felt desperate to hook a man with money after big papa wouldn’t divorce his wife and started going broke. She probably hoped to get pregnant and Kroy probably initially decided to do the right thing but with teservations. Then Kim put the magic spell on him. He showed his ignorance, imo, when he refused to watch episodes of Kim and not get a true feel what this woman was-is about. I thought she had changed, but she hasn’t. She still worships money and lies, cheats, and is just predictable. Her daughters get the backlash at school and Brielle is growing into a Kim in many ways. I will say Kim loves her kids, but has lots of help in raising them and I believe she will leave Kroy if he gets injured or whatever could happen that the money train comes to a stop. I hate how they use that ask, believe and receive belief for money, houses, and stuff that isn’t what religion is about at all. I think karma will get her for that. The way she treats her mother, etc.. That documentary about the Queen of Versalles reminded me so much of Kim in the future.

    1. Actually I have said this before about Kim (didn’t know about her ex gay lover and what she said). Kim is or was a UTR (under the radar) escort/mistress. The guy in Florida was Thomas Krane one of her “friends”. What has been happening is that Kim has been getting less and less calls from her “friends” and they weren’t stupid enough to get her pregnant. She was getting older and her “friends” where thinking if they still had money why pay for an over the hill UTR escort/mistress with 2 kids when I can get a 21 or 22 year old one. She was desperate and saw Kroy and got pregnant from him. If you don’t believe me tell me this. What middle aged woman who has 2 kids from 2 different dads would have sex with someone in a week or two of meeting and it wasn’t protected.

      Either she told him he was on the pill (biggest lie in the world) and he fell for it, or he didn’t take the condom with him and she reversed the condom and put it back in once he left. Either way she was a pro and she trapped him like an idiot. And the reason why he is smitten with her is because of one thing. I believe Kim is very very dirty in bed and he had things done to him that he never had done to him and now he is whipped.

      1. My friend slept with her now husband the first night they met. They now have 5 kids! I wouldn’t recommend it, but it happens.

        1. 6 kids and I think she changed when she met him. She does love money, but when you scrape and work your ass off all while your kids are growing up without you so you work graveyard so you can be with them, love AND MONEY are wonderful. They have four kids together and he loves her, too. If we didn’t change and grow what would be the use of living. Housewife or not I thought she was trash when I first looked at the show. But then she fell in love with him, I believe that. She grew up and she knows the football player money only comes in for 10 years, tops. Then, if he is smart, and I believe he is, he will do something connected to football, maybe even coach. He is loved as a football player and a team player, so he might just keep the money pouring in. She makes money, too, so they won’t ever be broke. And her mother? What a total bitch.

          1. I wouldn’t call spreading your legs for wealthy men scraping and working her ass off. The type of midnights she worked had nothing to do with a hospital or nursing job. She is, was and always will be a very shallow, money obsessed woman.

      2. Never heard anything at all about a gay-lover and I certainly don’t think she tried to deliberately trap him…they have four other children, his idea. None of you know her, she was a nurse who took care of her kids after the fathers left her…she made bad choices in men. Yeah she fell for a guy who had money and kept stringing her on with he was separated and getting divorced…and they were separated off and on, but, she finally wised up to his lies and promises. Why is it always some whore that traps the guy? It takes two.. people to make a baby. Her girls would not be such good kids and love her so much if she was a bad person. And what happened with her mom, is her moms doing.

      3. I know I will get flack for this, but I agree. You said what I have seen all along.
        I know Kim may have wanted to make money to support her girls, but she also had very expensive taste. She had to know that L.P.N. work was hard and for not too much money and found other ways to support herself that paid well. She did sleep with wealthy men. That much we know. She did have a gay woman lover for a while which was also publicized. She also latched onto a fairly young athlete who may not have experienced anyone like her in his life. Kim is not stupid. The gravy train has to keep flowing. Is she now a changed woman? I don’t know. I refuse to watch her and almost did not comment. I do feel for sorry for all the children. They have no choice but to be on reality TV and listen to cursing, etc., but they may always have nice material things and hopefully a father who won’t abandon them.

    2. Kim is a wonderful mother, wife and person. I just wish she’d stop swearing. She had been with big papa for years. She didn’t sleep around. There’s nothing wrong with her or Kroy, and they seem to truly love and respect each other. So, she loves money and material things. So what. And you don’t have to be religious for believe and receive to work. It’s a universal law, not a religious law.

      1. I totally agree! You can tell just by watching Kim and Kroy together that they are totally in love with each other. Seems to me that the ex-GF is eating sour grapes and now trying to dig up crap just to stir the pot. I saw a comment on here that makes total sense in this situation….The one that stirs the crap in the pot needs to be the one that licks the spoon! I bet if someone looked at who Kroy’s ex-GF is…I bet she’s an out of work model/actress and trying to get publicity for herself.

    3. They spend money like water when they should be saving. Their 15 minutes of fame is almost up. Reality TV stars don’t have a very long shelf life and neither do mediocre football careers, most end in bankruptcy. Even if she was a call girl hopefully she has turned her life around and they seem to be in love, so good for them, but they should save their money for the sake of at least their kids. However Kim still does not seem like the type to live a poor life if Kroy can’t provide, if someone with money comes along when he is cut she will probably leave him for the money even if the new guy is old or married.

    4. Kim is blinded because Kroy’s has cheated on her numerous times. She is 7yrs older than he. Last year in late 2015 I was at a opening for a new venue and kept Biermann was there alone. No media was allowed inside the venue and he was hanging and kissing all over a girl I know as “Demi”. When he left with her they both were escorted thru the back exits so no pics or paparazzi could snap photos. A week later I heard that they stayed the night at a hotel under her name.

  2. Why would she want Kim to know about it now? Love or hate Kim, Troy has 2 children with her, and adopted Kim’s other girls. The only thing to come out of it, is Kim’s family is hurt.

    1. He has FOUR CHILDREN with her. 2 boys and a set of twins, a boy and a girl, I think. I am not really fan of hers, but I do think it is true love and they are happily married. I don’t see a damn thing wrong with having or wanting money. It is a lot easier with money, lots of money is even easier. It doesn’t mean you become happy, she was happy already as soon as she met him. Still there will be problems, illnesses, bitch Mothers, and all sorts of things thrown in, and money makes it a lot nicer to travel through life. I don’t see what she has done to create such comments, but to each his own.

  3. Omg and Kim strikes again smh that’s not normal kim to u maybe because u never really loved anyone everything with love to u was a dollar….so I don’t see normal as a word u should use trashy hooker….smh

  4. Hasn’t this chick watched RHOA? Kim has no shame in dating guys who are in relationships! Her dream is to be the girl he leaves his other girl for.

  5. Their happy and adorable! Regardless of her past , she’s not a call girl today.. If that’s even true! He scored and she scored! Get over it people! And if he wanted to be with Elizebeth he wouldn’t have met Kim..

  6. Also Elizebeth you can tell you weren’t serious because there’s only 1 or 2 photos of you two.. Get it straight you were a fling woman—I don’t think he’s a cheater I think he’s a nice guy who didn’t know how to let you down .. When love hits you in the face.. There’s no denying it..

  7. I think KZ turned KB completely out. He is younger and appear to be less wiser.

    KZ leads him around like a puppy dog. Something is terrible wrong when both of their parents are no longer apart of their lives. Regardless, to what the situation is between them and their parents, the kids deserves to have a decent relationship with their grandparents. PERIOD, POINT, BLANK.

    Their grandparents are getting older, they need to establish some type of respectful relationship with their parents for the sake of the children.

    1. I’ve heard that his Parents can’t stand her either…..Personally I do not find him attractive what-so-ever so as far as I see it, she just got the money……Also she didn’t wise up to Big daddy not leaving the wife she simply met Kroy, the rest is history…

  8. Kim was and is not and never has been a nurse. She is not college educated. Maybe a CNA but her lie about this issue keeps running and people really believe her…..She does not take care of her kids..nanny’s do. She has a very poddy mouth and her small boys have now picked it up. It is sad Kroy does not have a relationship with his parents.
    Due to Kim and her behavior..I would not want her as a daughter in law either She will crash some day..

  9. I love this show….they are in love and they are good parents,…but it does look bad when both sets of parents…Kim and kroys does not speak to them…..those kids need their grand parents. …

  10. I think they have fun as a family but I do wish they would stop swearing in front of the children and the children should not be using bad language. It saddens me to hear it. I’m sure both sets of grandparents are saddened by it as well. I hope all of the generations can mend ways and enjoy life together. It isn’t fair to the children not to spend time with their grandparents. And vice versa.

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