Is Kroy Biermann Joining LIVE with Kelly Ripa?


Michael Strahan left LIVE back in May, and Kelly Ripa has been joined by A-list celebrities as her co-stars ever since his departure from the show. Andy Cohen, Fred Savage and Megan Kelly are just some of the people that have filled in for the former NFL player. A full-time replacement host has yet to be named, but Kim Zolciak-Biermann knows exactly who is right for the job.

And Kroy was up for the task!

Kim spoke with The Daily Dish back in September and she teased he would be perfect to fill the spot. “It’s so funny; Kroy’s very well spoken. I’ve always said, ‘You should do broadcasting’ . . . I told him he should try out for that LIVE with Kelly [co-hosting job]. I was like, ‘You should do that,’ so we’ll see,” she said at the time.

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8 Replies to “Is Kroy Biermann Joining LIVE with Kelly Ripa?”

  1. I cannot stand Kim and though I initially felt sorry for Kroy, I just think he became a different person since Kim, as I watched him a few times in the beginning episodes. I saw the disrespect for their parents and the cursing, etc., and I cannot stand either of them.
    As for Kelly, she did have an ex football player as her last co-host, and we know how that turned out. She was so upset when he said he was leaving, she did not come back to the show until he was officially off of it and cannot stand him now. The only thing good about it would be “Live with Kelly and Kroy” has a nice ring to it, and even if Kroy is a good co-host if given the chance, his marriage to Kim is just hard to put out of the picture, and I find her disgusting. I watch Kelly now with guest co-hosts, and even Andy was on yesterday as her co-host, but I don’t watch regularly and don’t care about Kroy. I am sure he needs a job to support that family and Kim’s over the top spending though.

  2. I think Kroy might make a great co-host for Kelly. I do not like Kim either, and I detest the way that both of them disrespect their parents. They had better be careful, as there is this thing called Karma! Why go all the way back home to Montana and then not see his parents while there? That’s just mean.

  3. Michael Strahan was an ELITE and extremely popular Super Bowl winner who went into broadcasting (still is in it) he is a natural at it and millions of people knew who he was when he did the live show with Kelly. Nobody knows who Kroy is unless you watch the show which isn’t in the millions. I find this laughable

  4. You have got to be kidding me. I guess that Wig has to keep up her high amount of spending and since Kroy is out of work she is desperate.

  5. Gosh Kim is so delusional. Kroy is a shy easy to manipulate with sex kind of guy. That’s how she got him to marry her. He just thinks and does what she wants him too now. It’s like he just gave up on being himself when she got her hooks into him. He can’t be a talk show host on a major network talk show because he really doesn’t have the gift of gab, the quick intellectual wit and great sense of humor you need to be a talk show host. ….and if Kim thinks KJ is an actor gosh she needs to get some glasses. He’s loud but that isn’t acting. You could tell that the people auditioning him thought he was awful. Does Kim even realize that he has ADD? If Kroy doesn’t get a great football gig soon that family is in trouble. Kim’s skincare line is not going to make it.

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