Kristen Taekman Talks Fight With Josh At Spartan Race


Kristen Taekman is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to discuss her fight with her husband Josh during The Spartan Race. Kristen explains why she wanted her husband to wait for her during the race and asks if she is just being ungrateful or if she was right for getting angry at her husband?

Kristen writes, “The Spartan Race. I have watched that damn footage now four times and can’t figure out if my husband is right? Am I an ungrateful pussy, that needs to man up or am I Real Housewife that is scared s—less?

I had so much emotion running through me that whole damn race that a breakdown at the finish line was inevitable. Really, there was no way around that breakdown. I am not one to hide any emotion. I am an open book on every level. I finished. I am NOT a quitter. I am a model, a girly girl, but let’s be clear — I grew up in Connecticut on a farm. I cleaned out barns, rode motorcycles, played in the dirt, climbed trees, etc. I am my husband’s wife. I did  that race to support him and his company EBOOST. One year later, I can look back and say that I am happy that I did the race. Yes, I am now a “Spartan.” I am open to trying everything one time. I did it, it’s done I am now officially a damn Spartan. Whoop de do. . .

A few things: The race took place in Tuxedo, New York about an hour out of the city.  At a ski mountain. Yes, a ski mountain. We climbed up the mountain and down doing a million obstacles in between. It rained the entire day before this race, so the whole course was covered in three inches of mud that is usually not there. Ugh.

When you see me walk up to the race, I was nervous as hell. There was no hiding that. OMG. It was horrible! I wanted to puke and cry all at once. I was fighting back tears from the minute I got there. You’re probably asking: Why the hell did you do it then? (You will see I end up doing a lot of things this Season where I ask myself, “What the hell was I thinking?!”) I really don’t know. To support my husband and his company is all I can answer. It really was something I wanted to do for him to show my support. I know he really enjoys doing those sorts of things together, minus the break down at the end. I know it turned him on for his wife to cross that finish line.

EBOOST is one of the Spartan Race sponsors, so at this point, Josh had done two other races and had mentioned that he really wanted me to do one with him. In relationships, each of you are very passionate about things that the other just may not be, ie. Josh with the gym, exercise, etc. He always has had this fantasy that I am going to one day be that girl that will WANT to do that sort of stuff with him. Want and can are two very different things. Random example: I drink a ton of tea. At least six cups a day. So for years I would make my tea and ask Josh if he would like a cup. After so many “nos” he finally responded yes, and actually enjoys a cup of tea with me now at night. This is maybe an example of how people may think they can change someone, especially in relationships?

This is my argument (Well, one of of many). I did not prepare at all. Down to the gear — we went that morning and bought those arm protective bands. Thank goodness or else my arms would have been scrapped to s— (like my legs got). I wore regular sneakers when a lot of the other people had shoes with little spikes on them. I was sliding all over the place (Josh had the special shoes). Does it sound like I am just complaining? Sorry, I guess I am. I just never in a million years thought it was going to be like that. Barbed wire, 25-foot rope climb, jumping over fire, getting sprayed with a fire hose — ALONE! I don’t mind getting dirty and messy. The problem was the race took two hours without stopping, with no rest, and with two little water stations. I really thought that it as going to be more like a marathon, not so scary. I was exhausted, mentally, physically, emotionally. I wanted to up and quit three times at the top of the mountain. I almost walked off into the woods.

The barbed wire was horrible — 100 feet of barbed wire three feet from the ground in the mud. Every three feet, it was a field of barb wire, like something you would have seen in some army movie. I looked out over the barbed wire and all you could see were tufts of hair and blood. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! WTF is all I kept thinking. And who else was I going to get mad at but my husband? Apparently, someone told me after that some guy cut his face on the barbed wire and the only thing that stopped him from cutting his face wide open was his nose bone! Hello!

Heather leaving me in the dust with Josh. Watching Josh help Heather over some of the obstacles while I did it on my own. Miserable. Yup, sucked. They are very competitive, they both get off on that sort of thing. The competition of it, me not so much. Listen. They both love and support me and have my backs where it counts and thats all that really matters. #Staytuned.

I ended up meeting some nice people while running. There were heats so big groups of people got released every 15 minutes or so. Because it took me so long, I kept meeting new people along the way. There was this one super sweet woman and her husband running together (You know who you are and thank you!). She said that the Spartan Race was her idea. It was on her bucket list. She was my age had two small kids. I couldn’t believe that she had a bucket list and that race was on it?

Anyway, she made her husband wait for me to help me over one of the walls. How nice is that! (Thank you!). The one thing that I have to say I was very proud of myself for doing was climbing the 25-foot rope to ring the bell. (Heather couldn’t even do that, ha!) I will post a photo on Twitter — check it out. I was beyond proud of myself and my little muscles that could!

Slow and steady won the race for me that day. I was mad at my husband for maybe my own issues (I am still trying to figure out what they are). But that’s what husbands are for, I guess. I did it, damnit. I am officially a Spartan. Josh has done many of these races since then and he has said that by far, the race that we did that day was the hardest he has ever done. And I know you are a tough momma, Heather, but looking back you have to admit that was very hard!

I have to say, when I got half way through, I realized that I could do this and that I was going to take my anger out on the race. I decided full steam ahead, slow and steady wins the race. You know what? Slow and steady can and will win any race in life. You can do it, and it’s okay to do it at your own pace on your own time. Even if its just you and for you. Alone.”

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5 Replies to “Kristen Taekman Talks Fight With Josh At Spartan Race”

  1. Obviously the race was extreme! Remember everyone has a different pace. You keep complaining about your husband moving on without you – get over it. I would not have expected my husband to hold himself back because of me… I would cheer him on! This race was not about you. On the other hand….. I think you will be a refreshing addition to the housewives!!!

    1. I agree with Kristen completely. Heather wanted to put her friend down and did it. I wouldn’t have forgiven so easily, Heather is a friend to herself and no one else. She always talks with the “mama and Radzi” garbage to make herself look more familiar than she is. Just don’t like her this year or last year.

  2. Her husband was SUCH a jerk, I was shocked and it honestly turned my stomach. She did the race to support HIM and he couldnt even stay behind to support her? If I were her, I would have turned in my divorce papers the next day, in all honesty. No one should have to be married to such a selfish jerk.

  3. I agree with the other poets on who said your husband acted like a jerk. More specifically, he behaved in a contemptuous manner. And he has done so in subsequent episodes. Contempt is a red flag–a predictor for divorce. Not to mention how you seem to believe him. And where does any man get off calling a woman a pussy? Pussy in that sense is so sexist and derisive. Sorry, but your husband is awful and a bad model for your children of how a woman should be treated. You deserve better (every woman does).

    1. not the first time he acts like one either. The ep with the child-ther. even worse. And the way he treated Sonja ( and worst of all spoke badly bout here in front of the others ) MY GOD! That man may be gay for all it seems.And then calling her a Pussy !? REALLY ?? Women are CERTAINLY NOT his cup of tea.He is certainly not that good looking at all. Kristen you can do so much better!!

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