Kroy Biermann Accused of Not Paying Babysitter

According to RadarOnline, Kroy Bierman and Kim Zolciak needed help taking care of their children, so they did what most people do, hire a babysitter.

The former babysitter is now suing the former NFL star for $288 in back pay as well as $79 in other costs for her services.

“I worked for them for tow [sic] days babysitting” the babysitter said.  “They don’t want pay me. They said pay me $11 dollars for hour [sic].”

In the lawsuit she only named Kroy and left Kim out, and she also attached screenshots of a conversation with another employee over her payment as proof for the suit.

The babysitter says that she worked one specific day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and another day she was trained from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. The babysitter was given the impression she was to make $11/hour. The babysitter says she needed money to spend back to her sick mom in Mexico.

The employee texted back to the babysitter that she would only be getting $5.15/hour since that is Georgia’s minimum wage rate. The employee ask over and over again for the babysitters address to send the check to, but never got a response.

Biermann’s response to the suit is that the babysitter refused to give the correct mailing address and he would only be paying $134, and not the $288 the babysitter was asking for.

Biermann wanted the babysitter to pay his attorney’s fees.

Biermann didn’t show up to the court date so “the mediation could not be help.”

The Fulton County court later dismissed the case since both parties failed to show up to their rescheduled date.

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Photo Credit: Bravo