Kroy Biermann Threatens To Sue Bravo Camera Crew!

After Kim Zolciak stormed off during brunch, and quit the Real Housewives of Atlanta, her husband, Kroy Biermann, is coming to her defense. Kim shoved the camera out of her face and yelled, “Get the f*** outta my face!” When the Bravo cameras keep filming, Kroy gets involved, and loses his temper with the Bravo camera crew!

“You better get this mother f**ker out of here,” Kroy yells, reaching out to touch the camera. “Get your hands off the camera,” a crew member warns the NFL player.

When the camera crew refuses to stop and follows Kim to the car, Kroy REALLY loses his temper, but a friend calms him down and tells him to get Kim out of the situation.

Walking to the car, Kroy yells, “You’re gonna get  f***ing lawsuit.”

Watch this NEW preview below!

Tell Us- Did Kroy cross the line?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


5 Replies to “Kroy Biermann Threatens To Sue Bravo Camera Crew!”

  1. Kim and Kroy need to come clean about their immature behavior on RHWOA…. They also need to come clean with their financial problems, being evicted etc….

  2. If you ask me, the camera man was cray cray! It’s a good thing Kroy’s friend was calming him down. A teeny camera man against an NFL player whose wife is 8 months pregnant?

    Did you ever notice Kordell’s face when he was angry? Their faces and bodies are their livlihood.

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