Kristen Taekman Reveals Why She Left RHONY


Former RHONY star Kristen Taekman is revealing why she won’t be returning to next season of the show.

“I feel like I had a great two year run, it was so much fun,” she told FOX411. “All good things come to an end; onward and upward onto new things. The beauty of it is I am still really good friends with all of the ladies, I just don’t have any of the drama anymore.”

Kristen continued, “I think the beauty of it is and a lot of people say this with kids on reality TV, you really get to see your kids grow up.”

So would she ever return to reality TV? “Never say never,” she said. “I think if something presented itself, why not, yeah!”

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24 Replies to “Kristen Taekman Reveals Why She Left RHONY”

    1. I think that is why she left! How did you cope with Bethenny on the first half of the season I had to fast forward there were so many tears!

      1. I didn’t watch most of it. Then when she and Heather had their out cry each other contest I wanted to shot myself in the head. So stupid.

  1. Kristin’s husband, the low-life, runs that marriage. If I was her I would have kicked him to the curb, took a nice Bravo check and expose him for the ass that he is.

  2. I like Kristen and enjoyed her on the show, but she wasn’t a good fit. I believe she left before the Bravo decided who to bring back, but either way, I am glad she did. I don’t think she deserves to be dragged through the fallout debris of her husband’s behavior…and neither do their children. To me, this is what class looks like.

  3. The real reason she left is because I begged the HWGod’s and sacrificed the maggots in my neighbor’s trashcan to get rid of her.

  4. I really enjoyed Kristen in season 6, her plot of feeling unappreciated by her husband and even her friends was great! But she got lost in the fray in season 7, 8 housewives left her with no screentime once she ironed things out. She was likely on her way to being let go until the Ashley Madison leak happened, but I don’t think she would want that to be marital strife to air on tv. Good for her for not returning, I wish her well in her business and relationship.

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