Kristen Taekman: I’m Not Taking Ramona’s Bait


Kristen Taekman is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her fight with Ramona Singer. Kristen explains she believes Ramona has been out to get her since day one and that it’s never okay for someone to throw wine on another person.

Kristen writes, “Ramona and I are butting heads, obviously. She was out to get me from day one. She said in her interview, “Oh now you talk, you’re not just sitting there pretty.” I have been talking this whole time. It’s not my problem you haven’t been listening. Give me something to talk about and have an opinion and I will. 

Sonja: She is such a beautiful fabulous talented smart woman! She has so much great potential she just needs to concentrate on one thing and focus! She needs an intern to wrangle her in and work on ONE project. I really have no idea what’s up with her financial issues, but it’s very scary and not something to sweep under the rug.

Modeling Agency: When we first started filming last summer, I was with FORD MODELS. It was a great agency to be with for a girl my age, a wonderful place to end my career. A month later, I got a call that they are closing my division (Classic/Lifestyle) along with half of the agency. Where is a 36-year-old model mom of two suppose to go? Ugh, I was really convinced that I was done for and going to just end up being a housewife. I decided to see what my options were and take a couple of meetings. Well, you all saw how that ended up. Not that many agencies take woman in their 30s, it’s sad. I am not going to give up. #staytuned

It was a great idea to have us all try and let loose and relax at a spa. (Impossible for us all, but great idea). Ramona walked in with a perfect blow out — so bizarre, at a spa? Funny that Ramona kept talking about knowing Ben’s mother? Ramona is out to get me. She keeps pushing me. I am not taking her bait. I think it’s irritating her even more that I am not freaking out back at her. I have a calm and rational way of dealing with her and I am getting the feeling that that’s new to her. Not cool to throw anything at anyone. Ohhhhh, she was mad when I messed up her hair!?! Why can she throw wine at me and it’s not OK for me to throw it back?? #staytuned”

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4 Replies to “Kristen Taekman: I’m Not Taking Ramona’s Bait”

  1. I can’t believe Ramona threw wine on Kristen… very trashy Ramona!!! I have a feeling Ramona feels inferior to Kristen….. otherwise how else can you explain Ramona’s ugly behavior.

  2. Has anyone else noticed an increase in hostility and violence in the Housewife franchise? First Porsha and Kenya have a tussle now Kristen and Ramona… Bravo should really start putting something in the ladies’ contracts about no violence because it is really hurting the reputation of the show and is really sad to watch. Yes maybe it is increasing the viewing numbers but it is also sending the wrong message that it is ok for grown women (who know better) to behave like this. Absolutely sad to watch.

  3. So glad Kristen stands up to Ramona. Ramona can dish it but can’t take it. I think it was wrong for Ramona to talk about Sonja to the other gals. If Sonja had wanted them to know her situation she would have told them herself. Ramona was not being a good friend. I believe Ramona had other motives because Sonja finally stood up to Ramona when Ramona trash-talked her about her performance. Friends support friends and have their back. Ramona did not have Sonja’s back. I’m glad Kristen doesn’t put up with Ramona’s BS.

  4. I don’t agree with what Romana did, very immature. I so far am not a big Kristen fan. The way her lips move is very distracting to me. She won’t be one of my fav’s.

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