Kroy Biermann Had To “Find a Different Outlet” After Football

After becoming a free agent in 2016, former Atlanta Falcons player Kroy Biermann had to settle into a more domestic existence and find something to do after football.

“I definitely have had to try to find a different outlet. You know football was kind of like an outlet for me, so whether it’s cleaning up the yard or going for a run or doing something like that, I’ve had to kind of learn that aspect of my life,” Kroy told The Daily Dish. “But I really enjoy kind of being that guy.”

Without getting into much detail Kroy teases that he has many other opportunities on his plate at the moment. “I’ve continued to stay in shape. I’ve continued to work out. I’ve continued to be kind of quote, unquote ‘ready.’ The opportunity has to present itself that I want and enjoy,” Kroy said. “If not, I have a plethora of options and I’ve kind of started to go down those roads. They’re nothing that are too serious.”

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