Kroy Biermann Had To “Find a Different Outlet” After Football

After becoming a free agent in 2016, former Atlanta Falcons player Kroy Biermann had to settle into a more domestic existence and find something to do after football.

“I definitely have had to try to find a different outlet. You know football was kind of like an outlet for me, so whether it’s cleaning up the yard or going for a run or doing something like that, I’ve had to kind of learn that aspect of my life,” Kroy told The Daily Dish. “But I really enjoy kind of being that guy.”

Without getting into much detail Kroy teases that he has many other opportunities on his plate at the moment.¬†“I’ve continued to stay in shape. I’ve continued to work out. I’ve continued to be kind of quote, unquote ‘ready.’ The opportunity has to present itself that I want and enjoy,” Kroy said. “If not, I have a plethora of options and I’ve kind of started to go down those roads. They’re nothing that are too serious.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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