Kristen Taekman Reveals Why She Felt Left Out Of Bethenny’s Birthday


Real Housewives of New York City star Kristen Taekman is taking to her blog to tell HER side of the story about not being invited to Bethenny’s birthday dinner. Kristen explains she didn’t understand why she was not included in the event because Bethenny knew all the ladies were hanging out together, and explains she felt left out. Taekman also gives a shoutout to Heather Thomson for always having her back.

Kristen writes, “Carole is so hilarious. I love that she met Adam, hit it off, and they are hanging having fun. You go, girl. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

I have to agree under 35/over 75 seems like a great way to go when dating. The Halloween puking in a pedicab thing is OMG, too funny! He held her hair back out of the way! #truelove

I actually didn’t know that Adam dated Lu’s niece. It seems to me that Carole just fell into this. The feeling is mutual, and I would have to agree it’s a bit awkward to tell Lu too soon. Carole doesn’t even know what’s happening at this point!

Bethenny’s birthday dinner seemed like a lot of fun, LOL. I didn’t know that she shared the day with her mom, that seems like somewhat of a sore subject. I do remember hearing years ago that she hated birthdays. I love that Sonja is with her German boy. I think it’s nuts how these women just keep inviting other men as guests–they clearly didn’t get the plus-one only invite. OMG, the young boy not knowing Jordache jeans?! How is that even possible?

Cheers to expecting the unexpected!

The phone call with Heather catching up and then finding out that I wasn’t invited was interesting, and very much what happens. Simple question: Gee, why wasn’t I invited? Listen, anytime you are in a group and you are not invited, I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a bummer. I was last with all the girls in the Hamptons. I felt that we had a nice time at Bethenny’s brunch. Last I saw, Bethenny and Ramona had a huge fight.

I was just surprised that Bethenny and Ramona made up so fast and were hanging out already? That’s all. I get it–B and I are not besties. When you do meet a new group of women, sometimes it’s nice to include them all, especially when random young dates get to tag along? The guest list was clearly not that tight. Oh well…there’s always next year’s birthday!

Dorinda and Hannah and Dorinda and John. This all seems very complicated, stressful, and a lot of work. Dorinda is really so lovely. It’s hard to believe that she leads a double life. How hard is that? Unless John is really not good for her, it seems that Hannah has to allow her mother to be happy.

Ramona and AOA.

This restaurant is in my ‘hood, just a few blocks away, great spot. It’s really funny that Ramona is an investor in a sports bar. WOW things really have changed!

It’s interesting how Ramona says that she did so much for Mario and didn’t realize how much work he was. It’s nice she is taking time for herself, she really deserves it. As she said, “Trying to look on the brighter side.”

Ramona and Peter are both very, very flirty…hmmm, more than just business??

Dorinda and John seem to love each other. But we are seeing so much fighting and bickering. I am betting that the making up for them is fun after the fighting.

Rebranding death. I hear Bethenny, “late husband” does seem weird, but I think it’s better than the alternatives, that’s for sure. When I heard about Anthony’s ashes, I became sooo emotional. I can’t believe it, all that that must have stirred up in Carole all these years later. She told me that he would have gotten a kick out of it all, that’s the kind of personality he had.

I am not losing sleep over not being invited to Bethany’s birthday. I was just confused as to why everyone else was invited, and I wasn’t. The last time I saw her, things seemed good between us. She knows we all hang out together, you would think she would say, “Uh, well, now that everyone else is coming, what’s another two? I should invite Dorinda and Kristen.” Right? But no biggie, she didn’t even think of it, because we aren’t friends. Little side note… uh, that’s how you get to know people! I invite you to do things, you invite me…no harm, no loss. Heather is a great friend for having my back! All good. #staytuned”

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9 Replies to “Kristen Taekman Reveals Why She Felt Left Out Of Bethenny’s Birthday”

  1. I really like Kristen- always have. Besides being drop-dead gorgeous – sue me…ha 😉 – she’s got a good heart and has a great sense of humor, which also ratchets up her attractiveness.

    That said I hope she’s not undone (again) by her sensitivity, which might even be over sensitivity. I’m the exact same way, worrying too much about others opinions. So I relate.

    But if she thinks Heather is tough, oh my, look out for Bethenny! I like B, but she’ll eat Kristen alive with her sharp tongue and lack of patience. I think we can all agree that there was no intended slight regarding the absent invitation.

    But by saying she’s over it then readdressing it 2 or 3 more times really indicates she’s still bumming. Don’t let it get to you K! It’ll all work out!

    1. HI, rh_dude!! Where have you been? I miss you. I used to read all of you and sidewinder before commenting. It was like the common sense and debate before the storm. Please come back.

  2. Wonder if Kristen is mad no one even considered her for their “plus one”, like Heather was for Carole.

    1. Stupid Plastic HW’s — Scary. Unless you just hate everything and everyone and have to let everyone know, why do you watch? So you can show how superior you are? Well that’s okay. You keep believing that.

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