Kristen Taekman: I’m An Actual Real Housewife


Kristen Taekman is writing her first Bravo Blog after the premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City. Kristen shares her opinions about the first episode and introduces herself and her family to viewers.

Kristen writes, “Hi! OK first off this is my first blog post ever — so cut me some slack!

Anyhoo, here we go. Be nice! I am the new girl, the actual Real Housewife. I am not a princess or a Countess, or a rich divorcee, or a fashion designer, a writer, or an entrepreneur. I am actually just me; sweet, little Kristen from Connecticut, the lucky girl that fell into modeling and met Prince Charming and is now living happily ever after in Tribeca — until I met all these crazy ladies. . .

The tagline. . .OK people. I am a funny girl, at least I like to think so. I don’t like to take myself too seriously. LIFE IS TOO SHORT! It’s a joke between Josh and I. I will do something dumb, usually related to spelling, and I will say I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, etc. Let’s not take this so seriously. IT’S FUNNY. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed — but I am not the dullest either.

A bit about me: I have two kids and a hubby, and have been married for almost 10 years. Besides scooping ice cream in high school, I’ve only ever modeled. I still model and did through both pregnancies. I am obsessed with Elvis (will tell you more later, he pops up a bunch this Season). I am from Farmington, CT. My parents are still happily ever after. My younger bro lives in CT and has beautiful twin boys. (Karma’s a bitch.) Key West is my home away from home, always has been, always will be. Tweet me with more questions @kristentaekman.

I am listening to all of this Avivia talk from all the woman while trying to stay neutral. I only just met her. She seemed really sweet and nice??? I was thinking what the hell happened in St. Barths? (I really didn’t remember. I watched Season 5 for Heather because she is a friend the same way I watch #RHOBH for Brandi — but the last season was so long ago. . .I really did not remember most of it!) It’s not one person who has issues with her — most of the girls have something to say. I am taking it all in, but I really need to form my own opinions/relationship with her. People do change right?

I met her at the party and we talked for a few minutes. That’s kind of it. She seems really nice and sweet. We have the kids in common. I am really at this point thinking we are going to be besties. I am going to change her and prove everyone wrong! (Wait ’til you see Episode 2 LOL!) I think its bizarre how Avivia hasn’t seen Carole in ages and launches right into the book and asks for help. Did you all hear that? Rewind. Play it again — Aviva asks Carole for HELP and ADVICE right, right? OK just saying. . .

I like that it showed Josh and I tag-teaming. That’s how it goes when you have young kids. Doesn’t matter if you work or not or where you are in your life. That’s the reality of it. It’s hard, really damn hard, the hardest thing that I have ever done. I am sure you are nodding your head. “You do that while I do this.” Or, “I have the kids while you are out.” “You come home then I will go out.” My Nanny Gem is amazing. We have had her for two years know. She lives with us Monday to Friday, goes home Friday, and then we have family time over the weekend. Before that I would have sitters come in when needed. I made the decision to have someone live with us because. . .well. . .it’s NYC. My hubby travels and he works a ton — and can’t I just admit that I want to have a life, too? I bath and feed my kids and put them to bed and then I can grab a bite with a friend or go to a movie or get a manicure. If there was no Gem, I couldn’t work. Last week Josh was out of town and I had a job with a call time of 7 am. The week before that, Josh and I were both working out of town. I think of Gem as more of an Auntie type figure. We work together. She’s like family. I like to talk about my sitter situation because I often watch these shows and wonder “Where are your kids? Who is watching them when you are out? Why do you not talk about your awesome sitter that is standing there right off-camera?” I really don’t have anything to hide. Well maybe a few things, but odds are those are the same things that you’re hiding, too.

The realities of motherhood are just, well, so real. I love my kids but this f—ing sucks. You have good days and bad days. When they are good it’s amazing and then bad just gets so bad. The good obviously outweighs the bad. I really just try and take it day-by-day. Let’s be clear, I already stated that I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, so I have already factored in a tutor. (Don’t worry). I do the best I can. When I hashtag #supermommy, I mean “Damn I just kicked butt and had the most amazing mommy day” — i.e. taking two kids by myself to the American Museum of Natural History in the double stroller on the subway ALL the way uptown. And when I hash tag #mommyreality, I am generally mean that I just got puked on, or had to deal with the worst tantrum, or my kid got up at 4:30 am wide awake. Day by day. I do the best I can.

Date night: Josh and I for what ever reason just don’t make enough time for each other. So date night falls by the way side. I know, I know, I am working on it. But I think that’s normal isn’t it? So I was excited about this night. I would like to say that it was raining sooo hard that night. My hair was curly when I left my house. Upon arrival, straight and frizzy. I don’t have frizzy hair! Josh is notoriously late. It drives me insane. Twelve years together and I still hate it. It’s a respect thing. Whenever he is super sweet to me, I am always waiting for that question — “Do you think I could do this or go here?” Look we have a two-year-old and a five-year-old, we are still really in the trenches. I want to lay in bed and watch reruns of Sex and the City. Josh doesn’t watch TV and likes to socialize and network for business, so he would rather be out working it and not laying next to me wide-eyed while I am sleeping. He always tells me “Money doesn’t sleep,” and then I, of course, say “My money needs beauty sleep.”

Elvis. Elvis. Elvis. I love him always. Always will. When we walked into Heather’s birthday party there was an Elvis picture you just didn’t get to see — but he was with me. Always and forever. It’s good luck. I knew that meeting the girls would go great with that good luck charm hanging on the wall. Carole asked me if I liked the ’70s Elvis, aka Fat Elvis. Lots of people ask me that. A fan is a fan. If you love Elvis you love him. You can’t pick and choose the years that you liked him! #Superfan. I wear a TCB necklace around my neck — you can see it in some of the scenes. Elvis created his own logo “Taking Care of Business in a Flash.” The flash is the lightening bolt. He gave gold necklaces to all of his Memphis Mafia (entourage). He also created a special necklace for the women — “TLC in a flash” or “Tender Loving Care.” This chain went to all the Memphis Mafia wives and to Priscilla. Elvis died in August 1977. I was born in April 1977. My 30th birthday was right around the 30th anniversary of his death. I naturally went to Vegas and had a big 30th birthday blowout/Elvis-themed weekend. My gift from Josh was my very own diamond TCB necklace that he had custom made. I was just over the blue moon on this gift. So amazing and thoughtful. So that’s what I wear all the time, my own little chain around my neck, my own little piece of Elvis and his mafia and my #goodluckcharm.”

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6 Replies to “Kristen Taekman: I’m An Actual Real Housewife”

  1. I really liked Kristen. I think she probably saved the RHONY show. She is exactly what the show needed. So glad the countess is in a lesser role.

  2. I just loved watching you on last nights episode. Like you I am a HUGE Elvis fan. Anyway, can you please share the name of the jeweler who made your TBC necklace? I would LOVE to have one like it. Good luck this Season and I look forward to watching you.

  3. OMG I love her ,,,I love her style…I just found the necklace and her coin necklace and the silver one at if anyone is looking for them and her earrings too…love her style! cant wait for more episodes

  4. LOVE Kristen!! And it’s not because she was raised one town over from where I live in CT. She is real and not pretentious at all. I sure hope Bravo keeps her and say gets rid of Aviva!

    Debbie from Bristol CT

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